Another little request for whiteknightling based on an off-hand joke I made. Alas, this one didn't come out quite how I wanted it, but I still enjoyed writing it. This one was a bit rushed, as I'd originally intended it to be a short drabble of just a page, but it somehow ended up being a few of them. Ah, well. Personally, I enjoy part one just a little more, but I wished to share this with all the same.

For those wondering about Fortuna Favet Fatuis, I am still working on that. Chapter Sixteen is in the works and I truly hope to have that up soon. I know I'll have my work cut out for me with the upcoming release of P4: the Golden. Hopefully I can continue to provide things up to standard.

Omake - In Which Being Lion is Suffering

Lion's first clue that something was off was the all-too-happy grin on Marian's face when she opened the door.

His second was that she pulled him inside, still smiling, and immediately began removing his cloak as swiftly as possible.

Her swift movements were much too fast for his liking, and not at all the gentle and motherly welcome he'd become accustomed to. Chaltier stood beside him, moving out of the maid's way as she circled around the raven, despite the fact that she could neither see nor feel him. The Swordian watched the dark-haired woman in confusion before glancing toward his master in confusion and only received a shrug in return.

"Emilio," Marian began in a soft tone, her eyes gleaming happily as she returned from hanging his pink accessory, "you didn't tell me that the ladies of town no longer courted you."

The young knight froze in the act of slipping off his jacket, not daring to turn and face his adoptive mother. Beside him, Chaltier was snickering behind his hand, earning a sharp glare from the slowly flustering raven. "I… wasn't aware the details were important. I thought you would be happy that they ceased their visits at ridiculous hours to drop off unneeded gifts."

"Emilio!" the maid scolded softly, "Those girls put their hearts into those gifts. There is no need to be rude about it."

"I…" Lion faltered, shoulders slumping. "…right. I'm sorry."

Satisfied with his apology, the maid immediately perked up and began ushering her young charge toward the main hall. "Good, good. But, Emilio, I'm hurt. You didn't tell me they'd stopped because you were seeing someone!"


"You're seeing someone! You didn't tell me – the lovely blond gentleman who came to visit you before. He's such a sweet boy – and what an appetite he has – we've been talking all afternoon over tea while he waited for you to return. Isn't that so kind of him? He wanted to pick you up for that dinner date – and he brought you flowers!" Marian's speech was increasing in speed with each word she spoke. Chaltier's laughter was becoming increasingly difficult for him to muffle, and Lion's face only darkened in colour as she continued. "I put them in fresh water in your room, they smell so lovely. Oh, Emilio, I'm so happy for you. Someone as bright and energetic as him is perfect for you – he can help you get a little sunlight too, you're so pale."

"M-Marian, wait, I—"

"Oh… I'm sorry; did you want to see him? I told him you were still on duty and would be back later. He said he would stop by again; he insisted that staying longer would be intruding – such a silly boy. Come now, I'll take you to the dining room and then prepare one of your best uniforms for dinner tonight – he was dressed so handsomely when he arrived. I'm almost jealous."

"I…" the knight struggled with his words, completely at a loss on how to handle the situation. He'd experienced many differing types of fans before, but never had he imagined that Marian would be so pleased to know he'd formed a relationship with someone. "M-Marian, must you be so… enthusiastic?"

"But Emilio…" the maid's expression fell as she placed her hands on the young man's shoulders, "This is your first relationship! Of course I will be pleased. You've been so happy as of late and I could never figure out why – to think, my young master finally in a relationship. And with an older boy, too! Oh, it's like something straight out of a romance novel—"


"—if only he had a white steed. He could whisk you off your feet and—"

"…The hayseed would likely just fall off."

"—the two of you would ride off into the sunset—"

"I don't believe such ridiculous things actually occur in real life."

"—oh! But there would have to be rose petals as well. Hundreds of them! All blowing in the breeze and surrounding the two of you!"

"J-just a moment...!"

"And just as the sun was coming down, the two of you would lean in and share a passionate—"

"Marian, please!" By now, Lion's face was a brilliant shade of scarlet, his eyes wide in faint horror.

It was concerning just how much pleasure the maid was taking in all of this. Her eyes were all but sparkling, hands clasped tightly together with a brilliant grin spread across her face. Almost immediately upon hearing Lion's voice, the maid's expression changed as a faint dusting of pink graced her own cheeks. "O-oh, I seem to have gotten ahead of myself again…"

The knight could only nod numbly in return and allow her to continue ushering him down the hall. Soon enough they finally reached the double-oak wooden doors that lead into the dining room and Marian stepped forward to open them, bowing deeply before she stepped aside. "Please, go and have a seat. I will come and collect you when your clothes are pressed and ready. I just prepared a fresh pot of tea, so please, have a cup before you head out." Not waiting for a response, the raven-haired woman turned and scurried back toward the staircase.

Lion was left in the hallway, unable to move as he stared at the retreating back of his most trusted friend in shock. His jaw hung open slightly, unable to properly process all that had just happened. A faint feeling of dread began to rise in the pit of his stomach as he sent a silent prayer up to all the Gods he could remember the name of that the maid would conveniently forget that he owned a white horse. He had absolutely no doubt that he'd be unable to escape her untamed glee at the chance of being able re-enact her rushed fantasy.

"…At least she's very supportive of all this."

The raven bit back a groan and turned to walk in the dining room. He was going to need as much of that tea as he could drink before she returned. "At least you don't have to worry about her climbing through the windows to take photographs. Like that one girl who followed you and Stahn to the inn and—"

"…I'd rather not remember."

Two much-too-short cups of tea later, Marian returned. She bowed politely upon entering and began to clean up the dirtied dishes before excusing herself to the kitchen. The maid entered the room once more and smiled as she gestured for the young knight to follow, the same giddy glow still radiating off her very being. "I've prepared your clothing for the evening. I've laid everything out upon the bed. I'm certain Aileron-san will simply love it – I was sure to pick out a set that would bring out your eyes and compliment your completion. I was even careful to see that it would match his attire as well. The two of you will look so wonderful…! I'll have to acquire a camera form one of the other maids and make sure I'm able to greet you two when you return—"

"It looks like you have a new type of fangirl to worry about, Bocchan."



"Be silent."


"Oh! Emilio!" Marian's eyes had the dangerous glint in them once again as she turned and peered down at the young Swordian master. "…don't you have a white horse in the castle stables?"


"Good luck, Bocchan."