Author's Note (Please Read): Hello all, my name is Dark, and this is my first crack at a fanfiction. Hope it comes out okay, but please, by all means, leave a review stating what you like or what I need to improve on. This story will mainly deal with SilverxBlaze, with some extra couples sprinkled in (maybe, I kinda just make stories up as I go along XD).

Just as a pre-warning: Some characters are very OOC. I have chosen to portray the characters the way I view them. You will notice this as the story continues. I hope you can come to accept this!

This story is COMPLETELY separate from the Sonic games, comics, etc... Another reason why some are OOC.

All characters (meaning Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, etc.) are the age of 21, except for Tails and Cream, who are both 19.

The setting of this story (in the beginning, at least) is a war scenario where Sonic, Silver, Blaze, and company are making the last push to defeat... well... guess who. They have defeated all of the robots on the ground and have now found themselves in Eggman's ship.

Anyways, I cannot take all the credit for the plot line, as I got the bare idea from Magicalarrow's The Lies on DeviantART. Please, go check out that story as well. If you have read that story, you will notice a few similarities, but I plan to make my mark on it everywhere I can. I'm just using the bare storyline because, well, it's just that good in my opinion ^.^ Seriously, go check out that story as well. You won't be disappointed!

I'm not so sure how often I will be able to update, just keep checking back I suppose. Well, I think that does it for now, enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Silver, Blaze, or any other characters in this story. They all belong to SEGA!

Sonic turned to everyone, "Okay. Now that we're here, what's the plan?"

"Well, we need to split up, first of all, can't go around in a big group or else we'll be spotted." Knuckles explained.

Shadow, who had the whole mission already played out in his mind, agreed. "Right, so, Tikal and I will scope out the perimeter, Silver, you go to the main room and stay at the doorway, we'll meet you there. You'll need backup, so Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy will go with you. It may take us a while to make sure everything is clear, so stay here for a little bit, half-hour, maybe longer, before proceeding. Blaze, you go find the control room and give us the most support possible from there. The hard part of this mission is done. Now we just need to finish. Everybody ready?"

After an enthusiastic "Yeah!", they marched forward.

"Wow Shadow, you got this whole thing planned out, huh?" Sonic said, impressed.

Shadow cocked his gun. "I've waited for this day for much too long."

And with that, they were off. Off to finish what should have been finished long ago. Their objective: Kill. Don't show him any mercy. Not this time. Shadow and Tikal whipped around and went left, Blaze took out her gun and quietly proceeded down a hallway to the right. Silver, Amy, Knuckles, and Sonic, doing what they were told, stayed back and waited.

30 minutes later

Silver was pacing back and forth. "Oh, man I hope Blaze is okay..."

Sonic chuckled, "Dude, she has a gun, and fire. I'm pretty sure she's fine."

"Not only that, but Blaze is a master when it comes to stealth. She's fine." Knuckles added.

"Yeah Silver. Why so worried?" Amy said, grinning and leaning towards Silver, "Got something to say?"

Silver blushed "I-it's not th-that I-I just" He sighed, "I just hope she's alright, okay?"

"Mmmmhmmm. Right." Amy said, sarcastically.

Silver was now irritated, "Are we really gonna have this conversation now?"

Sonic decided to step in, showing maturity... For once... "No, because we have to get going. Now."

((Blaze's POV))

Okay. Where the hell is this thing? I swear I've checked every room in this place.

Just then, she unlocked another door, opened it, and saw a bunch of monitors surrounding a man in a chair that's turned around.

Great. What now?

Blaze then proceeded to creep upon the man, unsuspecting of anything, and did one of those awesome chops to the neck that knocks people out in movies. Same result.

She sat down in the chair, and examined the monitors.

Alright, let's see what we've got here.

But, as she started to type, a large hand cupped around her mouth, and an arm wrapped around her neck. As she struggled, she slowly lost consciousness. Just before she blacked out, she heard a dark, familiar voice.

"Hello, my pretty kitty."

And so concludes the first chapter! Sorry it's a bit short, mainly because of the introduction/author's note. Thanks for reading! I hope you guys liked, I have a hard time starting stories. Love you all!