A small town of a population of about 320 based at the foot of Mount Nibel, near Cosmo Canyon. A town most famous for its views of Mount Nibel and the very controversial Mako reactor nestled within the mountains itself. The small town itself is also famous for its iconic water tower in the centre of town where it acts as a central hub for the citizens and acts as the focal point of festivals.

The sound of crickets chirping in the dead of night is the only thing heard in the small town. The sky is clear with not a single cloud in the sky and a the pale glow of the full moon in the still night sky, illuminating parts of the town whilst tall objects casts shadows against the ground and walls of the buildings.

In one of the nearby two story houses, close to the water tower, is a normal family who are in their beds sleeping. The family of Lockharts; Father, mother, their daughter Tifa and their newest family member – Cloud Strife – who was adopted into the family after his family abandoned him and ran off when he was just sixteen.

The household of the Lockharts didn't have a spare room to use as Clouds new room so they made Tifa share her bedroom with her new step-brother, Cloud.

Tifa possessed unparalleled beauty at the age of 25. She sported long black hair that went down to her waist, slender long, creamy legs; gorgeous round face with crimson red eyes that just seem to glow with loving affection but her most important asset of herself was her huge breasts. She was extremely proud that she was blessed with a pair of DD breasts – and she wasn't afraid to flaunt it when she had the chance. She mainly dressed in simple clothing which could give her great mobility in her training of martial arts. Tifa mostly wore just a short black miniskirt and a white tank top which looked two sizes too small for her body. If she wore anything else then her martial art skills would be ineffective due to movement restrictions.

But Tifa also had another outfit she likes to wear too. A brown cowboy outfit with the appropriate hat. She worked part-time as a tour guide on the Mount Nibel tours. But business has been slow lately due to the controversial Mako reactor so her tour outfit has spent most its time in her closet.

The moonlight is shining through the shared bedroom of Tifa and Cloud and the moonlight is draped across Tifas face, highlighting her beauty as she was struggling to fall asleep in her bed. Tossing and turning then rolled onto her side facing her brother in-law, Cloud; whose bed is right up against the window with the curtains drawn open to let the moonlight in.

At the other end of the room, right up against a wall is Tifas piano where she would sometimes practice playing some songs, even playing some songs for Cloud when he was young to keep him entertained. But now the piano is mostly just covered with odd bits and pieces such as ornaments and scrap pieces of paper. It doesn't get as much use now as it did before Cloud moved in.

Tifa continued to lay in bed but a single thought has been preventing her to fall asleep.

"Haaa~" Tifa gave a drawn out sigh as she stared at Cloud who was peacefully asleep. Watching the blankets covering his chest, rise and fall with each breath.

"He looks so peaceful when he's sleeping…" She thought to herself. And her heart started to begin racing again as her original thoughts came back rushing to her. The single thought that has been preventing her from slumber.

Across the room from Tifa is Cloud Strife who is fast asleep. His mind drifted off to a place of dreams and wonders.

Cloud has been a somewhat shy boy of the small town of Nibelheim; Shy and physically smaller than the other children of his age but he dreamed big. He's always dreamed of being a part of Shin-Ra's elite forces of SOLDIER. So while he was young and had his parents around, they got him a variety of sizes of the SOLDIER uniform, second hand of course, for him to wear and practice getting stronger in as he grew up.

Cloud mostly wore the navy blue uniform which accompanied his yellow spikey hair and mako blue eyes. He looked skinny but after a few short years of practicing and training on his own and also with his next-door neighbour and friend, Tifa, he soon bulked up; if only slightly. He looked skinny but he possessed strength which can be un-natural somehow.

Tifa has known Cloud for mostly all his life despite the seven year age difference. She has been asked to babysit Cloud once before when he was only eleven and she was eighteen at the time, as she done such a good job; she pretty much became a part time babysitter for him.

But now due to unforeseen circumstances, Clouds parents ran away and abandoned Cloud so naturally the Lockharts took him in. He was pretty much family to them anyway with all the babysitting Tifa did for him at both their house and the Strifes houses.

So on this clear night, without a cloud in the sky, and the moon is full and glowing down onto the town; Cloud slept in his bed next to the window. He slept and he slept peacefully.

This particular night is the night of his eighteenth birthday after spending two years living with his new family.

In her own bed, the jet black haired beauty is starting to feel anxious as she lay on her side, hand propping her head up as she stared over at Cloud. Her heart felt like it's racing as fast as an airship. She was thinking and anxious about when to give Cloud her personal gift to him. She had the whole scene and everything planned out in her head for weeks now and she was currently going over the scenes in her mind of what could happen and the many possible outcomes and consequences affecting it.

She bit her lower lip as she thought about everything. Tifa took a deep breath which caused her bed sheet to slip off her chest and reveal her pink tank top with a low neck line which served her as her nightwear. The moon light reflecting off her skin and face and glinting off her crimson eyes as she lay there.

"Cloud…" She softly spoke; placing a hand atop of her chest to feel her heart racing.

Cloud was sleeping soundly in his bed next to the window. He was in a peaceful slumber from the eventful day that he had from working out with Tifa out in the field. She always insisted on having him work out and exercise to help keep his form if he wanted to join SOLDIER and from working out with her in the bright sunlight for three hours straight, tired him out a great deal. It didn't help that they worked out almost every day since he became a part of the Lockhart family.

He always had pleasant dreams at night after the days that he and Tifa worked out – after all, he couldn't seem to get the image of his new sister-in-law out of his mind. All he could dream about on those nights were perverse thoughts and images of Tifa – namely of her all sweaty, in various positions from her exercising and the sounds of her grunting while throwing punches and kicks in the air. Cloud would be hypnotised by the movements of her breasts as she moved around as she sparred and she made no attempts at even trying to hide the fact they move around so freely. Even when she did practice kicks in the air or against a tree, he could clearly see the white panties she wore due to her very short mini-skirt.

Each night after practice he would dream of these images as they played perversely in his mind. He loved his new sister-in-law – in more ways than one.

Currently he was dreaming just that, the images of Tifa sparring on her own as he leaned against a tree watching her on. His pants was starting to tighten as his member was hardening. He would at times stroke the length of his member through his pants as he watched on. Making sure she wasn't looking in his direction.

An incredible pleasure suddenly took over him, something that he never experienced before, followed by a slurping sound. Cloud's Mako blue eyes looked up and saw Tifa seductively walk towards him as he sat at the base of the tree, unsure on what was happening. The incredible feeling continued as with the audible noise and as Tifa came closer, he could see her lick her seductive lips.


The pleasure became too much for him and he awoke from his dream. With sleepy eyes he tried to focus his vision but he found a warm wetness around him, particularly towards his waist. A large lump in the sheets was moving up and down on him. He pulled bed sheet away from him and the sight before him could only be from his dreams.

Two big crimson eyes slowly appeared as her eyelids rose as the moonlight reflected off them, a lock of her hair covered a side of her face and a subtle smile appeared from the corners of her lips.

Tifa gave Cloud the most seductive look that could of easily killed him right there and then.

Cloud groaned out as he felt a wet appendage work its way around his cock that was in her mouth.

The woman let his dick slip from her mouth as she cupped her hand around his mouth.

"Shh .You don't want to wake mama and papa." She cooed as her remaining hand stroked his length.

Clouds brow narrowed from the pleasure he was receiving and from the sweet tone in her voice, he knew he this was just the beginning. He could only slowly nod in acceptance in muffling his moans.

Tifa removed her hand and shimmied back down his body to continue pleasuring him with her mouth. Her hands slipped under his shirt and roamed over his abs as she started to take his cock back in, not before licking her lips.

"W-what are you doing Tifa?" Cloud asked with a nervous voice.

Tifa removed herself from his hardened cock as her hand replaced where her mouth was once again.

"I'm blowing your candle." She winked. "Happy eighteenth birthday - Cloud." She placed extra empathises on his name as she gazed up at him with lust filled eyes.

"Just lay back and let your big sister Tifa give you her present."

Cloud could only loll his head back onto his pillow in response as the hot wetness returned around his cock.

She could feel the hotness emanating from his hard cock and it turned her on. She couldn't believe she's actually going through with her plan. Dreams and fantasies were one thing but here she is, in her new brother-in-laws bed, sucking on Clouds hard cock.

"I shouldn't be doing this." She thought to herself as she continued to slurp on his dick and loving every inch of it.

Cloud ran a hand through her thick hair and placed a hand on her head. "Tifa…" He softly groaned.

Her heart skipped a beat as she heard him say her name. She heard him call her name plenty times before but this is different. She knew he was approving of her being sexual to him.

"Ah!" She popped Clouds penis out her mouth and wrapped her hand around it again. Feeling him throb in her hand. "How do you like my present Cloud? Do you like having your sister suck your cock?"

Just as Tifa asked her question, she noticed a distinctive throb from his cock. She smirked.

"I love it Tifa!" He spoke out with a groan.

"You got pretty hard just then you naughty boy." Tifa teased at him and gave his cock a squeeze. "What made you harder? Was it because I said – Sister?" Her crimson eyes were focused on his eyes as she said "sister" and the distinctive throb returned.

Clouds face reddens slightly from Tifas words as he tried to shift his gaze away from her.

The black haired beauty tightened her grip around his shaft and asked again. "Is it because I said – Sister?" The corner of Tifas mouth turned upwards in a smirk, determined to get an answer out of him.

"Y-Yes!" Cloud squeaked out through muffled moans.

"It's good to be honest." Her hand glided up and down his shaft more intently than before and feeling his pulse beating from every throb. Her thumb worked its way to the engorged head of his cock and proceeded to rub it in small circles.

Cloud shuddered from the sheer sensation that his cock head was receiving. He never thought he would be this sensitive there before. He focused all his thoughts on the pleasure Tifa was giving him with her hand then suddenly her lips were on his. Cloud suddenly snapped back to reality and his eyes were wide in shock, looking right ahead at Tifas own eyes which were closed shut. Her tongue was probing at his lips, desperate to find an entrance.

He parted his lips and Tifas tongue darted into his mouth, already swirling it around his. He replied back to her eagerness with his tongue probing back into her. The kiss intensified when he started to explore her mouth, hand placed on her head as he deepened the kiss. The weight of Tifas breasts lying on top of him felt amazing. Even through the pink cotton top of her night ware, he could feel her nipples were hard as she moved about atop of him. Her nipples seemed to drag across his chest and the feeling sent electricity through Clouds body.

Tifa continued to stroke his cock as she slowly broke away from a not-so-sisterly kiss.

"I'm going to suck on your cock again – and this time… I want you to cum." The raven haired beauty simply said as she gazed down at her younger brother, her eyes glinting from the light of the moon.

She started to move down his body and placed hot kisses down his chest, followed by his developing abs, and then she stopped and looked up at Cloud. Tifa spoke no words but she simply brushed a lock of hair behind her ear and gave Cloud the most seductive and lustful look she could do.

Cloud gazed at the beauty before him and saw the lust emanating from her gaze alone and he couldn't help from looking at her large breasts which seemed to defy gravity itself. Her two buds atop of them, standing out to attention from the cold night. He stared up at her as she bit her lower lip and slowly lowered her head down to his pelvis.

She took hold of his cock and guided it to her mouth as she eagerly accepted it. Her lips closed around the base of his dick and started to suck on him, rolling her tongue around his member, around his sensitive head and flicking the tip of her tongue against it.

The blonde haired man groaned with pleasure from the blowjob he was receiving.

"Tifa…" He cooed. He knew he couldn't last long from experiencing his first sexual encounter, so he placed a hand on Tifas head again as a sign of encouragement. "More!" He almost screamed out as he bucked his hips up to her, forcing more of his dick in.

Tifa took the hint and started to suck on his cock harder. She loved the texture and the feel of his cock in her mouth and her excitement was building from it. She desperately wanted to play with herself but refrained from doing so.

"This is all for Cloud. It's not about me – For now… This is Clouds present!" She keeps reminding herself.

She removed herself from his penis and held it in her hand as she looked up into the eyes of Cloud. She saw his eyes half closed from the intense pleasure she was causing him and looked down at the hard, throbbing member in her hand. She took note of the veins along his length and started to run her tongue along it and occasionally rolling her tongue around his head. At times she would take hold of his dick and start slapping it against her tongue. She snaked her way down the underside and wrapped her lips around the small portion and guided her lips up and down his entire length.

Tifa gazed back up at Cloud, his eyes still lost in lust, mouth agape, as she ran her lips down to his balls. Her hand worked on stroking him again as she took one of his balls into her mouth and gently nursed on it, hollowing her cheeks. Cloud rolled his head back and gasped at the new sensation. Her hand was pumping his cock fast and with each stroke, his balls would move in accordance. Tifa flicked her tongue around his ball sack and seamlessly moved over to the remaining on, giving it equal pleasure as to not to leave it out of the fun.

After giving his balls some attention, she focused her efforts to his cock again. She took it back in her awaiting mouth and this time, without hesitation, was determined to make him cum. Tifa bobbed her head up and down his length and slowly build up a steady momentum and speed. She pumped the base of his cock with her hand to help encourage him to his climax.

Cloud was groaning with pleasure. "I'm close!" he shouted.

Tifa used her free hand to place a finger on her brothers' lips and removed her lips from him.

"Just lay back, don't be too loud and cum in your sisters mouth – Okay?" Tifa reassured him with a loving tone as she continued to jack him off. Clouds eyes rolled back in lust and did as he was instructed.

Tifa spat on his cock for extra lubrication as her hand stroked his entire length. She resumed to giving him oral and with the extra lubrication she started to suck him faster with her lips sealed tight around him. She kept rolling her tongue around him and moaning with her mouth full. Her eyes were snap shut and her brow narrowed as she concentrated on making her new brother cum.

His cock hardened. Her hand stroked the base faster and her sucking was more intense than ever. He was on the verge of blowing his biggest load of his life.

Then it happened. Clouds body tensed and Tifa sensed it. She stroked his cock furiously while the tip was still in her mouth and ropes of hot cum hit the roof of her mouth and the back of her tongue. She was surprised at the amount he shot out. Rope after rope came out and she kept on coaxing more out.

Eventually Clouds orgasm died out and Tifa sucked his head clean and dry. Cloud was in a sweat and slowly sat up with a sheepish look in his eyes. His heart pounding like crazy and he was gasping for breath.

Tifa let Clouds spent cock slip from her mouth as she sat up on her knees, still dressed in her night wear. A few strands of his cum were leaking down the corners of her mouth and the odd strand on her chin. Tifa lifted a finger to wipe her chin and mouth and seductively sucked it into her mouth. She gazed at her brother-in-law and opened her mouth, allowing him to view the contents within. A white pool of cum was in her mouth and parts of her tongue toyed around with it then suddenly she closes her mouth and tilted her head back.

Cloud watched on as her throat swallowed. His cock hardened from the sight of his sister-in-law, Tifa, swallowing his load of cum. She then opened her mouth wide to him to show she did indeed swallow it all.

"Never thought your sister would swallow cum huh?" Tifa gave a seductive wink and licked her lips clean. She looked down at his penis again and saw it was at attention. "Someone is eager." She teased.

"Wow…" Was all Cloud could muster out. "Why did you do this?" He curiously asked.

"I've seen the way you've been looking at me over the years and I've known you stole a pair of my panties before and seen you masturbate with him. Truth be told, I had a crush on you for a while too but it just never seemed right for me to be fucking you with you being underage and all so… I've been waiting till you turned eighteen and well… you're finally eighteen now."

Cloud was dumbstruck from the confession Tifa just made and yet he also felt slight embarrassment from being caught.

"Seeming you're eighteen now means this is only the beginning." She leaned down and placed a kiss on Clouds cock, got off the bed and replaced the bed sheet back over him. "This was just your early morning birthday present. The real fun is later today." She leaned over Cloud and gave him a not-so sisterly kiss in the mouth and gave him a wink before she strode off to the other side of the room to her bed and hoped in.

"I can't wait to feel you finally inside me Cloud…" Tifa thought to herself, unable to sleep.

This will be a multi-chaptered story.

I'm currently working on chapter 2 and the day just gets better for Cloud ;)