She fell to the floor, emiting a thud below her. Crimsen red ran from beneath her limp body. Her hand fell gently beside her waist, making her body look graceful. Her hair surrounded her face, adding to her grace. Her dark eyes stared blankly into the sky. Her chest moved slowly, her breathing deceasing.

"I'm sorry.." whispered a harsh voice.

The cold unforgiving wind blew against the girls hair, pushing it away from her face. She turned her head slowly, pain erupting throughout her small body.

"F-For what?" She whispered back, her voice quiet below the rushing water of the sea.

"My..fault, it' fault," the voice whispered back, almost painfully.

The girl tried to turn her aching body. She let out a cry of pain as she turned her dying body. Blood oozed from her wound and ran down below her like a river of colour. Soon she had moved close enough to the other voice. She carefully layed next to the voice, the voice of the boy she loved.

"I-I don't..don't blame you..I c-could n-never," she told him, holding back tears and pain.

"I shouldn't..shouldn't of taken you w-with us.." he said, through painful gasps.

"It's not your fault..I want..I wanted t-to be with you, I always have, M-Mitsuru," the girl breathed out.

The boy named Mitsuru turned alittle, letting out a pained moan. He held in his pain, trying to look like he held strength, which he no longer did. He looked at the girl, straight into her eyes. His legs started to become numb and his body started to shut down, slowly. But he continued his eye contact with the girl, the girl he had always secretly loved.

"W-What do you mean?" he asked, gasping for air.

The girl let out a painful laugh. She then layed her hand carefully over his, waiting for a reaction.

"I-I love y-you," she whispered, closing her eyes.

Then she was gone. Leaving behind her body and entering another life entirely. Her body layed there, still and graceful.

"I'm so sorry.." Mitsuru said into the cool air, grinding his teeth and holding tightly onto the girls hand.

A soft sound flew through the stiff air, echoing into nothingness. The sound of a painful cry. Then he was gone, just as the girl was.

The two bodies lay there, hands intwined with each other. The cold air rushed over their blood stained bodies, but of course they couldn't feel it. They couldn't feel anything anymore, not even the secret love they held for each other over the years.

And so Boy #17 and Girl #5 were out of the game.