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James was lying on the sofa, Sirius was rummaging through the fridge, and Lily was sitting cross-legged on the carpet with baby Harry. Remus and Peter had gone to the shop down the road to get some supplies for the all-nighter the Marauders were about to pull.

"Aren't you a handsome boy?" Lily crooned as Harry gurgled happily.

"You're only saying that 'cause he looks so much like me," James said, winking at his wife. She grinned.

"Daddy needs to shrink his head again," Lily told Harry. "Yes, he does!"

"Now," Sirius' muffled voice said from inside the fridge, "where did I put that Anti-Big-Head potion?"

"Ha, ha," James said dryly and Lily snorted. "I get it."

"Ah, ga!" Harry suddenly announced.

"Is that right, son?" James asked.

"Mmm," Harry said absentmindedly, slapping his hand on the carpet a few times. Lily giggled.

"Clever boy," she said proudly, gazing at her little boy.

"Ma-da," he said excitedly.

"Really?" Sirius mumbled as he pulled a beer out from the very back of the fridge.

"Ma-da!" Harry insisted.

Lily looked at James curiously, her green eyes sparkling joyfully. "Do you think he's saying 'ma', 'da', like Ma and Da?"

"Like, you and me?" James asked, sitting up with excitement.

"Ma-da?" Lily asked her son.

He gurgled joyfully before agreeing, "Ma-da!"

"He could be trying to say "marauder", you know," Sirius commented from his spot on the arm chair beside the sofa.

"Marauder?" James asked.

"Ma-da," Harry said slowly, gazing at his father with big, green eyes.

James grinned. "Marauder," he said again.

"Ma-da!" Harry said, bouncing with excitement.

Sirius and James laughed. Lily sighed. "What is it, love?" James asked.

"I just..." She gazed at her son, who was once again slapping the carpet, "I hoped that his first word would be for both of us..."

"Hey," he said softly, getting off the sofa and kneeling beside her, "you were always part of the Marauder crew."

She turned to Sirius for confirmation. When he nodded, she grinned and kissed James.

"Ugh," Sirius commented before taking another gulp of beer.

"Ma-da," Harry said quietly. Lily and James looked at him to see his big, green eyes filling with tears.

"Oh, sweetheart," Lily said softly, picking him up and holding him close as he started crying quietly, "it's alright. Mama's here, my love. I'm right here. I've got you."

Little did they know that a month or so later, the Dark Lord would make little Harry's prediction come true.