A dark hour the Pride lands were in. The sun's time in pride lands was nearly over. and in the cave pride rock Simba recovers from his battle with the Rouge lion who bares the name Xehanort. Rafiki tended to his wounds. The three claw marks were on Simba's side were very painful.

"Father" said Sora as he Nala,Kairi, Kovu, Kopa and the others Pridelanders stood by his side.

"Simba" said Nala beginning to shed tears from her eyes.

But no one was hurt worse than Sarabi, having to lose Simba one, it would be hard to deal with a second time.

"Please" she pleaded "i lost him once""I couldn't bare to lose him again"

"Is he gonna be alright?" Asked Terra.

"The wounds are not fatal" said Rafiki "he shall recover"

Simba began to gain conscious. He saw every one around him.

"Simba" said Timon as he ran up "are you okay""speak to me"

"Where...where am I?" Asked Simba

"Your home father" said Kovu.

"Xehanort...what happened" asked Simba looking up at Nala.

"It's over Simba" explained Nala "Xehanort would have killed you if it wasn't for Sora"

Simba then turned his adopted son who stood by his side "thank you Sora" he said "I'm so proud you"

"Thanks dad" said Sora.

"Okay" said Rafiki "it's best we leave him to rest"

"Come on Sora" said Kairi.

"Just give me some time" said Sora wanting to stay beside his adopted father.

"Okay" she said as she headed outside.

"Don't take too long Sora" said Nala "Simba needs to rest"

"I know" said Sora.

As the others left the cave Sora crouched down beside Simba. He placed his hand on Simba's head as his lion father turned to look at him.

"I'm sorry dad" he whispered as he began to sob "I wasn't there in tim, it's my all fault"

"It's not your fault Sora" said Simba "you were trying to save Kairi""it's hard to choose somebody to save if their both a love one"

Sora eyes closed from what Simba said, for he had to make a difficult choice.

"I never should have left you" said Sora.

Simba couldn't say anything after what his adopted son said.

"Xehanort will pay for this" said Sora "I'll find him And his followers and I will defeat him"

"Sora" said Simba

"What?" Asked Sora curiously "what is it?"

Simba sighed first and then said to his adopted son"I faced Xehanort because I couldn't bare to see you fight him"

Sora was speechless. He just closed his eyes. "Dad...you did that...for me?" Asked Sora

"Yes" answered Simba to see Sora turning away from him feeling like he was a burden on his adopted family. Simba didn't want to see his son even think that "Sora" he said "I didn't have to take you in"" I wanted to""when Xehanort killed your parents I looked after you""your father protect you and your mother from Xehanort when he attacked them and I did what he would. have wanted me to""your my son and nothing will ever Change that"

Sora began to show a smile from what Simba said. From a father who raised him. A father who protected him. A father who loved him and his brothers.

Simba nuzzled Sora As the boy began to have tears fall from his eyes. He then hugged his father for everything he ever done for him.

Kairi, Nala, Kovu, Kopa,Sarabi and Terra waited outside the cave After a while they turned to see Sora coming out the cave wiping away his tears.

"You okay little brother?" Asked Kopa.

"I'm...I'm fine" answered Sora.

"So what do we do now?" Asked Kopa

Sora thought of his enemies. He glared at the thought of them. They have hurt his family for far too long.

"Well I've had enough of Xehanort" said Sora as his family turned to look at him "it's time he pays for what he's done to our family!"

"Yeah" said Kopa joining in "he'll regret hurting dad"

Nala however was not sure about the idea.

"No" she said "Sora this too dangerous even for you"

"Mom" said Sora turning to his mother "I must do this""for our family"

"Sora you went though the same things your father did" explained Nala "I couldn't bare to lose you like I almost lost Simba"

"We'll help Sora" explained Terra as he and the other young Pridelanders stood by Sora's side "we won't let him do this alone"

Nala looked back at Her three sons "I don't want to lose you three"

"You won't mom" said Sora as he crouched down "this is what we've trained for our whole life""I won't let them take our home away or hurt anyone anymore" Sora then placed his left hand on his mothers back "we'll make you proud mom"

Nala sighed knowing that Sora was right. She knew this would happen "Alright" she said "but please be safe You three"

"I promise you we will come back" said Sora as he hugged his adopted mother. "I love you mom""always have"

Nala smiled as her three sons stood in front of her. She was already proud that they would do anything to protect her, Kairi and the rest of pride from anything "I love you too" she responded "all three of you""I'm so proud"

Sora standed up on his two feet and looked back at his two brothers.

"We look for them tomorrow" explained Sora "all of us"

"We'll be by your side" said Terra as the others including Kairi stood beside him.

Sora and Kovu looked a each other for this was moment they have always dreamed of. They more then ever to willing to take it for the family, the pride, for Aqua and Kairi.

Meanwhile far to elephant grave yard Xehanorts Pride meets while the their leader recovers from his painful wounds from the sharp claw of Sora.

"Friends" said Xemnes "our leader is injured""and has failed to kill Simba"

"With the betrayal and death of Axel and the injuries of Xehanort Terra and the man cub will come for revenge if Simba does not recover from his wounds" explain Saix "the man cub is Much stronger then he was before"

"If that is the case we should leave and go some place else" suggested Xemnes "where we may not be found"

"You are all fools" said Xehanort who walked onto his ledge witch was the highest among the others "cowards run""the strong stay and face whatever fait awaits them""Sora is nothing but a child""he is a fool if-" Xehanort then reacted from the scars left by Sora's knife.

"master?" Asked leaxeus.

Xehanort then laughed making his followers confused.

"Let Terra and those who follow him come" explained Xehanort "we shall do as we should have done"

"How so?" Asked Saix

"We go to the pride lands and take what belongs to us" explained Xehanort "with Simba out-of-the-way we shall take his kingdom and the pride lands will be ours!"

With that all the remaining lions of Xehanorts pride Roared, ready for battle.

But little did any of them know that in the cover of the dark night Axel was watching them.

"Clever plan Xehanort" he whisped to himself "but why don't we see what happens when they know about your plan"

Axel then headed to the Pridelands hoping that they would listen.

The next day as the forever burning sun gave light to the pride lands Some of the lioness went out to hunt for food. Sora and Roxas joined the hunt. As they searched for their prey in the plains Sora thought of nothing more then his fathers recovery.

"You okay Sora?" Asked Roxas looking up at the lion child.

"Huh?" Asked Sora curiously "uh...no""I'm just worried about my dad"

"Don't worry Sora" said Roxas "with Rafiki's help he'll be fine"

Sora sighed as he only becomes more concerned about his father. He thought of nothing more than the memories. Meanwhile Timon and Pumbaa spent their time as they always do. Searching for grubs.

"Here it is Pumbaa" said Timon as he and his big wart hog friend came to the one spot that crawled with the "under that log is fresh grubs"

"As I said before" said Pumbaa "slimy yet satisfying"

As the two feasted upon the small insects something was stalking them.

"Mmmm" said Pumbaa slurping up a slimy insect.

"Gees Pumbaa" said Timon covering himself from the bugs slime "don't get any of that slime on me""sheesh"

"But Timon" complained Pumbaa "the slimy ones are so satisfying"

"Your mistaken my good friend" said Timon "it's the crunchy ones that make the meal"

"Slimy!" Pumbaa protested.

While the warthog and meerkat argued on witch was the best there stalker got closer and closer.

"Whatever" said Timon as he moved toward the hill to feast on mor insects. Pumbaa glared back at him till all of a sudden the sun light blocked by a strange shadow. Pumbaa turned and then froze. Shivers ran down his back.

"Hey Pumbaa" said Timon "quit blocking the light""I can't see what I'm doing"

Pumbaa taped on Timons small shoulder at a very fast paste.

"What?!" Asked Timon turning to look at him. He saw that Pumbaa was looking at something and was about to burst screaming. Timon then turned to what he was looking at. And take a guess at who he saw. Axel was standing behind the two buddies.

Just as Timon and Pumbaa lead out a loud scream Axel pushed them aside and when the fell to the light brown dirt ground Axel pressed his paw on their mouths to shut them up so he wouldn't draw any attention.

"If you want to live" he whisped "I want to ask you two something"

"Look pal" explained Timon "we ain't telling yo..."

Axel then Roared to silence them. Timon and Pumbaa shuttered from the lion's Roar.

"Uh...sure pa..l" explained Timon who was frighten by the lion.

"I'm looking for the man cub Sora" explained Axel "do you by any chance know where his"

"Sora..." Shrieked Timon "who's Sora?""I've never heard of a fella named Sora"

Axel glared at Timon starting to growl and bare his teeth at them.

"Uh...gee lets se um?" Said Timon grinning and trying to say something "he...went hunting""yeah yeah hunting"

"Now was that so hard?" Asked Axel as he released them and headed deeper into the Pridelands.

"Oh no" said Timon panicky "we're dead,we're dead""If Simba finds out about this we're dead"

"What do, what do!" Asked Pumbaa who was also in a panic.

"There's only one thing we can do Pumbaa" answered Timon "when the going gets tough the tough get going""we're going to save Sora from that guy"

"Uh...I don't like that plan Timon" said Pumbaa "what if..." Timon then spoke up.

"Pumbaa stop taking and start moving!" ordered Timon as he climbed on to Pumbaa's back. The then chased after the rouge lion to save Sora. Meanwhile Sora and Roxas hunted along side Riku. They hid in cover of the plain grass. they moved quietly to an antelope who ate the grass along with the other antelopes. Sora held his keyblade at the ready preparing to slash his prey. He'd hoped that it would help in the battle against Xehanort and his followers. The white lion who goes by Riku took his last step.

"Watch this Guys" he whispered to the feral child "I'll show you how to really catch prey"

Roxas just rolled his eyes as to what Riku said since he was a lion. Sora just ignored him.

Riku then pounced at the antelope who spotted him and leaped away from the lion. Sora and Roxas chased after. The antipope ran as fast as its skinny thin legs could carry him as Riku ran as fast as he could to escape the lions grasp. Sora and Roxas were catching up to Riku. (After all he was raised by lions and after so many years of living with lions had given him the strength and speed of a Lion)

Riku was near his chance to pounce and claim the antelope. Riku got ready and pounced. But the antipope was pounced on and shoved to the left by Axel. Riku slid and slowed down after his failed attempted to pounce on the antelope. Sora and Roxas stopped and saw Axel was standing on their prey.

"You!" Yelled Roxas who growled and bared his teeth.

"Relax" said Axel "I just wanna talk to you three"

"And why should we trust you?!" Asked Riku.

"Yeah" Joined Sora "your one of Xehanorts aren't you?!"

"No" answered Axel "not anymore""I trusted a old fool""gave up a free life in a prides land""I'm only here to earn that"

Suddenly the was the charging scream of Timon and Pumbaa heading straight for Axel. Axel simply roared loudly.

Timon and Pumbaa screamed loudly. "What did I tell ya Pumbaa!" Timon screamed as he and Pumbaa started to head for the hills "LETS GET GOING!" The meerkat and warthog ran out of sight.

"Okay" said Sora a bit confused as to what just happened.

"Anyway" explained Axel "I know what Xehanorts planing if you wish to hear it"

Sora first looked at Riku and Roxas who looked up at him then he turned back to the lion.

"Alright" said Sora "tell us""what's Xehanort planing to do?"

"He saids that once he his wounds no longer slow him down" explained Axel "he and those who still follow him will attack the pride lands""by any means necessary"

Sora first looked at Riku and Roxas and then back at Axel.

"Are you sure about that?" Asked Riku who showed little trust in the rouge lion.

"If I wasn't I wouldn't be here" answered Axel.

Sora lowered his Keyblade but still used caution.

"This could be a trap" said Riku.

"Well there's only one way to know" said Sora.

Roxas still showed little trust in Axel after what had happened. But why would he tell them Xehanorts plan if he was still on there side.

"I suppose I'm not welcome to help you guys against Xehanort am I?" Asked Axel.

"Yeah" answered Sora "thanks for you warning but we can handle them just fine"

"Vary well" said Axel as he got off their prey "oh and just for some advice""your going to need all the help you can get"

With that Axel disappeared into the plains. Sora began to have a feeling that Axel was lying and trying to lower him,his brothers and his friends into a trap. But there was no choice. If he was to save his family from Xehanort. He would have to take the chance.

That night in the pride lands Sora was sleeping against the wall with Kairi by his side. Her head lays on Sora's cheats. Sora flinched in his sleep has he dreamed a dark nightmare.

Sora in his nightmare he woke up in the cave. But he was alone. He looked to his side to see that Kairi wasn't there.

"Kairi?" He asked as he got up "mom""dad""Terra"

Sora then ran out of the cave to see if they were out side. But then he gasped for pride lands were back to the way it was when his great-uncle Scar ruled. The ground was barren and the river was dried out and bones of herds of antelope or wildebeests were lying around.

Clouds filled the skies. Sora became frighten by the sight.

"Kovu!" He called out "Kopa!"

There was a noise of a rock falling out of its place.

"Kairi?" Asked Sora as he moved to the source of the sound. He got more and more closer till all of a sudden

There was a roar. Sora turned to see Xehanort approaching him.

"You!" He yelled.

"Xehanort?" Asked Sora shocked an unarmed to face the lion.

"I've finally found you" he said "after so long"

"Where's my family?" Asked Sora "what did you do to them?"

"They're gone Sora" explained Xehanort "gone because of you"

Sora tried to denies it.

"No...no" he spoke.

"Simba regretted the day he took you in" Xehanort lied more "it was because of you he was hurt, it's because of you that the pride even Kairi all suffered""and the lands "

Sora became torched by the words "it's not...it's not true"

"You were nothing more than a burden on the pride" explain Xehanort "now to avenge your father...I shall do what I should have done""many years ago!"

Xehanort then pounced at Sora. Sora closed his eyes as Xehanorts paw swoop down at him. By that time Sora woke up. He looked all around the cave to see his family was still there. Even Kairi who still slept on him. Sora carefully set her down on the ground and headed for outside the cave.

Sora walked to the edge of Pride rock as the sounds of the night was all heard. Sora thought of his nightmare. The lies of Xehanort clouded his mind. But it was all true. Simba was injured because of him. Eraqus was dead because of him. The pain in Sora spread like a sick virus. A tear drop fell from his eyes.

"Sora?" asked a voice behind him.

Sora turned to see his two brothers behind him.

"What are you doing out here little brother?" Asked Kopa.

"I was...just thinking" said Sora.

"Thinking of what?" Asked Kovu.

Sora then tried to explain but could not say a word that could describe his pain.

"Never mind." he said as he walked away from his two beloved brothers.

Sora sat on the edge of Pride rock and continued to think of his dreadful nightmare. Kovu and Kopa walked up to their brother and layed beside him.

Kovu looked up at the furless and clawless man cub he called his brother. He saw Sora in the pain that he had suffered throughout his child hood.

Kovu turned away feeling sorry that his brother had gone through so much. He then sighed "Sora" he said as Sora turned to him "remember the times we... Spend together, when I heard that Zazu said those untrue things about you?"

"Yeah." answered Sora.

"Well I didn't care bout what he said." explained Kovu.

Sora looked down to his brother. All the things they went through Kovu and Kopa loved him as their little brother as he did.

"You didn't?" Asked Sora curiously.

"No" answered Kovu "If you ever left the pride lands I would follow you""I wouldn't even bare to see you leave""it doesn't matter if your from a different family or if we are different your my brother no matter what""I just wanted you to know that"

"Yeah" said Kopa as Sora and Kovu turned their attention to him "I may have wanted nothing more then to become ruler of the pride lands...""but there's one thing I have that was more important""having you two as my brothers"

Sora's pain was gone. The things he thought was his fault were nothing more then lies that Xehanort had said in his nightmare. No matter what happens nothing could destroy the bond Sora has with the lions who raised him. Nor with the girl he would forever loved.

Sora looked back out over the pride lands thinking of the memories he had in his big home.

"I...can't believe this is coming true" said Sora.

"Yeah" said Kovu "I can't believe it either"

"I'm so confused right now" said Kopa.

"I know how much we wanted to lead the others into battle against Xehanort" explained Sora "but facing him again won't be easy as it looks"

"You done it before" said Kovu

"yeah" said Kopa "you were just eight years old"

"I know" said Sora "but what if it goes wrong this time""I can't bare to leave Kairi"

Speaking of Kairi. She and Aqua peered at them from behind.

"And I can't with Aqua" Said Kovu.

"Sora,Kovu,Kopa" said Kairi as she Hikari and Aqua approach.

"What are you three doing out here" asked Aqua.

Both the three brothers sighed. "We're just confused now" explained Kovu "Terra chose us to lead the others into battle"

"Sora that's wonderful" said Kairi looking up at him.

"But that's the thing" said Sora "we don't know if we can do it"

"Why not" asked Hikari curiously.

"Because it means we face Xehanort" Kopa

"Well I know you three can" said Kairi as she put her soft hands on Sora's shoulders "Sora you protected me against those monsters before and I know you can do it again"

"We believe in you" said Hikari

"Yeah" said Aqua "I believe the three sons of Simba can handle him.

The three brothers were brighten from what Kairi and Aqua said but that didn't change their deepest fear.

"The fights not what bothers us" said Kovu.

"Then what dose?" Asked Kairi for she Aqua and Hikari were confused at what may bother them.

"We're worried that something could go wrong" explained Sora "and we may never see you three again"

"We could never bare that thought" said Kopa.

The three lionesses looked at each other for a second then back at the ones they loved.

"Sora" said Kairi

"Kovu" said Aqua

"Kopa" said Hikari

The three said together "no matter where we go""no matter the path we take""in our hearts we will never be separated and we will love you in this life and the next"

The three brothers smiled knowing that they could go through with the task they must meet. And they would always remember the ones they loved.

"Come on" said Kairi "it's still pretty dark out"

"Yeah" responded Sora.

"I guess we could use some rest" said Kovu as he followed.

The six entered the cave for what remained of the night. Knowing that in their hearts they would never be seperated no matter what happens.

The next day The young Pridelanders prepare to set out to find Xehanort and those who followed the rouge. Sora came out of the cave with his keyblade strapped to his back and slide his human claw into his case.

"Sora" said a voice behind him. Sora turned to see his adopted father behind him "be careful""come back safe"

Sora smiled and nodded his head yes "I'll make you proud dad" he said "I promise"

"I'm coming with you" explained Simba.

"But...your wounds" said Sora.

"The pain is no more" explained Simba "and I'm not letting you three go alone"

"Yeah" said Timon as he and Pumbaa "we'll teach those stinking scavengers for messing with us"

"Count us in too" said Kairi with Nala,Aqua,Hikari and the other Lionesses behind her. Sora was not with the idea of Kairi coming along with them. He wasn't willing to putt Kairi in danger.

"Not you Kairi" said Sora.

"But this is my fight too Sora" explained Kairi "I have to help"

"This is too dangerous" said Sora "I don't want to lose you"

"Sora" said Nala joining in "you said all of us are going to go through with this""and Kairi is a strong lioness""I think she would be safe with the rest of us"

"But..." Said Sora as Nala then glared at her adopted son. Sora then gave in and sighed.

"Sora" said Kairi who came up to him "I'll be alright""im not a girl cub any more""I'm a lioness"

"Kairi I..." But without any warning Kairi kissed Sora. Ar first he was confused by what she was doing. For it was diferant from where she kissed him last his eyes closed as went through with what was happening. Simba and Nala just smiled. Nala the nudged Simba remember when they first fell in love many years ago. Kairi then pulled by from Sora who just blush and rubbed the back of his head.

"Uh...thanks" he said not knowing what else to say.

"I hate to break up what ever it is your doing" said Timon "but shouldn't we get back to finding the bad guy?!"

Simba just rolled his eyes and moved toward his adopted son. "He's right" said Simba "we need to go now"

Sora turned back to Kairi.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this Kairi?" Asked Sora.

Kairi nodded her head yes.

Sora then gave in "alright" he said "you can come"

Suddenly there was the sound of cheering. Sora turned to see Rafiki raising his stick up and down in excitement.

the wise and old baboon came up to Sora and Kairi.

"I have come to see the sons of Simba fulfill their destiney" he said "you and your brothers bare your fathers brave spirit""you soul is of a lion""and your brothers share the same spirit""and one more thing"

"Yes Rafiki" asked Sora.

Rafiki then hit him and his brothers on the top of their heads.

"Ow!" The brothers yelled together.

"I though that stick falling off the tree hurt." complained Kovu "what was that for?"

"Ah" cheered Rafiki "this a lesson that your father had to learn"

"Was it as painful as this?" Asked Sora.

Simba just chuckled.

"Yes words may hurt just as the past" explained Rafiki "but as I told your father""you can either run or face them""lets try it again"

(I'm sorry for reusing this idea I will Change it)

Rafiki tried to hit them again like he did their father but this time Sora blocked it with his keyblade.

"Just like your father" he said "I wish you all good luck"

"Yeah" said Sora "we need it"

With that the Simba and his family lead pride to find Xehanort and defeat him once and for all.

After a long time of waking the pride reached the boundary. Sora stared down at the land littered with elephant remains.

"Get ready Xehanort" he said "it all ends here"

"Lead the way little brother" said Kopa.

Sora then slide down the barren hill on his bare feet. Kairi tried but struggled to keep her balance. She nearly fell at when she reached the bottom but Sora luckily caught her.

Kovu and Kopa came after. Followed by Simba, Nala, Terra and the rest of young pride landers.

Pumbaa and Timon first looked down.

"Come on Pumbaa..." Said Timon who was a bit scared "we did it before..." He then gulped"we can do it again"

Pumbaa was shivering from the inside out.

"Why don't you go first?" Asked Timon.

"No why don't you go first?" Asked Pumbaa

"I insist" explain Timon.

"No no I insist" said Pumbaa

Before they started arguing Riku pushed both of them down and came after. Timon and Pumbaa slide rolled down the hill until final they reached the bottom. Timon landed flat on his stomach.

"Aw..." He compained as he got up "that hurt"

But unlucky for him Pumbaa landed on him.

"Timon?" He asked looking all around "Timon?"

"Uh Pumbaa" said Sora "your uh..."

Pumbaa got the message and got back up to see that he was sitting on Timon.

"Uhh..." He said again "what could get worse"

By that time Riku had reached the bottom and bumped into him. Timon went flying and hit an elephants horn.

Terra giggled inside.

"Hey!" Yelled Timon felling insulted "what's so funny Terra?!"

"Nothing" answered Terra trying to stop "we should get going"

"Witch way?" Asked Nala "it's been a while since we came here"

"What do you mean?" Asked Riku "we've never been here before"

"I mean Simba and me" explained Nala "We came here when we were just cubs"

"We don't have time for this" said Roxas "we have to find Xehanort"

Sora then saw something moving far from them into the grave yard.

Sora ran to the massive horn of the elephant to get a closer look.

"What is it?" Asked Simba "what do you see"

Sora then realized that it was Saix and was heading somewhere.

"Saix" answered Sora.

"Saix?!" Said Kovu.

Saix stopped and looked all around at his surroundings and then carried on to the place he was heading.

"Where did he go?" Asked Kopa curiously.

"Come on" said Sora as he jumped over the horn of the perished god that is the elephant.

"Sora wait!" Said Simba as he followed.

Sora came to the trail that Saix was on. He looked down at the tracks.

Simba and the others followed behind the lion prince who turned back to look at them.

"This way" said Sora a he followed the tracks.

"Come on guys" said Kopa as he and Kovu followed their brother.

Simba,Nala and Kairi followed. Terra and the others came after.

Meanwhile Saix came to a cave that was littered with bones of animals from the pride lands.

Inside waited Xehanort and the other rouge lions.

"Lord Xehanort" he said.

"What news do you bring?" Asked Xehanort.

"Simba's pride is coming" explained Saix.

"Is the man cub with them?" Asked Xehanort.

"Indeed" said Saix.

Xehanort chuckled as he placed his paw on a hunted Zebras fleshless skull and pushed down on it shattering it to pieces.

"At last he shall be mine" he said "follow me"

Xehanort and his loyal followers headed for hole leading outside to prepare for battle against Sora and his brothers.

By that time Simba, Sora and their fellow Pride landers arrived where Xehanort and his followers been hiding. Simba, Nala, Terra, Kairi and the others stopped half of the way there while Sora and his two brothers went only a few feet up waiting to fight the one who the one who threaten their pride.

"Xehanort!" Called Sora "come out""you can't hide anymore"

After a while their was a huge roar coming from the mouth of the layer. Sora quickly pulled unstrapped his keyblade holding it in both hands.

Xehanot came out from the dark shadows and his

Following subjects along with him.

"Sora" said Xehanort "So the sons of king Simba have come to avenge their so-called father" Xehanort then saw Simba who had recovered from their last battle. He just chuckled "so Simba" he said "how does it feel for your pride to be lead by a weak and foolish man cub?"

Simba and Nala growled willing to pounce on the old yet strong lion.

"Xehanort" said Sora "I had enough of you""go home!"

Xehanort just laughed "we are home..." Explained Xehanort.

"That's what you think" said Sora

"Dispose of the ones who follow the weaklink!' He ordered those who held their dying elegance to.

Xehanorts followers charged at Simba,Sora and the others. Their sharp teeth and claw ready to end the life of their enemies.

Simba the roared giving the order to attack. Sora and those he called friends and family charged as two side began to get faster and faster as they came closer to each other. Till finally the two sides collided into a battle for the Pride lands. The lions bit down,clawed and pounced on the one another.

Nala and Kairi stood out of the battle.

"Kairi stay close to me" said Nala "I'll protect you"

Kairi nodded her head yes willing to do as told.

The battle carried on. Saix fought Riku clawing and biting into his wite fur body but Riku fought back and slashed across his face.

Sora, Kovu and Kopa stood ready in facing Xehanort.

Xehanort smiled evilly at the three brothers.

"Like father like sons" he said. Xehanort then pounced at Sora who jumped out from the lions grasp. Xehanort slashed his paw with his four razor sharp at the boy. Sora knocked his paw away from him and slashed his keyblade at the rogue. The sharp end cut a wound on Xehanorts front leg. The rouge growled even more angrier.

Kovu and Kopa in the mean time fought the two most loyal followers of Xehanort. Ansum tackled with Kovu. Kovu then bit down hard on Ansums neck. While Kopa slashed his claws at Xemnes who did the same. Meanwhile Simba and Terra fought alongside the others.

Terra as facing the only lioness in Xehanorts pride.

"Where's Eraqus Terra?" Asked Larxene preparing to sink her fangs into Terra's neck . But before she got the chance Terra pounced on Larxene and swiped his paw.

Larxene fell to the ground but quickly recovered. She glared at the lion.

"Big mistake Terra" she said.

Simba in the meantime was fighting leaxeus. He got loose Simba swiped his paw at the big lion knocking aside.

"Thanks" Said Terra

"Your welcome" said Simba looking back at Terra.

Meanwhile Nala and Kairi headed to find Sora and his brothers to help them. They climbed up an elephants skull to get a better veiw.

"Do you see them Kairi?" Asked Nala.

The sites of Kairi's blue eyes could only see the prides battling but as she turned to the right she saw Sora fighting Xehanort.

"There they are!" She said pointing to the right. But suddenly Demyx appeared out of no where. Kairi gasped.

"So it's the girl cub" he said crouching down preparing to pounce "nowhere to run"

But Nala then pounced on him and swiped her paw knocking the stragily lion from the girl she considered a lioness.

"Oh your going to pay for that" he said. But then there was a charging screams. Demyx turned to see Timon and Pumbaa charging straight for him. Timon collided with the lion sending him into burning boiler that was about to blow.

"Strike three!" Joked Timon "your out!"

"Uh Oh" said Demyx feeling the steam rising at a fast paste. Demyx then went flying into the air again.

"Talk about your wins of war" said Timon turning to Kairi as Nala helped her up.

Sora continued his struggling battle against Xehanort. The rogue lion slashed at Sora. But the boy used his keyblade to block the attack from the rouge. Xehanort tried it again but Sora kept blocking. But the more Xehanort attacked the more Sora struggled to defend himself. As for Kovu and Kopa they continued to battle Xemnas and Ansum. The two brave brothers of Sora overpowered the second and third rulers of Xehanorts pride. Kovu bit down on the neck of Xemnas casing great pain to the lion despite of his silver mane. While Kopa slashed over and over at Ansum. The two rogues pulled away taking no further attacks. They glared back at the two brothers who did the same back.

Meanwhile Sora continued to defend himself against his most hated enemy. Continuing to block every attack trying to avoided getting hit by Xehanorts sharp claws.

Xehanort then swiped so hard that Sora fell to the ground. Simba who just nocked away Leaxeus turned to see his adopted son in grave danger.

"Sora!" He yelled as he rushed to save his son.

Sora tried to get up, but Xehanort pinned him down to finally get the chance he dreamed of.

"Your mine!" Yelled Xehanort preparing to sink his sharp fangs into the feral child.

But suddenly Xehanort was knocked out of the way. Xehanort landed on his left side hard. Sora looked to his right to see the one who saved him was Axel.

"Axel?!" Asked Sora shock to see that his savor was one of Xehanorts

"Did I catch you at a bad time Sora?" Asked Axel looking down at the boy.

Xehanort recovered from his fall and he too was shocked to see Axel was still alive.

"Axel?!" He yelled, angrily "so you really are a traitor"

"I'm afraid that you are lord Xehanort" Axel mocked "aren't you the one who turned on his pride"

Xehanort just chuckled "why follow a coward?" He asked "many of those who once followed Mattra are dead""an those who betray me shall join"

"Face it Xehanort" said Axel "your old""who would follow an old coward like you?"

Xehanorts anger grow. "Well Axel" he said preparing to eliminate the traitor "if you will not fight then you shall die along side the man cub!"

At that moment Xehanort pounce at Axel.

Terra, Riku and the others had fought of Xehanorts followers. Clawing tackling with their greatest strength. Xemnes roared as the rest of the pride turned to him

"Come friends" he ordered "our master failed us in his vision of ruling all the lands""we have already lost"

the others first turned to Simba's followers who growled at the sight of them. They then followed Xemnes and Ansum

"their leaving" said Ventis "Dose this mean we won?"

"I think so" answered Riku

Meanwhile Axel jumped back and tried to slash at Xehanort. The rogue lion was hit from attack but then did the same back but more harder. Axel was knocked off his four paws and fell to the barren ground. As he struggled to get back onto his feet Xehanort kept striking on him clawing and biting down hard on struggle to break free from the rogue lion. Axel then collapsed with the pain of him wounds.

"Do you see now Axel?" Asked Xehanort as he stood on top of the wounded lion "do you see what punishment awaits for those who are weak!" Xehanort then push Axel down harder "it's a shame you won't be around to see the new age"

Xehanort then raised his paw preparing to make a final blow on the traitor of his pride but Sora then shoved the rogue to the side he then slashed his keyblade at him. Xehanort then turned his attention to the main one he wished to hunt for a long time.

"You insolent man cub" he said "now it's time for me to finish what I began many years ago" Xehanort then pounced at Sora this time he swiped Sora making him fall to the ground. Xehanort then raised his paw reviling his sharp claws and his paw came down at a fast rate. Sora tried to swipe his keyblade at Xehanorts paw but when it collide Xehanorts paw went right through Sora's keyblade breaking it into two.

Sora was defenceless against the rogue holding the lower half of his keyblade.

Xehanort chuckled "so much for your puny stick"

Xehanort then strikes again nocking Sora to the ground. Simba watched in horror. "Sora!" He yelled as he ran to save his son.

"Sora!" Yelled Kovu as he and Kopa followed their father.

Nala and Kairi also saw it.

"No" said Kairi as she and Nala headed to help Sora "leave Sora alone!"

Sora backed away from the rogue as he got closer to him

"I had to wait a long time for this Sora" he explain "but now your finally mine"

Once again Xehanort raised his paw but then Simba attack Xehanort.

"Get away from my son!" He commanded tackling the rogue. But Xehanort was too strong. He swiped his paw knocking Simba to the ground.

"You will not interfere!" Yelled Xehanort as bit hard on Simba. He then let go for their was two sharp pains in both his legs. It was Kovu and Kopa biting hard on the legs of the Rogue.

"Let go!" He commanded as he tried to get at the two brothers. Nala then attacked slashing her paw across the rogues face. Xehanort finally knocked loose from the brothers. He quickly turned and swiped his paw at Sora's brothers. Kovu flew and hit his back on an elephants giant skull. Kopa landed on the ground motionless.

Sora's anger grow "XEHANORT!" He screamed as he drawled his knife and slashed it at the roque. Xehanort was stunned by the pain that Sora's blade left across his face. Sora held his knife with a tight grip. He was furious at his enemy hurting his family and will take no further of it.

Xehanort walked slowing like he was hunting.

"Sora" yelled Terra as he was coming up to help.

Xehanort forced back Sora over a cliff.

"Your time is at an end Sora" explained Xehanort. .

"Sora!" Simba yelled as he tried to help his son.

"I'll kill him if you two come any closer" said Xehanort suggesting what he would do in any way.

"The man cub is mine"

Sora glared "I'm not a man cub" he said "and I may not be a lion""but my spirit is more of a lions then yours" Xehanort just glared at Sora "your human father was a fool by challenging me"explained Xehanort "allow me to reunite you with them!" Xehanort then pounced onto the ledge Sora stood on. Sora jumped back and was lucky to have landed near the tip. When Xehanort landed the ledge it broke from the weight of the Rogue lion.

"Sora!" Cried Simba as he Nala and the others rushed over to the edge

"Sora!" Cried Kovu.

Sora rolled down the hill littered with bones. Xehanot slide down hitting and breaking every elephant bone he landed on. Simba the jumped of the ledge and slid down to save his son.

Sora tried to grab something to hold on to but it was no use. He was sliding down to fast.

"Sora" said Kairi who tried to follow Simba. Nala held her back by her loin cloth.

Sora and Xehanort were coming to the edge. Sora then

Griped his knife harder. Xehanort then slipped off the cliff and landed hard on the barren ground. Sora then got on his feet and jumped as he placed his left Hand on the knife. When he hit the ground the blade of the knife had entered the place of the lions heart. Xehanort roared loudly as all he felt was the sharp pain of the knife through his dark heart. Sora held the knife in place hearing the sound of the last roar of his fierce enemy The rogue lion began to lose the control over of his body. His head hit the ground as Xehanorts black, dark soul fled from his body. It was over the rogue lion Xehanort was dead. Simba was nearly down. He saw Sora laying still over the rogue lions lifeless body. Simba was shocked. The most dangerous lion in the lands of Africa was defeated by a man cub. Simba jumped off the edge and came closer to Sora.

"Sora" he said as he nudged his son.

Sora turned to see him. Sora was upset for he killed just as a man.

Sora tried to explain "dad I...I just"

"It's okay" said Simba "he would have never given up"

Sora then hugged his father as tears ran down his eyes "I'm so proud of you" whispered Simba "you have saved us and our home"

Sora took his knife and slid it back in his case.

Sora stood above Xehanorts body and looking down at his once most vicious enemy. He victories over the rogue and having to avenge his human family and the pride.

Sora then looked up to see all of Xehanorts pride surrounding him. Sora held his knife incase they were to attack. But none of them dared. Xemnas and Ansum looked down at the deceased body of their leader. They then looked back up at Sora and Simba. The two then turned and left the others followed their two remaining leaders and disappeared into the fog.

Simba turned to his adopted son. "It's over" he then said breaking the silence "lets go"

"Yeah" said Sora as he followed his father. Simba and Sora climbed up the top of the cliff. When they reach the top of the cliff Nala, Kairi and the others waited for them.

"Sora" said Kairi as she came up and hugged him relieved that he was okay.

Nala did the same nuzzling he son "I thought I was going to lose you" she said.

"I told you we'd make you proud" said Sora referring to him and his two lion brothers beside him "like you said mom.""our family is our greatest strength"

Nala just smiled hearing Sora remember what she had told her long ago.

"Sora" said Terra as he came up to Sora and his family "thank you""you and the others made Eraqus proud."

Sora felt proud of himself for avenging Eraqus. "Thanks Terra" he said "but we couldn't have done it without you"

(Don't think I'm leaving Terra out of this he's a hero for coming to the pride lands)

"But I didnt..." He tried to explain but he was interrupted by Simba.

"Your a hero too Terra" said Simba "if you and Eraqus hadn't come along Sora would have died and we would have lost the pride lands again""you a hero for everything you done for our pride"

Terra was speechless everything he had done saved the pride. He then just smiled.

"Hey... uh" said Axel moving toward them with his injuries "I don't suppose you have a extra spot in the pride is there?"

Simba was unsure at first. He then turned to the others. Roxas nodded his head yes.

Simba sighed having to yet again welcome a new lion to the pride.

"this pride just gets bigger and bigger" he joked

"Sora" said Kairi.

"Kairi" he responded as he hugged her.

Hikari came up to Kopa relived that he was okay. The two nuzzled each other. Kovu and Aqua did the same as well.

Sora and Kairi held on to each other. Sora closed his eyes as he and Kairi kissed at the same time.

"What do you call that thing those two are doing?" Asked Timon looking down at Pumbaa.

The next day during its end as the sun was setting a marriage between the three brothers and There future queens took place. The pride lined up at separate sides of Pride Rock. Sora stood at the edge with his two brothers at his side Simba and Nala stood together to see their two sons. Rafiki came up to the brothers and hugged them. At that moment kairi, Aqua and Hikari came out of the cave. Kairi wore a white dress found in the shelter that Sora's parents had made that had belong to Sora's mother. A beautiful blue Dolichos flower caught in her dark red hair.

(Dolichos is a Africa flower if you're wondering)

The three lioness approached the ones they loved. Riku, Roxas, Namine, Roxas, Terra, Axel, Sarabi, Sarafina and the other lionesses bowed to their future queens. The three reached their loved one.

Timon, Zazu and Pumbaa watched from the left side of rock that pointed to the yellow sun. Timon and Pumbaa began to tear up.

"You know Pumbaa" said Timon sobbing " I love moments like this"

Pumbaa then said about to burst crying "me too"

They then both began to cry. Zazu covered his blue and white wings over himself to keep the tears from hiring him.

Sora and Kairi hugged each other. As Kopa and Kovu nuzzled Hikari and Agua.

Rafiki raised his staff over the three couples. Simba smiled seeing that his three sons have grown up. Nala nuzzled him as well. Roxas chuckled as Namine nuzzled him.

Suddenly, there was the call of an elephant. Simba, Nala and the three couples turned to see all the animals of the pride lands surrounding pride rock to see the marriage of their future kings. Even Kairi's young friend came to see. Kairi chuckled seeing her friend again. Sora looked out over the kingdom he and his two brothers who stood beside him will soon lead. Simba and Nala stood by their beloved sons with their future queens. The spirit of Mufassa watched them from above as the future of the pride was forever squired.

A few years had gone by. Sora, Kopa and Kovu were nineteen years of age and they went hunting for the pride.

Kovu snuck through the plains. His eyes set on a wildabeest. Kopa was stalked from behind. Kovu took one last step before he leaped letting out a load roar. The herd began to run to escape the lion. But Kopa then attacked scattering the one they tried to catch. One of the wildabeests headed to a tree where as you may know Sora was hiding. He held his knife at the ready and when the wildebeest came closer Sora pounced down and claim his prey. During that time Kovu and Kopa had already caught theirs already.

"Very nice Sora" said Kovu.

"Thanks" said Sora as he slide his knife back into his quiver strapped to his loin cloth "I just hope it's enough even for Kairi"

"We know" said Kopa "we're having cubs of our own too Sora"

"But it's only a matter of time" said Sora.

Kovu and Kopa knew he was right. The time was near of the beginning day of their children.

"Sora!" yelled Terra as he and Roxas came running toward them "Kovu,Kopa!"

"What is it Terra?" Asked Kovu.

"Sora you need to get home" explained Terra "its Kairi"

"Kairi!" He cried as he ran back to Pride rock.

"Sora wait of us!" Said Kopa as he and Kovu grabbed his prey with their mouths and followed their brother. Meanwhile at Pride rock Simba and the rest pride waited outside the cave. "Father" said Sora as he Kovu, Kopa, Terra and Roxas came up "Are we...?"

"No Sora" answered Simba "come on"

Simba and Sora entered the den and saw Kairi with Rafiki and Nala by her side. Kairi held the two children of Sora. One was a small boy and he had the same red hair of its mother. The other a small female with her fathers eyes. Nala nuzzled both her grand children.

"Come Sora" said Rafiki "your cubs must see their father"

Sora and Simba came up to Kairi to see the two twin cubs. Simba smiled seeing his grandchildren for the first time even though he's going to have more.

"They look like you when you were a cub" Said Simba turning to his son.

"Yeah" said Sora.

"Your children are strong Sora" said Rafiki cradling his son in her arms "your son shall be called Traian"

"Traian" said Sora "I like it""Kairi?"

"I think It's perfect" said Kairi still cradling her daughter "but what about our daughter"

Rafiki set Traian down. Nala took her grandson and raped her front legs around him.

Rafiki cradled Sora's daughter in his long arms. The baby reached up for the baboon.

"She is beautiful as her mother" explained Rafiki "her name shall be Utamu"

"It's perfect" said Kairi.

"Yeah" said Sora agreeing with his beloved wife.

The rest of the pride including Zazu, Timon and Pumbaa came into the cave to the two cubs of prince Sora and princess Kairi two of their future leaders. An untold future awaited for the Sora, his family and the pride lands.

(this concludes my last chapter, a thanks goes to Riku'sgirl19 for her great ideas for this story and a merry Christmas to every author)