Previously "oh shit…."

I couldn't believe what I saw, it was the Rambo guy, and the darkness disguised him as a shadow. I told Bessie and Morgan that it probably would be better to leave the rest of the lights off and for us to sleep in one room. Morgan wanted us to sleep in the master bedroom where her pregnancy pillow was at. I locked everything and made sure that all the weapons were in place. Morgan was going to be sleeping wit a knife and a hangun by her side while Bessie and I slept on the floor. I Locked the bedroom door and pushed the dresser over the door while Bessie secured the window. We said our good nights and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to the horrible cry, half asleep I grabbed my gun and ran into the dresser."Son of a bitch!" This of course woke up Morgan and Bessie. Bessie groggily asked " Whats going on?".

I heard the cry again and was going to check it before I ran into the dresser.


m-can one of you help me get up?

Bessie helped Mogan while I tried to access the damage on me. Bessie helped me push the dresser out of the way and slowly we made our way to the living room windows.

Well there is no cannibal, he probably saw someone and took off after them.

Yea but I didn't hear a scream.


That's when we heard more gunshots. Bessie and I exchanged glances, we were not alone here and I didn't know whether to be frightened or relieved.

C-I need to get dressed.

B-Same here.

C-Oh shit we don't have any clothes here.

B-It's back at the dorms.

Morgan choose that time to enter the living room." You guys hungry?"

C-Well yea but we need our clothes but they're at the dorms plus my truck is still there.

M-You have a truck?

C-Yup my pride and joy.

M-Oh that's good! Hey were u able to find my friend.

Bessie and I had to look down at our toes.


C-We went there, we found a blue car that was abandon and the store only had its employees in it.

Were they alive?


Oh my gosh my roommate.

Im so sorry.

It'll be okay the car was abandon right? There is a chance that she might still be alive right?

There could be?

I could see the pain and hurt in Morgans eyes. Bessie went to check on everything to make sure that there were no cannibals around the house. She came back having spotted nothing. I was still wondering where the cry came from. Morgan said that breakfast was ready. Eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, and toast. "We need to finish up all the perishables before it goes bad." We all dug in. We spent about three more hours trying to occupy ourselves but ended up playing video games while Morgan was knitting. We spent the rest of our day that way sometimes breaking to watch a movie or to cook. We all elected to sleep in one room again. It was errie quiet but we managed to sleep.


It was no different but we did notice we attracted more cannibals, how were not sure, we did our best to stay quiet but some how they had ended up at our door. Bessie and I went out the back and killed all of the cannibals. I was starting to feel numb about killing them, but I didn't want to be somebody's dinner, Bessie had the same look I had. We turned around to head back into the house until Bessie said look. I turned around and saw what had attracted the cannibals. Some of Morgans curtains were to light and you could see Morgans shadow moving around inside. We went back inside and told Morgan what we had seen and she had gotten out darker curtains, but the down side it would always be dark. We put up the curtains and resumed our day. Nothing else happened for the rest of the day.


It was definitely darker on the inside our eyes were adjusting to it and it hurt to look out the windows. A few cannibals roaming the streets but nothing we couldn't handle. Our day was relatively the same, we had finished medal of honor and moved on to halo. Bessie was surprisingly good at it, but I on the other hand completely sucked. Morgan had finished her knitting and she started on a baby blanket. She wanted to keep the babys sex a surprise so she was making blankets in yellow and green, I'm guessing those were neutral colors? The same old same old was happening, breakfast scope out the neighbor hood make sure no cannibals were around, lunch, play video games, dinner chat a bit board games and bedtime.


Nothing was really happening we were still in our routine, but the helicopters had stopped flying over us and we heard more gunshots I was starting to think they were coming from the college. We all looked like we were about to lose our minds, so we all started reading a pregnancy book. I learned so much now we watched Morgan more intently. We tried to watch what she ate but there was not much use most of the fresh food we had wasn't going to last long but we knew what she couldn't eat. Other than that we did the same old. But that night I decided to check my messenger bag, it still held some aommo that needed to be added to the stash. But Morgan had convinced me that it was probably a good idea to have some stuff ready to go just in case we were attacked. As I was going through my bag I found a walkie talkie at the bottom. Whats that? Bessie asked.

It's a walkie talkie, but I'm not sure how it got there.

Maybe Larry had put it in there just in case.

Yea but why? A radio would probably be more help. Hey this is weird it's already on a channel.

Well turn it on see if it works.

(turns on radio) Hello? (Silence) Is anybody out there...

IT's about damn time! We've been trying to reach you! Whats your location?

What? Who is this?

Doc now can you answer my questions.

UH…. Were close to the college, whats going on?

No time is there anywhere we can meet?

I guess where we met you guys?

Good be there noon thirty tomorrow. OUT.

Wait! Hey Doc! (static)

Holy shit! Did you hear that?

Yea, what do you think that is about?

I have no idea but I guess were going to find out tomorrow.

M- Can you trust them?

Of course.

Be careful.

The rest of the night we formulated a plan just in case anything went south. We would get whatever medical supplies we had together, food, water, and weapons just in case. After were settled in bed, I couldn't help but be on high alert. I had a feeling something was going to happen, as much as I tried to calm down, but I couldn't. Well one sheep, two sheep, three sheep…


We turned on the tv, but there was nothing showing just reruns, no news and no information just a broadcast that said stay in your homes help is coming. Bessie and I loaded the truck making sure to try and cover all of our basis. So whats going to happen?

Morgan I have no clue but we shall see. Bessie said.

C-hey lets get ready to go, the faster we get this done the faster we get back to slouching around.

M-well you guys be careful and I'll see you when you get back.

Nodding we turned and left. We got to the meeting point about noon and waited there. Time was not our frined we watched the clock tick by. Tick, tick, tick. Gun shots brought us out of our musings, an engine being pushed, and footsteps echoed. We grabbed the shot guns, me the tactical shot gun, Bessie the Mossberg 500, with hand guns at our sides. Then we saw the suburban come into site with about 15 cannibals behind them. There were two guys hanging out the window shooting at the cannibals. About 50ft away the suburban came to a skretching hault. Doc got out and started firing at the cannibals, Vector, DOM, and tank joined him. We walked closer; I saw the blood on the back windows and the blood on vector and tank. We made quick work of the cannibals and dom went out to make sure that they were all dead. What Happened?

Rouke and Six were shot, they will live, but we couldn't find a place safe enough for them. We were leaving the city but we attracted a crowd, while under fire by other hired hands.

What the hell were you guys doing?

I can't tell you that, but please can you help us again?

Shit fuck sure Morgans not going to be happy. You can follow us.

We need to hurry that bullet needs to come out.

Lets go. We left with the guys following us. We turned on the street to Morgans but instantly knew something was wrong, her door was wide open. We pulled up in front and ran inside with guns drawn. Morgan!

SHHHH! Damn it there might be a cannibal in here!

The guys came in behind us. " whats going?

Our frined is missing. They nodded and helped us look around the house, we didn't find any sign of Morgan. They brought in rouke and Six and placed them in the living room. Doc went to work on them. In the kitchen we found a note: If you want your friend back come to the college and wear something sexy. Love R.

Shit! The bastard took Morgan!

The guys looked up at us and saw Bessie and I pacing around the kitchen. Vector asked us what had us so worked up?

Morgan! The pregnant woman letting us stay with her has been kidnapped by this creepy Rambo looking guy.

V-Holy shit Doc! That guy is still alive!

I'll deal with him, but right now I need help with these wounds. And Vector I'm going to need some blood, Rouke has lost a lot and six' wound the bullet went straight through I need bandages.

I wanted so much to question Doc, but it looked like he was busy so I kept my mouth shut and tried to help in any way I could. Bessie kept looking at the note. How did he know where we were?

Probably all the cannibals we kept attracting, but if he knew we were here why didn't he come earlier?

I don't know?

Doc broke our train of thoughts. So this Rambo guy have you seen him?

We told Doc about what happen at the field and he looked over the message before he finally told us that what we were about to hear cannot be repeated. We agreed and Doc filled us in about everything. Turns out the guys were hired security contractors and Rambo was one as well, but more like a lone guy who was completely twisted and like to rescue damsels in distress for the rewards. The reason they were sent there was to protect certain company secrets, they weren't the only ones sent in, and it had gotten a little chaotic when another company wanted the secrets the guys went in to get. There ride out had been shot down, and six and Rouke were shot by Rambo, and they had no idea where he was hiding out, he had a bullet in him as well. But one thing that still got to me was how he knew? I spotted the radio, turned it on. "Are you there?"(Silence) Hello….

Bout time, I was starting to get worried. Get my message? Your friend isn't really my style, but it seems it's the only way to get you out.

Where are you?

The college. I promise your friend is not hurt. I'll be waiting…

(Silence) We need to get her.

D-We'll help, but he'll be probably be watching.

B- This SOB is going to die one way or another.

C- Damn right, I've got a plan, Listen up….