When the zombie apocalypse started I was at college; my first two weeks. My dorm room was basically bare only packing essentials, like clothes, blankets, stun gun, water bottles, shoes, and favorite pillow I left home for southern Cali or SoCal. I was proud of my packing abilities because I got all of my stuff into two bags one big duffel bag with wheels, and my black tactical backpack. I had settled into a routine within the two weeks; my routine was basically run in the morning, shower, breakfast plus news, and off to class. I lucked out the dorm mate I had started out with wanted to pledge a sorority so that meant I had the dorm all to myself. I started to notice that in the news there was an increasing amount of homicides and it was on the rise. I couldn't help but be a little spooked, so my stun gun was always with me, hidden, it worked as a flash light as well so that helped hide it.


It was the start of my third week in college I was sitting down eating a bowl of cereal when a new report came over the news saying that there was a new flu and that people should be careful as to where they go and also to be sure to wash their hands. Flu symptoms were sweats, uncontrollable coughing, constant bloody noses, high fever, but cold skin. Those were some weird symptoms, and the news report continued to say that anybody with high fever should head to a hospital. Huh, that's weird... Well maybe my professor's well get sick and class well be cancelled. One can only hope.


A Plane went down in northern Cali. It was a commercial jet and was blamed on faulty equipment. Nothing really happen on Tuesday except the same old, one of my professors became sick; I was so excited he was my math teacher. But the guy was an ass! He assigned a whole chapter! I walked back to my dorm that night from the library and a guy tried to grab me. Good thing I had my stun gun, I zapped his ass and ran for it. I called security afterwards, but the weird part is they couldn't find the guy, which only made me want to carry extra batteries just in case.


There was a new terrorist attack…apperently, experts claiming that it would be a biological warfare. What the hell? How could there be a terrorist attack? Were they talking about the plane crash? God what a day to wake up late! But I had one weird dream that night. I dreamt that I was driving my truck through some deserted road and that I was headed somewhere, I couldn't remember where, but there was lone gas station and some rooms out in the open which looked like maybe it was a motel, but I woke up. It was strange, but decided to cut back on horror movies and soda before bed. Well it's time for class.


All the news reports stopped about flu outbreaks, terrorists, and homicides. It was like the calm before the storm. My week was uneventful, some students had caught the flu, others were afraid of the recent killings and went home, and the college was looking gloomily. Friday night usually there were people headed out to go drinking, dates, and some were studying, but this particular night there were less people in the hallways, the dorms weren't blasting with music. I thought nothing of it, I just thought yay bed and sleep in!


I turned on the television, it had cartoons still playing, I glanced at the clock it read 0745, the news was supposed to be on by now. I thought they taped all the news shows in advanced guess I was wrong. Then that's when the screen changed, and the anchors came on with pale faces looking scared shitless and a man waving a gun around came on the screen. He said not to believe the reports, that the dead were coming back to life and we should all arm ourselves. Then the channel went blank. I wasted no time in freaking out and went to my window to look outside, my dorm room was on the third floor and gave excellent view of my truck, but what I saw wasn't fires, didn't hear gun shots, no zombies, and no people running around screaming. The guy on TV, must have lost it? Hmmm... Whatever there is nothing going on I hope. I haven't even gone running yet, and I just ate so that's out the window, and now there is nothing really showing. What to do? Well I'll… but then my phone rang it was my mom. She was doing her weekly checkup, god I put a state between us but somehow she still dictated my life. Next came texts from my older brother and he wanted to know if it was true that some guy had lost it on the news was waving around a gun. Of course I couldn't hold back any details, he told me to be careful and just in case keep my baton in hand. Well I guess I could get my baton out, but it was in my truck, and so was the club. Well might as well be safe. I stepped out of my dorm and looked around; it was bare no real signs of life. I walked down the hall by passing the elevators to the stairs. Hey the stairs help keep you in shape. I got to ground level without incident and started toward my truck when I saw somebody running toward me. I stood there like a deer in head lights, before instinct took over and I waited for the guy to get a little closer before running for the parking lot. With my keys in my hand I was ready to jump into my truck when the guy that was chasing me changed course and tackled a girl who was trying to get into her car. I turned around to see the guy rip open her chest cavity and start eating her innards. I turned back around running like hell was on my heels leaving the cannibal to his breakfast. I reached my truck and beeped it open. I threw myself into the truck, struggling to catch my breath, locking the doors. I franticly looked for my baton; the war club was in the back seat. The baton was light and easy to use plus concealable, the war club was shaped like a gun with a sharp point, and I would be too tempted to use it as a gun. Shit I need to get out of here, but where would I go? Wait my brother he texted me he's not facing the same thing I am and my mom called! I can head home! Great I need clothes and my stuff it might somehow save my ass! But shit it's in my dorm. Looking into the mirrors I couldn't see any more cannibals. I stepped out of my truck…. Oh god.