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Disclaimer: I do not own the Reba cast or any of the story characters that do not appear in Reba they are my characters. This is all a work of fiction they are not based on real people or events

these are are from hearing stuff from conversations or thinking of it and writing them down. For facts I do research and look things up. this is all fiction.

Setting: 2001


Brock and Reba Hart-43 and 41-




Barbra Jean-31

Benjamin -42


Rob and Katie - 40

Brandon and Abby-5

Brock and Reba are still married. They are starting to have some problems and BJ is one of them.


Brock sat outside in the yard. He was debating to go inside. He and his wife of twenty years had a fight. He was upset about the bombshell his mother dropped on him. He had been wrong and took it out on his wife. She had told him not to come back. Had she meant it? He took a deep breath and walked in the back door. He walked through the kitchen. He went upstairs to the bedroom he shared with his wife. She was in bed.

"Hi Red," Brock told her

Reba smiled she flew out of bed and ran into his open arms.

They just stood there holding each other for what seemed like hours.

"I'm so sorry Brock please don't leave you can leave the toaster wherever you like as long as you just hold me like this forever."

"Oh Reba it's my fault I promise I'll put the toaster away every day. I'm not going anywhere I'll never let go I Love You!"

"I love you too!"

Reba grabbed Brock by the shirt collar and pulled him into a passionate kiss. When they broke apart both of them had one thing on their minds. They hadn't kissed like that in a while , they wanted to make up for lost time.

"Reba, Want to shower with me?" "Brock asked

Reba smiled and followed him.

Brock and Reba were in bed after they showered.

"Brock I don't want that Barbra Jean to work for you" Reba told him she knew what the young girl who she thought was a tramp was doing she was trying to steal her husband.

" I don't want her to either. Gene told me she has three kids in foster care she gets pregnant traps men and claims it is their baby when they find out she lied they leave her and the child goes into foster care and becomes a ward of the state. Reba that kid is not mine I would never do that to you. I love you. I sat outside all day thinking. I don't want to fight with you"

"I don't want to fight. How does Eugene know?"

"She did it to him and his wife about a year ago BJ is 30 she told me today that we had a passionate night. I told her she is a liar. Gene called her on it as well she did the same to him. She has I think three boys Gene told her they were finished. He isn't sure if she had the baby of if she lied."

Reba shook her head. "Brock did you talk to your mother she said it was very important"

"I did she is never allowed to step foot in this home again as far as I'm concerned she is dead. Before I tell, you I have to talk to my dad get some facts. Jake hates her as for Kyra and Cheye I don't know. Reba that women is a tail barrier and she is a horrible person"

"Brock I know. What did she tell you?"

"Reba I'm sorry I truly am but I have to get facts before I tell you and the kids I hope you understand"

"I do just promise you will never leave me"

"I will never leave you"

The next morning Reba awoke to hear the shower running.

"Brock are you getting ready for work?"


"Brock, how would you feel if I went into selling real estate?"

"You always wanted to do that" Brock said from the shower

Reba nodded

"Who was on the phone?" Brock asked stepping out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist

"Liz she told me everything"

Brock swallowed "Can you see why I need to talk to my dad?"

"Brock are okay?"

"Yes I called BJ and told her not to come in. I basically fired her."

"Okay, I will be at the office later on"

Brock nodded as Reba got in the shower

"Brock I picked out a tie"

Brock smiled and went to the dresser in the closet to get dressed he put on some underwear and a pair of dress pants and a short sleeved dress shirt he looked at the tie he smiled and looked at it he sat on his bed to put his shoes on


"Yeah" He replied as he did up his tie

"I love the Texas Longhorns tie" he told her as it had longhorns logo all over it.

"I know it is my fave"

"Reba if what my mom said is true would you leave Texas?"

"Yes Brock I go where you go"

Brock smiled he loved his wife. He finished up he made sure his tie was on straight.

He got his jacket and left.

Brock got to his office and walked in. He looked in the logbook he had one new client Ben Wakefield he never heard of him before he shrugged and went to his office.

Brock heard his door open he walked out to see a guy with a little boy

"Hi are you Dr. Hart?"

"I am you must be Ben"

"Yes this is my son Joshua. I went to doctor Fisher he said he doesn't deal with kids like Josh"

"I have CP" Josh told Brock

Brock smiled at him. "Yeah I can look at his teeth"

"He may need me"

Brock nodded his mind wasn't thinking straight was his mom telling the truth or was this another one of her sick jokes.

"Mr. Dentist?" Josh said

"Huh oh I'm sorry I have a lot on my mind. How can I help you Josh?"

"Can I have a sticker?"

"How about I take a look at your teeth?"

Josh nodded

"If you need a friend to talk to I will be there for you."

Brock smiled at Ben. "T hanks I may take you up on that"

Brock led Ben and Josh into the exam room.

Brock checked out Josh's teeth.

"Well Josh you have perfect teeth" Brock told him as he walked out of the office to see Reba he walked over and kissed her

"Is she your wife?" Josh asked as he picked out some stickers

He heard Ben tell him to mind his manners.

"Yes she is my wife," Brock said kissing Reba

"Your dad went to talk to her. He will meet you here at noon. "

Brock nodded

His cell phone rang he looked at the number and turned it off he wasn't about to talk to Liz Hart.

Reba looked at Brock as he went to his office. Ben said good-bye to Reba he and Josh left.

Reba looked at the registry Brock had no clients today. She started to clean the office.

Right on, the dot John D Hart walked in he was a tall man like Brock with Brown hair and blue eyes. He walked in and gave Reba a kiss on the cheek. From the look on his face Reba knew it wasn't good. She watched as he took a deep breath and walked into his office she heard the words, "Brock we need to talk" she closed her eyes and prayed what John had to say wouldn't ruin their relationship. John was the only father he had ever known.

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