(Inspiration for this one came from the song "Fallin' For You" by Colbie Caillat. :) Enjoy!)

Fallin' for You

There were some Asgardian celebrations that required dancing. Royal ones required the proper sort. Sif was not a bad dancer as it was similar in some ways to fighting. Yet fighting was an activity she had grown accustom to, while dancing was not. She stood on the side lines as the other ladies of the court danced with various partners. Sif did not mind sitting this activity out. She glanced over at the musicians as they played a song in three-quarter time. Suddenly she felt someone grab her hand and pull her towards them onto the dance floor. She would have stooped to grab the knife she had hidden in her dress yet she luckily thought otherwise before running her assailant through.

"Wouldn't want you to miss out on all the fun, mi'lady."

"What are you doing?" Sif whispered back.

He grinned, "I believe we are dancing."

Sif glared, "Fandral…"

She was feeling nervous and uncertain of herself as she followed the steps and began to dance with him. Sif could feel everyone's eyes on her. Normally that wouldn't bother her too much yet under these circumstances it made her uneasy. Sif, of course, couldn't help but try to control the situation. This seemed to cause a bit of chaos.

"Mi'lady, stop trying to lead and trust me." Fandral whispered to her.

"It is not that simple!" She hissed back.

"Sif." Fandral said firmly, gaining her eye contact that had previously been wandering to her feet and the other dancers around them. "Trust me." Her hazel eyes gazed into his blue ones, her defiance melting.

"I will not let you fail."

She tested his words, trying to read him. Sif knew his words to be true as she could plainly see the resolve in his eyes and hear it in his encouraging voice. She raised her chin slightly and nodded once in reply.

He smiled at her and took the lead, "Now focus on me…since when did you care what all of Asgard thought anyway?"

Sif's eyes stayed on his as she relaxed and let him lead. "I suppose you are right."

"All they can see is what I see before me, which is a beautiful shield maiden of Asgard." Fandral replied in earnest.

Sif swallowed and dropped her gaze slightly as a slight redness came to her cheeks. She looked back up at him and smirked, a playful light in her eyes, "Oh shut up."

Fandral chucked lightly and grinned.