Hey it's Kazama the Shell Bullet here again. This will be first new chapter for the second Installment to Yoko Minamoto's story in Mass Effect. If you haven't read the Mass Effect: Genesis you will be confused on what's going. It leaves off at the end of the story and starts here. It's the two year gap before Shepard was revived by Cerberus. Everyone usually just skips up to where Shepard wakes up and I didn't feel like doing such a thing. It cheated the readers out on a good story and some crucial facts on why Cerberus attacked the Migrant Fleet. That and among many other things it will mostly be AU story between 2183 and 2185. I really want a Beta reader and I have asked for multiple people to help me. So please bear with me and my stupid grammar. It was always my worst subject in school. The poll I created before this one was ineffective. I would like to see your thoughts' on Shepard's fate. I honestly need some reviews' to tell me what Yoko should do about Shepard's predicament. Because I didn't want her to sound too overpowered in the story and god like. Well that's out the way, I hope you enjoy my second Installment of my story.

"Well what I'm going to tell you may be hard to listen too. You make think that the end of this chapter like some sort of Revelations, but this is more of a Genesis chapter. So listen to my story and I will tell you why this Antiquated Relic can tell you a story." she told them as she took the helmet from Hannah's arms.

Three days earlier…

Hyaku Shiki was flying through space in the Omega system as Yoko piloted her ship. She made sure to wear her white samurai like armor just in case something happened. She was connected to a secure comm. channel to Alliance command to talk to Admiral Hackett. She looked up to see the man's face on the screen now.

"Admiral Hackett, I'm in the above the planet Alchera and I'm near where the beacon was launched by the Normandy. Soon as I locate the ship I will salvage it to prevent people from stealing Alliance secrets'." she told him as he nodded.

"Good idea Dr. Minamoto and thank you for heading out there. We officially wanted to go out there ourselves, but the council prevented us from going out there. Due to the fact a war ship entering the Terminus system will cause a lot of problems for the council. But your company goes into the Terminus to deliver supplies' to the colonies' in the area. So it won't be too suspicious to see a Nexus Corporation ship in the area." the admiral told her as she nodded.

"I also picked up the monument from Arcturus Station before coming here. I will plant it in an appropriate spot when I get down there. Yoko told him as he nodded.

"Of course Dr. Minamoto, we also want you to look for any remains' or dog tags' in the area as well. It can help bring some closure to the family if they have something that belonged to them." he told her as she nodded.

"Understood, I will have a report as soon as I finish up on Alchera. A salvage team has already been dispatched. I will be finished up here before they even get on the site." Yoko told them as he nodded.

"I will wait anxiously for your report then. This is Admiral Hackett out." he told her as the connection was cut. Yoko looked over to see Hope was humming to herself on her hologram tank. There was a beeping sound going off as Hope stopped humming to herself. She turned to Yoko as map popped in front of her.

"We are near the Normandy's crash site Yoko. I advised you to take a shuttle down instead of the ship. I will place the statue inside the shuttle for so you can easily plant using the transport drone." she told her as she nodded getting up.

"Thank you Hope and I will take up on your advice. So please keep the stealth system engaged and an active comm. channel running." she told her as Hope nodded.

"Aye-aye ma'am, I will watch the ship when you're on planet side." she told her as Yoko was going to the cargo bay to go down on the planet via shuttle.

It took a good twenty minutes to fly from the ship to the crash site using the shuttle. Yoko landed the shuttle on the planet's surface she got up from her seat and walked out the shuttle. The door closed after her as she looked around. It was snowing on planet's surface and she stepped forward only to walk on ice. Yoko turned on her scanner before she started to trudge through the snow. She activated a drone to help her in the search for the dog tags'. A drone flew off the top of the shuttle. It flew off into the wreckage inside the crater .As Yoko noticed wreckage of the Normandy were scattered around the crash site.

"My goodness, this is a damn massacre, the CIC is on the far of this crater." Yoko muttered as her drones scans were picking up something already. Traces of element zero were in containers around the crash site. She programmed the drone to collect them too as she looked around. Her scanner picked up foot prints' in the snow as she saw numerous tracks that circled the site all around.

"Someone was already here before me…" Yoko thought as the scans picked up multiple things'.

"I'm looking at the scans' to see a Turian foot prints' stood here along with a human as well. I'm also detecting faint traces of Batarian, Turian, and human DNA in the foot print. The skin flakes in the area suggest a Terminus Gang…" Hope told her as Yoko closed her eyes.

"The Blue suns were here before me…" Yoko muttered as she opened her eyes. "Hope hack into any system out there and give me a report on their activities'." she told her.

"I'm already looking into the Blue Suns profile. It will take some time to find some information about their activities." Hope told her as Yoko moved out. She activated the mass effect that carried the monument. She tapped into her Omni-tool to let the statue plant down were the head of the heart of the ship was located. She checked her tact-pad to see twenty one people died during the attack. She checked the Normandy's blue print to see the black box was stored near the front of the ship. She saw the lift was done placing the statue down as she threw down a beacon and activated it. She programmed it to head back to the shuttle as she moved forward to search for the lost.

She walked among the wreckage of the ship as she used her scanner to find the dog tags hidden by the snow. Meanwhile her drone was picking up element zero and the other dog tags in the area. She stopped in the middle of the crater as she shook her head as she smiled.

"How the hell did this thing stay intact?" Yoko wondered as she looked at the Mako itself. She moved around opening the side hatch. She looked inside and she saw the equipment was fine. Yoko got into the driver's seat as she turned it on. She drove it out of the ice as she moved around checking its performance. She stopped the tank and got out to resume her search.

"When I proposed the design of the Mako, I didn't expect that it could drop from orbit intact. I should make note of that in my report to Admiral Hackett, but enough playing around. I have a job to do." she murmured as she walked up the hill to see the CIC was destroyed.

"From what Jeff has told me he died around the front of the ship. So I should be close to his body if anything remains."

She looked around the CIC that was partially intact as she looked to see she a functional data pad. As Yoko wiped it off to look it was Charles Pressly personal data pad along with his dog tag. She looked at the first entry on it.

"I spoke with the commander about this, but I don't want these damn aliens aboard the Alliances most advanced warship. I just don't trust them…" Yoko looked further past the corrupted data on it. "That damned Asari and a Quarian! What does Shepard think this is a Zoo!" as Yoko looked at entry number 2.

"With the Quarian, It seems she's on some pilgrimage, trying to improve the lot of their home ship. I could understand that…" as she looked past more corrupt data. "Baby sit my children or anything, but if she has to be on board. I suppose that's not bad, I suppose that's not bad." it said as Yoko looked at the last entry.

"For a while I have been looking at past entries in this journal." it said as more data was corrupted. "I was so blind at the time. I came on this ship firmly believing humanity was on its own in the galaxy. Shepard brought all these Aliens on board, and there is no way we could have accomplished what we did without them. I am proud to say I would die for any member of this crew, regardless of what world they were born on." as Yoko smiled to see the man turned around on his belief. A side pocked in the skirt armor opened up as Yoko inserted the data pad.

She walked past more wreckage as she saw the escape pod that hit the planet. She walked over to see her scanner go off picking up on Shepard's DNA as Yoko ran forward to the ridge around the crater. It was Shepard's helmet sitting there as she got on one knee. She prayed silently for him before she picked up the helmet to inspect it. It was mostly intact, with only a few scorch marks on the helmet as she looked around to see there were no body parts.

"Hope, I found Shepard's helmet mostly intact yet…" Yoko murmured.

"I noticed that the scans you collected around the area should have given at least his body. Even I know that if there is intact armor lying around in the crash site. There would be bits of his body everywhere or even some intact parts limbs. The planet is so cold that when he entered atmosphere burning up. He would be frozen way before the impact and shatter upon impact. Yet the ceramic armor held in place possibly due to his shield system that was still online. Yet someone collected his remains' before you got here. This seems almost too planned out." Hope murmured as Yoko saw a drone flying around her holding the crews' dog tags. She reached out for them and placed them into the helmet as she collected all twenty of them. Yoko needed to do one more thing before leaving.

"I need to recover the black box still." Yoko murmured as she walked back to her shuttle. She saw the cockpit section was near her landing zone. She walked into past the former bridge as she saw Jeff's old pilot seat. She ripped the panel off under his seat as she saw the black box. She plugged her tact-pad into to retrieve the data and then unplugged it. She brought up the information to see what happened. She saw an image of a weird ship that hit them with a beam. It was too organic to be some regular ship, but it fired beams like a reaper.

"The long range scanner picked up unidentified vessel that looked like a cruiser with an unknown signal. It changed course to intercept the Normandy's position. It seems to me that Sovereign's little friends are behind it and Harbinger has dealt with Shepard first. Beams and an unknown alien ship we haven't seen before." Hope told her as Yoko walked back to the shuttle as she prepared to leave.

"Hope, it seems like another Reaper is on the scene now. The blue suns only want to make money or they want something for this." she told her as she was in her shuttle as it took off now.

"That's a long stretch Yoko, but Legion said something about Collectors'. They said they were taking an interest in humanity and they are rumored not to exist. Yet somehow every couple of centuries' they show up. Yoko I have a bad feeling about this…" she told as she Yoko lined up the shuttle to dock.

"I know something bad is going to happen soon Hope. I will not say anything until I have proof first. I don't want wild theories' to ruin my reputation." she told her as she walked to the elevator. She headed back up to the CIC as she walked up to the seat. She took off her helmet as she sat down.

"Hope you know the drill…" she told her as she saw her nod.

"The recovery team made it to the system to pick up the Normandy. I'm patching you through with the Admiral himself." Hope stated as her avatar disappeared she saw a hologram of Admiral Hackett again as she frowned. She held gripped the dog tags' and Shepard's helmet.

"Admiral I was on the surface of the planet myself it was bad." she murmured as he looked sadden.

"So you found them all and even Shepard?" Steven asked her as she nodded.

"Not quite the crew members' bodies were vaporized in when they hit the atmosphere. Yet Shepard's body was broken and burned up. He should have been bits of meat fused with his ceramic armor, yet someone beat me to the site." she told him as he looked confused.

"Are you saying that someone took what's left of his body?" Hackett asked her in disbelieve as she nodded.

"I suspect the blue suns managed to retrieve his body before me. Three traces of DNA particles consisting of Human, Batarian, and Turian were there on the scene. Along with the foot traffic to prove that they were there here before my arrival." she told him as he shook his head.

"Good work Dr. Minamoto and thank you for bringing some closure. I don't want people to know about his body being taken." he told her as she nodded.

"I don't know what trouble it could bring if we tell everyone on my findings on Alchera. So I will keep quiet until I have some actual proof next time. So when is the funeral?" Yoko asked him.

"Three days from now there will be one on Elysium in Shepard's memory. You are allowed to tell them the facts in this case, but nothing more. This Admiral Hackett out." he told her as the comm. channel went out.

Flashback ended

Two days later after the funeral as Hyaku Shiki secretly docked into Omega.

Yoko wore the armor she wore the other day as she placed a metallic cloak over the white armor. It was to cover up any identifying features of her armor. The hood hid the face mask really well, but the glowing yellow eyes looked menacing.

"So Hope I'm going to hit a major Blue suns base on Omega. What do you think I should carry?" Yoko asked her A.I. friend as she popped up right beside her on the console.

"Something a little low key and you should carry beam weapons'. I suggest Midnight SMG, DMR, Eagle eye pistol, and the Hyper Bazooka. The hyper bazooka needs to be tested still, so it will be a great trial run for it. It holds eight shot and it has a slow fire rate, yet it packs a heavily armored targets. Bring your shield along to carry an extra magazine for the bazooka." she told her as Yoko armed herself properly.

"I will be back Hope and make sure to cut of communications' for the Blue suns'. I don't want everyone to know I'm waltzing into their place. Yoko inserted two extendable swords into her armor as she moved forward to the elevator.

"Yes ma'am." Hope told her as Yoko was getting ready to assault this base. She checked her data on this base and it was in. It was stationed in the Gozu district and it was low key. It was easy to spot seeing their symbols on the walls. She walked the street with ease as she walked into the district to see the familiar blue armor walking around.

"Hey you!" a Batarian shouted as Yoko turned to them to see they were walking up with guns pointed at her. It was only five Batarians' standing in front of her.

"In order to walk around this district you have to pay up. So you came here to pay us before we start to hunt you down. That's really smart." he told Yoko.

"Yeah, I got what you need." she said as she reached for extendable blade and SMG. She pulled her sword as she cut off his head as she unloaded her SMG point blank into them. She moved towards the door as one dove for cover. She raised her hand up as bright blue aura covered her as he was caught in a stasis. She walked up to him as she unloaded the rest of her clip into his head. The stasis broke as he fell to the ground, she reloaded her gun. She flicked the blood of her sword as she walked towards the door.

"Thank god, Hope told me to bring my Midnight SMG; it has a silencer on the gun." Yoko muttered. She placed her sword up with her SMG. Yoko pulled out explosives' for the door. She placed them on the door properly. She pulled out her DMR as she walked back away from the door.

She tapped her tact-pad as she looked at the door.


As she activated a Hologram as it ran forward inside the room as people they fired at it. A loud noise went off as she smiled.

Everything slowed down as she rushed in as the three Turian's sat there dazed as she placed a shot into each of their foreheads. She looked over to see four Batarians as she shot them each in the eye. She pointed her gun under her arm as she fired behind her to see a person holding a shotgun. She waved her hand creating a shock wave knocking four more people taking cover using a table. They staggered back as she placed bullet in each of their foreheads'.

As time resumed as she checked how much ammo in her gun to see three shots left. She walked down the hallway slowly

"I love that hologram with EMP burst it makes it much easier to get through the door." Yoko joked as she moved forward through hallway. She saw one running down the hall.

"We have a!" he shouted as she placed three bullets into the back of his head. He fell forward as she reloaded their gun as Yoko looked around.

"I guess explosions and gunfire is normal occurrence here…" she muttered as she walked past the body keeping up guard. She switched back to her SMG now as she slowly made her way to another door. She walked to the side of the door as she saw it opened to see a Turian come out.

"I wonder what that noise was coming from upstairs." he said as he felt a gun behind his head. He stopped dead in his tracks. "This better be some joke guys because it's not funny…" he muttered as he turned to see the glowing yellow eyes.

"I'm your own worst nightmare…" Yoko muttered as knocked away his guns' as he stood there in fear.

"Don't kill me please, I only join for money and protection." he said as Yoko sat there amused.

"Answer my question then if you want to live buddy. I'm looking for Commander Shepard's body and if you don't have the answer to my question. You know what's going to happen." she stated.

"You mean that guy that died in a ship attack… we handed his body off to his agent. Yet all of our men died during the hand off, from some crazy Asari chick and some Drell." he told her as Yoko showed him an image of Liara on her tact-pad.

"That's her, so your friends with her, I swear we didn't touch her!" he shouted.

"How did the deal play out?" Yoko asked him as he was thinking. "Shadow Broker was really pissed that the Asari took his body. He placed a hit on her..." he said as Yoko stabbed her sword through his stomach as she pulled it away.

"I thought we had a deal…" he gasped as she flicked the blood of her sword. "We did, but you couldn't give a full answer to that." She told them as she moved down past the open door. She walked over to see the place was warehouse and dock at the same time. They had so many crates in the room having drugs, weapons, and armor. She zoomed in to see some of the containers were C-Sec weapons.

"So that's what happened to the weapons C-sec ordered. I might as well get it back.

Yoko walked up behind the guard up top over seeing them. She snapped his neck with ease as he dropped to the ground. She looked over to see the last sniper as she placed a stasis on him. She ran over knocking him down as she covered his mouth. She broke his neck quietly as rolled to cover. A small camera on her shoulder popped up. She moved it around using her tact-pad as she saw them covering up the elevator. She looked to see it was going down, she flipped to her bazooka now.

"It sounds like another massacre is going to happen." she laughed.

"Something is up, I lost contact the men upstairs!" one man shouted as they rushed towards the elevator as a group of them were blown away by the blast as everyone scrambled wondering what to do. Seven more shots rain down on them as they saw explosion killing waves of them. The Batarian looked around to see his men slaughtered like nothing. He heard a thug behind him as she turned pointing his gun. He was split down the middle by Yoko's blade. He fell over screaming as Yoko stabbed her blade into his body. She reloaded her bazooka and placed it on her back. She saw a door from on the far side of the room. She tossed an arc grenade into them as it exploded their shields' went down. Their guns' were over heating as well as they looked up to see grenade dropped at their feet as it exploded.

Yoko walked up carrying her SMG as she walked inside the door. She saw that no one had survived the explosion. She stepped over their body as she saw a terminal with a server. She walked over to the terminal as Yoko connected to it with her tact-pad. She let Hope go into the system as she watched the door.

"Interesting little fact we just found out. This was their main warehouse and not their main base of operations on Omega. I managed to funnel the credits they earned for the past month. It a grand total of ten million credits. They even shake down the people in the district for protection money. They are really greedy bunch and it seems a lot of them are out doing some high risk jobs. I will send the information away to the people who need it badly." Hope told her as Yoko nodded.

"So can you tell me something about Shepard's body?" she asked Hope.

"Of course now on to business, it seems like they passed it off to Shadow Broker's enforcer named Tazzik. Majority of the credits we funneled came down from the deal. He took off with the body, but it seemed like there was a problem on Shadow Brokers end. It says Cerberus was also here on Omega killing their men. No… Liara was here just like he said early. She was looking for Shepard's body and they wanted to know why. Yet it seems like Liara retrieved his body for Cerberus. They also made a deal with the collectors…" Hope told her as the sound of gun fire going out through the district.

"Oh god, you caused a turf war Yoko don't you feel proud." Hope told her as she shrugged.

"Bring the ship around so I can pick up the guns and armor for C-Sec. I bet they really appreciate getting their stuff back."

"I'm bringing the ship around for pick up. You better brace yourself the blood pack is coming your way along with blue sun members." she told her as Yoko as she ran out to see Krogan storming the building with blue suns fighting it out now as Yoko sat there watching the fight. Hyaku Shiki flew into dock as it unloaded as storm of bullets killing the people on the top level.

"I think it's best to leave Omega now, I see that Eclipse want the warehouse too." Hope stated as Yoko ran over to the crane. The machine made a loud noise as it picked up one of the crates', she looked back to see the fight could be heard from even down here. Yoko saw demo charge drop from her ship as she walked over to arm it. She armed bomb as she noticed the timer was set up. She turned back to see all the crates were in the cargo bay now. She turned on her armors boosters' as she shot up into the cargo bay.

"Take us back to the Citadel, Hope." Yoko stated as the cargo bay closed it sped off the station as the Blue suns rushed into the warehouse as they no trace of their weapons and armor.

"Damn they took all the weapons and armor from the shipment we jacked!" Batarian shouted.

"Someone has been through our servers and stole every ounce of data. Along with our credits we got from the deal with Shepard's body." one stated.

"They didn't take the drugs' at all." a Turian told them as he heard a beeping sound. "Does anyone of you hear a ticking noise?" he asked as they looked around as the moved boxes of drugs out the way to see the bomb.

"Oh shit!" he shouted


As Yoko saw that dock was blown away as she smirked.

"We got a clean and full extraction Hope, not bad." Yoko muttered.

"Before I was cut off I was talking about the collectors'. They made a deal for technology to find out population numbers of our colony's and Earth itself."Hope told her as Yoko sat confused in her chair as Hyaku Shiki activated its slip space. She was now amused now at the situation, but first C-Sec needed their stuff back.

It took a day for her ship to get back to the Citadel. It was showing signs of it the rebuilding process still in progress. Hyaku Shiki docked; the cargo bay opened as C-Sec officers was there to inspect the cargo. Yoko sat down on the bench wearing her armor as she carried her pistol Eagle eye, SMG, and DMR. She saw Executor Pallin walked up to her as he turned to see them unload it.

"So you went to Omega and caused up some trouble there. Well they are criminals' and there are no laws there to break. The Blue Suns has been a thorn in our side for a quite a while." Pallin told her as Yoko handed him an 'OSD' card.

"I managed to download their files before blowing up the place. It details their crimes in Citadel Space along on how they are doing the crimes'. It even shows locations of several cells that are working on the Citadel." she told him as he looked at it the data on his Omni-tool. He tapped in several demands as several swat teams'.

"I have men in route to these locations as we speak. There are also profiles' inside the data to ensure we get the right man. Despite your background you know how to get the right without breaking the law." Pallin told her.

"There are things' I don't do Executor Pallin. Killing civilians' is one of them amongst many. So how is Garrus doing ever since the attack?" Yoko asked him as he seemed a bit saddened.

"I gave him leave to attend the funeral on Elysium, but he has slipped into his old tendencies. He can't stand all the red tape blocking C-Sec up. Then this thing about the Reapers' was covered up. He wanted to reapply for Spectre position, but many found he doesn't take orders' well. It seems like we are losing him due to politics'." Pallin told her as she shook her head.

"Apparently they don't what this out because it does look like a Nightmare. So they cut him right before the testing even went through." she told him.

"So did the commander suffer or it was painless?" Pallin asked her as they finished unloading the crates.

"That he died relatively painlessly considering he died before impact." Yoko told him solemnly as he shook his head.

"By the spirits' it sounds so tragic, even taking a bullet to the head it better than that." he muttered as he tapped Omni-tool as sent a 100, 000 credits to her.

"I know you don't need any charity money, but you did a good job getting our stuff. Along with the fact that the data you provided will save more lives today." he told her as Yoko got up.

"I see the bio-metrics machines I donated are here. But it's taking time to get everyone trained to know the system." she told him as they walked along.

"We had increasing number of humans' enlistment into C-Sec. Right now I can't afford to be picky; we need a lot of officers to fill in for that died during the attack. C-Sec also tightened security to reduce the possibility of Geth infiltration, instituting "no-fly" lists, barring weapons and bio-amps, and even barring individuals from traveling in certain circumstances, no matter how unlikely the suspect." Pallin stated.

"That seems quite extreme, but the Geth infiltrating the Citadel is ridiculous itself. To save some people from having headache's there should be a system to record everything about them. So if they bring such a like a ceremonial knife, they should check it in with C-Sec first. They would subjugate themselves to a search of their person in cargo. Even if they do pass, they would need their Omni-tool to be tracked at all times." she told him as he nodded.

"It sounds better than holding up the officers' time. I will check into that possibility after my teams come back." he told her as she walked off to air car. She needed to talk to her father about her findings still.

It took Yoko twenty minutes to get from the docks to the Presidium due to traffic. Yoko walked up the steps as she waved hello to the Asari secretary. She walked down the hall way as she walked into the Embassy to see her father sitting at attention talking to the council. He wore a blue tuxedo as he turned to his daughter. They saw her bow to them as she came back up.

"I'm sorry to intrude councilors'." she asked them.

"You didn't interrupt anything Spectre Minamoto. You actually came on time for this meeting; we were just about to call you in." Tevos explained.

"We would like to congratulate you on bringing back the weapons and armor C-Sec needed badly. Along with the fact that the teams sent had good raids and arrests. We can actually crack down on the criminals operating in the Citadel. The Intel you provided ensures that C-Sec can stop other criminals from coming in." Sparatus told her.

"We called the hearing about Shepard's death and your findings'." Valern told her as she looked to her father.

"I'm guessing that you did a little work on Omega after the search on Alchera." Isamu noted as she took of her helmet. She sat it down on the table as she looked back up. She sent the data to them by as their Omni-tools' glowed.

"My findings' on Alchera led me all the way to Omega Councilors'. As soon as the crash happened the Blue suns descended on the site. They taken what is left of the commanders' body and placed it in a faulty cryo-pod." she told them as they looked distraught.

"Did you recover his body?" Isamu asked his daughter as she shook her head. She sent more data to them.

"You see the Blue Suns made a deal with Shadow Broker for his body. Dr. Liara T'Soni was already on Omega hunting for his body, yet…" she told them.

"Cerberus, she gave the body to Cerberus." Sparatus muttered in disbelieve as the others' couldn't believe it.

"Correct, but it seems like that's not all to this story. Liara managed to deal some type of major blow to the Shadow Broker's operations'. So he is on the run scrambling on way to cover his tracks. She most likely has a hit on her and the Shadow Broker cut ties to provide information to Cerberus." Yoko stated.

"What do they plan to do to his body?" Tevos asked her as she shrugged.

"I don't know, but if I have to take a guess. They would want to reconstruct him and let him work for Cerberus. Though I doubt Shepard would work with the man at all after seeing a dead Admiral killed by their cell. They can place mind control chip in his head to control him." Yoko explained.

"This is just damn great… right before the damn funeral…" Isamu muttered.

"She thinks that Cerberus can revive the commander. Is that even possible?" Tevos explained.

"It's possible to do it, but mentally wise he will be screwed over. You can reconstruct a human being by using chemicals that simulate the body and synthetic implants. Though it will take billions to do it that way and the other way well it's just my theory." she told them.

"We will place a warrant out for Dr. T'Soni's arrest then. She has some explaining to do for pulling such a stunt." Sparatus told them.

"If we take her into custody she will be killed on the spot seeing the Shadow Broker Agents' will be there waiting for her." Tevos protested.

"She broke the law Councilor Tevos and despite her no criminal back ground. Working with terrorists is a punishable offense by death." Valern noted.

"I agree with the fact we can't let off after doing such a thing. She is a security risk now and we can't trust her. We can't let her go without doing some form of punishment." she told them.

"True, but this event took place in the Terminus systems were there is no law." Tevos told them as they nodded.

"True, but the rules state that working with them you will still be punished. You know this is fir the best and you need to strip away her credentials' at least. This is her first time breaking the law, but we need to know where Shepard's body is." Isamu noted as they all nodded.

"Liara T'Soni will no longer work in any government places or head to secure sites. We will have a team interrogate her with her dealing with Cerberus…" Tevos stated.

"We agree that anyone that made some type of deal with Cerberus. We will prosecute them no matter who they are. We stated from the beginning and it won't change for Dr. T'Soni. Dr. Minamoto, please make sure that your mother is okay first." Valern told her as pressed her radio. The line picked as gun shots was heard.

"I'm sorry that you had to hear that Yoko. I was having my seminar and Cerberus agents' showed up trying to kidnap me." Ayumi told them as Isamu looked even madder.

"Are you alright?" Isamu asked his wife.

"Of course silly, Padock suggested that I bring some guards with me. The security team neutralized all the hostiles'. I recovered some data off them stating they wanted me for human reconstruction project. It was about Commander Shepard and it seemed they were desperate to make a move here in front of crowds." she told them as they shook their heads'.

"That bastard had the audacity to come after my wife to help reconstruct the commander." Isamu muttered angrily.

"Well we have a dilemma now and we cannot get Shepard's body back…" Valern told them.

"We will wait for him to resurface then as soon as he shows up." Sparatus told them.

"Spectre Minamoto, I know you want to do the right thing to find his body. Yet we cannot send you chasing after a ghost…" Tevos explained.

"I understand, but what about his mother along with his friends'." she told them.

"They deserve a right to know what happened to him, but soon as you tell them. They cannot speak a word about this." Valern told them.

"We will have an assignment in the future for you to handle as well. The hearing is officially over and we let you have some time to yourself for his funeral." Tevos told her as the comm. link was cut as the father and daughter can only frown now as Isamu turned to his daughter. She was already leaving out the door now.

"I'm going to pick Kaa-san from her seminar personally." she told him as she stormed out the door.