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Chapter Three: Orange

Naruto POV

"A war?" I replied he huffed at me; the room went still in anticipation for explanation. "Sounds a little weird, I think that would be fun! Explain it."

"A war…with tricks. Since the second I got here, you've been up my ass with ridiculous, outrageous… behavior!" He yelled, his glasses nearly slipping off of his face before he reached up and shoved them back on again. I don't really know what he means about being up his ass, other than the phone trick I haven't done anything to him intentionally. However, a prank war…..that sounds exciting! "The first one to crack wins!"

"So in other words, a prank war? " I clarified; will he be able to keep up with me? "So the only way we can retaliate if through pranks. Fine."

I stuck out my hand, he glared at it distrusting already.

"Deal. Let's start a war." He eyed my palm, before cautiously reaching his hand out to meet him, his eyes were hidden by the reflective lens of his glasses but underneath them I could almost feel a bubbling rage burning to erupt. I found it oddly attractive, even though he was anything but with his weird clothes, funky hair, and thick face covering glasses. Was he trying to make some kind of fashion statement or something?

Ditching detention, I headed back to the dorm. It's not like Sasuke knew I had detention for the rest of the year, for all he knew I could have just been in the room for shits and giggles. It might be even better if he thought I was in there just to laugh at him, hopefully the guys won't be assholes and break my cover.

I could take this opportunity to get another strike in on Sasuke, but why do that when I can make him sweat for no reason. I decided just to focus on securing my own room for now.

I hurried to my room, taking every possible thing he could ever use against me personally and hiding it around the room. A journal in the air vent here, another journal in the cooler there, my phone double triple locked with passcodes selected at random, secretive tools packed and to be carried to my gym locker, the key to my safe of sacred items tied around my neck in a lose necklace. I will have to get locks installed so that I could get in and out of my own room from the inside and outside. It was all looking good, and as I took a look around my bare room I was satisfied with my work.

If only I noticed my most recent orange journal sitting right in front of my desk, the one thing I should have been more concerned with than anything else.

It would have spared me the worst of secrets.

Sasuke POV

Should I feel guilty for seeking revenge on another person without mercy?

A person who has no respect, someone who has the audacity to go through my things without mercy, steal my private information and use it for the purposes of being a jackass towards me.

That person absolutely must suffer, so the answer is obviously no. No, I shouldn't.

Nothing killed me more than the moment I shook his hand, I already thought it was ridiculous to proclaim war in such a stupid way. But if I'm going to beat him down, humiliate him, unleash my vindictive characteristics at full force; I have to beat him at his own game.

I sat through detention without participating in any of the crazy events taking place, though they tried to draw me in. They being Naruto's friends, the fat kid and the one wearing what I think is, triangle make-up. How do you make friends with people like that?

Being and asshole must really help. There's nothing like distancing yourself from others that leaves you desperate for any kind of companionship you can get.

By the time detention was over, Naruto had returned wearing a mischievous face. I listened in on his conversation.

"I know you just declared war and all, but how about coming to hang out with us for a little bit?" The triangle make-up kid asked Naruto.

"Sure Kiba." Naruto replied, giving me the kids name, he peered at me over Kiba's shoulder, "I don't have anything to worry about, this war is about to turn into a battle."

Could have taken advantage of my time in detention to break into my room again? I have to remember to lock my door when I get a chance; maybe I can get one that lets me lock from the outside. I rushed out of the building, heading for my room.

It's not like I didn't suspect it, I obviously did, but for some reason I really didn't think he would really do anything this soon.

Slamming my bedroom door open, everything looked the same, nothing had been touched. No way, he was just messing with me.

I walked toward his bedroom, opening the unlocked door with care. The room looked clear and even clean. So that's what he was really doing when I was in detention, something caught my eye that was sitting on the desk. An orange notebook, I opened to the first page, a date was the only thing decorating the top, I scanned the contents of the first sentence, focusing on words like "today" and "I think", all the pages were the same as I flipped through. This is a journal.

Who the hell keeps a journal these days; I thought that's what the internet was for?

Being updated in technology, I have both a digital camera and a computer in my possession. So why not use them? I took the journal, making sure to take readable pictures of every page. At times like these I wonder if buying a scanner would be worth it, though I don't know that I could use it for something like this?

Never mind, as long as it's readable its fine.

The school has this neat, wonderful chat system that allows communication to happen between everyone without giving out personal information on our accounts on the school website. As long as you have an account, you have access.

Taking advantage of that fact, I created my own chat room, and pasted the pictures of the journal one by one in a grueling process, closed my laptop, and waited.

It was a long process, but well worth it, though I didn't bother to read anything from the pages. I didn't have time. But I guess I can overhear a conversation or two about it later and maybe someone will let me know its contents.

As long as he is humiliated that's all that counts.

Naruto came in a few hours later, I was sitting in the living room area watching a movie and for some unthinkable reason he came over and plopped down on the coach beside me.

"Hey Sasuke." He said, I didn't reply as I turned up the volume of the TV. "So no talking? Even people in war communicate you know? It's not exactly forbidden by the rules."

It's forbidden by the entirety of my being. Based on that I didn't answer; I just continued to turn up the volume of the TV. Can't he tell I'm busy throwing myself into the world of some random war movie I found in the bottom of the entertainment center?

He sighed, sinking into the couch more before deciding just to stare at me, though the silence didn't last. "So I heard that you went to public school before now, how does it feel now that you're here in this crazy world of our private academy."

I grunted at him, deciding that a noise might satisfy him and make him leave me alone. On the screen two men were crying, one was dying and the other making some random promise in the heat of the moment which in reality would probably never be kept in its entirety. But this was a movie so at one point I guess I'm going to have to watch the living guy share the dying guys last moments with his long lost love from his hometown of some random country area, because for some reason, which appears to be no apparent reason, they are always from a country area

"Do you like this movie? My uncle gave it to me, well he's not really my uncle...but he's like an uncle. A dirty old grandpa uncle. Anyway, I never really watched it much." He flipped open his phone and started texting, I hoped that he might leave me alone but apparently not. "You still haven't answered my question you know?"

I don't want to, you know? I glared at him, hoping he would get the point but he just stared at me again. What is this? Some kind of stupid power game? It wasn't a prank, obviously, and so far that's the only stupid thing I plan on participating in is the damn prank war I started. Unless this is part of a prank he's trying to do? But I can't imagine him using the information of my opinion of a movie for a humiliating act that everyone to laugh at.

"Come on Sasuke, it's not that hard. Just unhinge your jaw the same way you do when you imagine you're a snake swallowing me whole and devouring me." That's it, I don't even know what the hell he's talking about anymore. I stood up, walking down the hall and into my room, swinging the door behind me with a bang. I could hear him laughing in the living room, at what? At me or something stupid?

Deciding to ignore it I moved on to sleep in my room, what gives Naruto the idea that I want to sit around and chat with him under any circumstances?

Well, it doesn't matter; tomorrow he won't be so willing to chat.

Naruto POV

What's everyone looking at?

All day people have been staring at me. I checked my face before I left, but Sasuke didn't do anything to it in my sleep. I felt my back; clear. So then if it's none of that…does that mean it's something else?

Suddenly someone grabbed my backpack, dragging me in the opposite direction from where I was facing. Considering that I'm short I found the whole situation highly annoying, "What the hell?!"

"Shut-up!" the voice said, what was Kiba doing? He continued to drag me before turning me around and shoving me in a closet.

"Wha-what's going on?!" I yelled at the closed door, pounding on its surface.

"Just calm down." Shikamaru's voice instructed I turned around; he was leaning against the wall of the closet looking serious and bored as usual.

"Why the hell have you dragged me over here like this? Are you a mob boss or something?! Is this what you do?" Shikamaru glared, he doesn't like it when I talk about his family history like that.

"Do you have any idea what's going on right now! Your journal has been published!" Shikamaru exclaimed, shaking my shoulders before lowering his voice to its normal tone, "The orange one…"

"The…the orange one? But then that means…." I nearly collapsed but Shikamaru held my arms firmly, someone knocked on the closet door but I could hear Kiba's voice telling them to move on. A faithful dog on guard. "My biggest secret is out then? That secret…?"

Shikamaru shook his head and sighed, "How could you be so careless! I thought you said you took care of everything….oh well that's not the important thing right now. Don't lose your temper when you see Sasuke, if you do that then you'll lose and this war is pretty much your only real chance to get back at him."

"What do you mean, it's just a stupid game?!" I yelled, he shushed me, talking in a quiet voice to ease my nerves. For someone who avoids his own emotion, he's absolutely perfect at handling other people's feelings.

"Not to Sasuke, to Sasuke this is his way of dominating you. Winning is obviously important, you can tell just from the way he acts in class. If you really want to crush him you have to win this stupid game." So this game is the equivalent of my secret to Sasuke; I get it know.

I pushed Shikamaru away and opened the door of the closet. Sakura, a friend who I haven't seen around in a while, and Kiba were standing outside glaring away gawking bystanders and faithfully protecting my dignity, or at least what was left of it anyway.

I've been found out; they all know now just exactly what I am.

I felt a pair of eyes on me from the other end of the hall; it was Sasuke smiling smugly at me. I bit my lip trying to keep my cool; my hands were shaking so I grasped my shirt to steady them. You bastard, do you know what you just did to me? I don't know if you do or not, but if you really don't…

Well, I'll make sure you'll know soon enough.