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I've been motivated to write due to all your reviews! Thank you! I'm still under the weather, so this chapter isn't very long. I wish I could add a chapter that explained how Sean and Juliet first met at the accident that Nick was talking about in "Over My Dead Body." However, I already wrote in the previous chapter that they met at the Commissioner's Ball. Oh well.

This chapter might have a few spoilers for tonight's episode, "The Bottle Imp." I'm predicting that the potion has caused Sean and Juliet to be much more connected then before!

Once again, I owe nothing. However, anyone (NBC included) can use what I write for their own purpose. Enjoy!

Juliet's scarf flew across her neck as she ran down the street. Juliet didn't focus on where she was going or what she had learned or about the memories that had returned to her. She only concentrated on getting far away from the police station….away from Captain Renard…as possible.

Running out of breath, Juliet forced herself to stop at the light. She took long deep breaths of the city air to help calm herself. Though she tried to avoid it, Juliet found herself thinking about the Captain. How the hell could he be this evil prince if she found him so….well…captivating? Yet all the pieces put together portrayed Renard in his true form: a malicious royal who tried to kill Nick's aunt and almost killed Juliet.

There were so many other questions going through Juliet's mind. Who else knew about Renard? Certainly not Nick and probably not many other people in Portland. More importantly, who else knew about Nick? Monroe, of course, but what about Hank? What about the other people in his unit? Also, why did it take so long for Nick to tell her the truth?

Looking up, Juliet realized that her vet clinic was just down the block. Juliet sighed, happy that there was a safe place for her to go. Taking one last deep breath, Juliet finished her run to the clinic.

Juliet's hands were trembling as she put her key in the lock. She knew she needed to call Nick to tell him about Renard. If Renard's true identity was a shock to her, Juliet could only imagine how Nick would respond. How would Nick react, realizing that his boss and mentor tried to have his aunt killed? That his valued captain poisoned Juliet? That Captain Renard was his enemy?

Opening the door, Juliet breath a sign of relief; she was safe from the fantasy world for now. Yet once she turned on the lights and saw two snake like creatures approaching her, Juliet realized that the danger was far from over.


Cursing, Sean drove his SVU madly down the street. Before Sean could even run down the stairs to catch Juliet, two of his officers approached him to ask what was the matter. Sean had to stop for a minute or two to make some lame excuse as to why the young lady had ran out of his office. By the time he finally got down the stairs, Juliet was gone.

Sweat pouring from his head, Sean found his anger towards Catherine growing. Sean couldn't believe Catherine didn't tell him the effects a second kiss would have. Surely she knew that all of residual effects! A part of Sean reasoned that Catherine couldn't have known that Sean would ever kiss Juliet a second time. Yet there was no doubt in Sean's mind that her daughter did.

A fierce pain in Sean's head forced him to swerve in the lane. Sean barely missed getting clipped by a large truck. Immediately, Sean pulled to the side of the road. He cringed, and started to massage his temples. Sean couldn't remember the last time he had such a horrible headache. However it became something much more than a headache. Once Sean closed his eyes, he saw what looked like a doctor's office….and two fierce looking Skalengecks.

"Where are the drugs" The Skalengeck on the left asked, his tongue slithering in and out of his large mouth.

"We know you keep them here!" The other Skalengeck added. He then grabbed what looked like a very timid and terrified Juliet and pushed her against the wall.

"I….I don't know what you are talking about!" As brave as she was trying to be, Sean could tell that poor Juliet was trembling.

The first Skalengeck put his large, scaly hand around Juliet's tiny, pale throat. "Let us refresh your memory then…"

"No!" Sean opened his eyes, panting. He checked his face in the rear view mirror. No, it wasn't a dream…it was a memory….Juliet's memory! Somehow, some way, Sean knew where Juliet was through her thoughts! Well what do you know, Sean thought as he pulled onto the road. There are some positive side effects to that potion after all! Sean hit the gas petal hard and sped to the local animal hospital.