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Disclaimer: I do not own the Reba cast or any of the story characters that do not appear in Reba they are my characters. This is all a work of fiction they are not based on real people or events

these are are from hearing stuff from conversations or thinking of it and writing them down. For facts I do research and look things up. this is all fiction.

Reba walked into the office

John was sitting on the chair. Brock was on the couch.

Reba sat beside Brock.

" Brock I first want to tell you I love you. "

Brock nodded Reba took his hand

Brock looked at his dad he gulped "You aren't my real father are you?"

John shook his head he could feel tears coming down his face.

"Brock I don't care what these papers say your my son your my little blond haired blue eyed son."

"Dad I know. Did you know?"

"Brock I found out today after I saw Liz." John said sitting back on the chair. He put the files on the coffee table.

Reba picked them up

"Alexander Jedediah Wakefield born to Gordon Jedediah and Bethany Amelia proud older brothers Ben and Jeb." Brock froze and looked at Reba

" I met my real brother today he came in with his son Josh" Brock said

"What are the odds in that?" John said

Brock looked at him he was the only father he had ever known.

"Dad no matter what happens your still my father. My real father will have to except that. Dad please don't leave I love you the kids love you." Brock told him

"Brock I would never walk out willingly. Liz made me leave. Brock I left knowing you would come looking for me. You did... She told me she was pregnant I came home nine months later to find Liz had you she had named you Brock Enroll. I wanted to name you Brock John so I could call you BJ after my father Brock you never listened to her. It was funny as a baby you would cry and cry when she held you. She would give you to me and you would calm down. Brock I don't want to lose you son"

Brock stood as John stood Brock walked over to his father and hugged him. There were no words needed. Brock was John Daniel Hart's son nothing would change that not even his real father.

Reba smiled. She knew both men well she knew deep down they were hurting.

"Dad you're the only father I have ever known. Nothing will change." Brock told him

John held onto Brock tightly. Both men needed each other they let go

"Dad I'm going to go by Brock John. Just don't call me BJ"

"you got it son now how about we go out for lunch?"

Brock smiled and looked back at Reba

"Brock are you okay?"

"Reba as long as I have you my dad and the kids I'm okay."

Reba nodded she had a feeling later on he would break down. When he did she would be there.

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