It was one midsummer night…

A lone figure walk stumbly on her path. A song that being sang by her indicating she has been intoxicating with alcohol. The street by the housing district was quiet. The air were dry. Besides the woman footsteps, the sound of cicadas could be heard. The woman are in her mid 20 of age with nice body hug under her business suit. She flails her arm around as she tried to walk straight.

Sometime we can hear she's laughing but then it turn into a cry. Maybe a heavy problem in her life burden her heart.

"wwwwhhhyyy…you..stupid old man..hick!...I commit…whooolee life marrying you. You…you…hick!..hehehe" she hoist her hand in a punch.

She then stomp on her foot and land hard on the ground. "Ouch! Stupid rock! Stupid foot!"

"How dare you…you.. tyou married me. But you ran away with that woman! Sneaky man! I hope you could die a diarheaa…hick!"

Tears could be seen streaming down her cheek. She had been crying her heart out. She tried to get on her feet but her nausea take over her body and she sit again on the ground. Silently she cried looking up at the starry night sky.

On that peaceful night, nobody would anticipate incoming fierce wind. The figure shielding her eyes as dust and leaves blowing past her. Then suddenly a woman appear infront of her. Her look identical to herself.

"Huh? It seems I'm drunk beyond my imagination. I see myself" The drunkard think. But, the differences between both figure, blood and burn incise the others feature. Her dress had been torn apart. In her protective arms, under the safe small blanket, an innocence child sleep peacefully.


"Wha…how do you know my name?"standing up she shock as she hear her name been said by the figure.

"Help ."

"Wow..I think I drunk badly. I see myself with a child talking to I starting be crazy?"

"No!, Kuga-san. You're not. I need your help. Please." The figure plead helplessly.


The identical person hand Kuga-san a child in her arm. A lone tears escape her eyes. It's hard for her to let the child go. Kuga eyes widen as she realizes what she had to do.

"Wha..why are you giving me…."

"Please take my child. Give them love and raise them as your own. Please."

"Kuga-san. For helping me, I'll give you my mana. Therefore, promise me. You'll keep this encounter and about this child's true identity a secret."

"Mana?" Still confius by the event, Kuga tried to process all the information given to her.

"You will understand once you receive my mana."

The figure then raise her hand straight to the dark sky. A light appear on their ground and magic circle of unknown character surrounding them. She then recite the sacred rhyme. Sadly and yet lovingly, she cast her final gaze toward her child now been cradle in Kuga's arm. Kuga close her eyes as the light blinding her vision.

When the light finally disappear, the figure could not be seen any where.

Kuga gaze lovingly at the child in her arm.

"Don't worry, kid. From now own, I will risk my life for you. So, nobody will harm you. Natsuki"