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In his time in the army, Emmett McCarty had seen many things. He'd seen good thing, bad things, and downright horrifying things. Watching his wife being attacked by Rosalie fell into the latter category. Bella was the softest and kindest person that he had ever met; watching her be attacked either verbally or physically was a pain, which he felt right to his very core. Yet he also knew her strength.

She had proved that and more her whole life. As a child she was moved from place to place, always the new kid in school, yet she made friends and thrived. As an adult she worked in harsh conditions, lending aide wherever she could. Then even after she met him, she endured a pregnancy, without complaint, with her husband away fighting for his country. Then she gave birth to their daughter. Finally she agreed to leave all she knew for him... and when his stupid decisions left her hurt again, she dealt with that with more strength and grace that he had. He was in awe of her.

Now, as she cradled their daughter, with bandaged arms, he was in awe again. The complete and udder adoration that she showered on their daughter took his breath away every time.

"Emmett?" Bella asked, as she snuggled Emma close to her chest.

"Yeah, Babe?" he asked her, smiling at her.

"Hold me," she said, biting her bottom lip.

"Always," he promised as he pulled his girls into his arms; knowing that he held everything that mattered.

They retired to their bedroom, leaving Angela and Edward to prepare for the onslaught of people they knew were going to descend on the tiny apartment. Both Bella and Emmett stripped out of their court clothes, down to just their underthings. Emmett pulled back the covers on their bed and helped Bella and Emma in, before going around to the other side to pull her into his arms against his chest. Emma, who had been content to that point knew this position. This was how she usually got her morning feeding and she didn't care that it was no longer morning, she wanted not only the food that her mother provided, but the comfort.

Bella adjusted them both so that Emma could have what she wanted and she leaned back into Emmett's arms.

"I should have kept you away from the courthouse," Emmett sighed into her hair.

"No," Bella said. "I'm glad I was there."

"What?" Emmett asked as he leaned up on his elbow to look her in the eyes. Maybe all the stress had truly gone to her head.

"I'm not a masochist, Emmett," she said with a sigh. Her arms burned from the long scratches and she could tell she would have quite a few bruises on them as well from the blows Rosalie had succeeded in landing before Royce and Emmett got there. "It's just that Rosalie was determined to hurt me. And, with her released... it could have happened at any time. What if I had had Emma with me? Or, what if she had had more time and more tools at her disposal? It could have been so much worse."

"Only you could look for the bright side in this," he said, kissing her before resuming his position behind her. For a long time, only the sounds of Emma enjoying her meal filled the room as her parents relished their time together. Emmett ran his hands over his wife's skin, relishing in the ability to touch her, to comfort her.

When Emma was done nursing, they all laid together contently for a while, until the noises from their company could no longer be ignored. With a sigh, Emmett stood up and offered a hand to Bella to help her up. Emmett held Emma against his chest as Bella looked through her drawers for something comfy to wear. She settled on some yoga pants and then pulled one of Emmett's army issued t-shirts from his drawers, putting it on and knotting it at her waist.

"Looks good on you," he said with a smirk. She smiled at him and plucked Emma from his chest, dropping a kiss onto his lips. Emmett grabbed a pair of sweats and a hoodie and pulled them on quickly. Then it was Emma's turn. Emmett changed her diaper while Bella chose a cute sleeper for her to wear. Once they were done, and could no longer stall their return to the living room and their assembled guests, Emmett placed his daughter in the crook of one arm, and held his wife in the other.

"You are so strong," he whispered into her hair as she opened the door to join the gang.

Embry, Emily, Carlisle, and Esme had all arrived by that point, joining Angela and Edward.

As soon as Bella entered the room, Carlisle flipped into doctor mode, as did both Angela, and Edward. They all gathered around as Carlisle removed his crude bandages from the courthouse and replaced them with better dressings. Edward looked on angrily at the damaged skin that was revealed, but Angela was truly incensed when she saw the long scratches and the newly formed bruises on her new friend's arms.

"It's really not that bad," Bella said as she noticed her friends bristling.

"Not that bad?" Angela asked. "You were attacked!"

"I know," Bella said. "But at least it is minor. If she hadn't done it then, then when would it have happened? When I was alone with Emma? When she had more tools at her disposal to truly hurt me or worse?"

Emmett growled at her side and she looked over at him. He was trembling with anger at the very thought of Rosalie hurting her any further than she had already done.

"Or worse?" Angela said. "Good grief! How can you be so calm about this? I want to rip every one of her hairs from her head and stuff them where the sun don't shine!"

"That wouldn't do any good," Bella sighed. "I am now more certain than ever that she is mentally unstable. She needs help."

"You are concerned about Rosalie?" Angela asked, aghast.

"I guess I am," Bella conceded.

"You are a far better person than I am," Angela scoffed. "Personally I would be happy to see her rot in jail!"

"Don't get me wrong," Bella said. "I want to see her punished for what she's done. I just am sympathetic to her plight. Mental illness isn't a picnic."

"So what happens with the psycho now?" Angela asked, refusing to even call Rosalie by name anymore. "Are they going to let her out to attack Bella again?"

"After the display Rosalie put on at the courthouse, and in the back of the police cruiser," Embry said, speaking up. "The prosecutor has arranged to have her shipped to a state mental facility."

"Where she can claim temporary insanity and be out in a week?" Angela fumed.

"No," Embry said. "Where she will be held for a 60 day psych evaluation, followed by a trial and then a sentence."

"But she can get out and harm my wife again?" Emmett asked.

"I don't think that's likely. Her actions today prove that she is a danger to society. She may not go to jail but she will be confined to a mental facility for a long time," Carlisle answered.

"Why is she so focused on Isabella?" Emmett asked. "She isn't to blame for anything that happened between Rosalie and me."

"And we all know that," Carlisle answered. "But the fact of the matter is that Rosalie is not working under the same reality as the rest of us."

"Then I will go and make sure that she does," Emmett growled.

"I can almost guarantee that won't help," Carlisle sighed. "I am not a psychiatrist, but I wouldn't hesitate to say that Rosalie is lost in her own delusional reality. She spent years on the cusp of it but as long as she thought that she had control of everything around her, she maintained some stability. In her delusional world, Emmett would come home and everything would return to the way it was. Anything that stood in the way of that would have had to be destroyed. I'm only sorry that I never saw it before."

"So basically she is living in a daydream world?" Bella asked.

"Pretty much," Carlisle agreed.

They spoke for a long time. Dinner was ordered, much to Bella's displeasure, and eaten. Emma was passed from person to person and delighted all the adults with her gummy smiles. After Bella fell asleep that night Emmett made a call to Germany. Bella hadn't wanted to worry her father with the continued drama, but Emmett felt that the man needed to know.

As predicted, Charlie was incensed at the fact his daughter had been attacked. Emmett has assumed that the brunt of that anger would be leveled at him, but he was surprised wen Charlie was able to direct it exactly where it belonged. After thanking Emmett for his call and ensuring that his daughter and granddaughter were okay, the two men ended their call and Charlie Swan started to put some plans into action.