Chapter 3: Summer Night's encounter

In the meantime…..

A roar of motorbike could be heard storming on the silent road by the hills. No other vehicle around at the moment. The rider speeding enjoying the ride in the moonlight. Cold air brushing past her. She increase her speed when suddenly the ground shake violently as if the earthquake occur. Out of the forest, black smoke gushed out. Natsuki press the break instantly manage tonstop her bike before the smoke. It has blocked the road ahead.

"What the….!? Fire?"

Natsuki look around shooking her head searching for fire that are the source of the smoke, but none can be seen. Without warning two red eyes glowing from inside the smoke. Something emerged and next things happen Natsuki been knocked out flying backward. Her bike on the ground, scratched. Natsuki shut eyes trying to ease the pain from the impact. Pains evidence on her abdomen and something wet could be felt on her shirt. Is she bleeding, no one can make sure. But she must have cuts somewhere on her abdomen. A deep cut as the pain searing throughout her body.

"urrggghhh…wh..wha..t was that…..?" Natsuki trying to open her left eyes, but blood been spurt from the cut on her forehead blocking her vision and it hard to see anything in the dark side of the road. But Natsuki had the feeling something is different. Her instinct urge her to defend herself, run or…try to survive. Or she will die…here.

She try to get on her feet, but the pain on her abdomen become much worse. Forcing herself she could only feel her right leg numb.

As if a tiger had cornered it's victim, as the two red eyes glitter in the dark, came out a huge size five feet figure. A monster!? Why there would be a monster!? It's not making any sense! I must be dreaming! But the pain… Natsuki wonder. But she doesn't have any choice then. Reality or dream, she had to fight. If she had to run, of course the monster are faster than her. She has to fight. My bike! Yes… retreat her bike and run as fast as she can. Her leg cracking asking for mercy. It felt oddly numb.

The monster growl, stepping in front of Natsuki. It eyes checking as if Natsuki is its food. Another blow can be expected. The monster whips its tail, but Natsuki manage to duck and evade it. She tried to run toward her bike, when suddenly, unknown blow hit her from behind. That blow sent Natsuki spread on the ground. Still, with her last effort, Natsuki tried to crawl toward her bike, hoping for an escape. Huge leg came stomping on her crashing her back, cracking sound could be heard in her ears. Maybe one or two of her ribs broken. The leg manage stopping her in place.

This is it…! Natsuki manage to think in her haze state. My ends…if this is nightmare, please wake me up…. Kaa-san….. her breath feel shallow, hazy eyes slowly to feel heavy until it completely shut. Natsuki fall into own her world of darkness oblivious to her surrounding.

The monster growl again opening her mouth to stare at its prey.


"Materialize!" A husky voice chant the powerful word sounded oddly hollow from the body.

Blue bright light emerge on the ground. The monster leg lifted and together with it, the monster was pulled back, defending itself.

The figure stand as if no pain and wound on her. Her eyes dilated as if she's being robotically controlled in her unconscious state. The blue light forming a circle under her feet and next a knight armor adorning her figure. The armor is silver in color with a fine blue shirt underneath.

Eh!? What happened to me!? What is this armor? Natsuki asking the confusing event in her mind, but she unable to control her body anymore. Her body seem to works on its own. Her eyes seen it all happening to herself as if watching it from a screen of television.

"sword!" monotonously hollow voice echo from her mouth. A sword appear in her right hand. As soon as her hand grip hard the sword, Natsuki leaping forward like a blazing thunder slashing the monster in half. It was a fast killed.

Standing, Natsuki turn toward the giant monster looking at the corpse disappeared like a dust into the cold night.

What has happen to me!? What is this? What with those monster? Still confuse of the event, Natsuki fall back into the darkness.

Unknown to her, not far, a lone figure standing in the dark forest witness the whole events smiling to herself..




"Natsuki!... Wake up, kid!"


"Natsuki…wake up..are you okay?"

"Mmmm….?" she tried open her eyes, but dizziness in her head force her to shut it back. "Kaa-san…?" as if knew the question in Natsuki's head, Saeko gaze lovingly at her daughter.

"Natsuki. You're in hospital. You have an accident last night. Police have found you during their round."

Accident!? The monster last night just my dream then…... But…. how come it feel so real?

"Kaa-san." She tried to crack her eyes slowly. "Last night..I…" unsure how to tell her mother about the event last night. Yes,maybe it just my dream. "Kaa-san, where's my bike?"

"Your bike! You have accident riding your bike dangerously..and all you could think is your bike!" her mother voice raise. "Ohh! Now I feel regret for buying you that bike."

"Kaa-san, I'm okay." Natsuki grasp her mothers hand reassuringly.

"You have to take a rest. I called your school so you don't have to go to school for today. Luckily there's no deep wound but a scratches on you."

"Wound!?" slowly Natsuki touch her abdomen. Neither the wound nor the pain could be felt. Owh..It really is just a dream. Natsuki wonder before sleepiness overtook her again.



Natsuki leaning against the tree. Her body still aches from the accident. Her mother had forbid her to touch her bike for the moment but she sneakily take her bike far from home before starting its engine. Today was just another typical day, where she spent her school hour lazily outside her should be classroom. She hate the school, all the student do was ogling and gawking at her. Murmurs could be heard. "Is he the one who sent that mighty Takeda from kendo club flying across the classroom?" "He's so cool!" "wow, my knight in shining armor"..that caught Natsuki's attention. She look toward the person. Her eyes widen threatening. "Hey-hey, he's looking at me intently." "Look at his body, his shoulder so broad, nice body, i feel want to hug him" "hey, did you look at his face? So handsome like a prince in fairy tale" "Why is he scowling?" "waah..creepy" "there he is..he's looking at you, go confess at him!".. everywhere she could heard the noise. Its annoying her. Her left eyebrow twitch trying to ignore all the comments.

Natsuki decided to just came into the class during homeroom to take attendance. Then, going out again and enjoying her view in the forest she'd found on her first day by herself. She had parked her bike on nearby tree.

Closing her eyes, she enjoying the smell of summer, the sound of birds and cicadas singing to the air. It's feel quiet. The summer that she like. Being the summer child. And then it become too quiet for Natsuki liking. She open her eyes and alert of her surrounding. The sound of birds and cicadas seems to stop. Standing up Natsuki looking at her surrounding. Eyes narrowing in alert. A shrill feeling could be sense at the back of her neck. Her instinct kicks in and as if on queue, she leap as if avoiding something from her place. Her action are not a mistake. Another figure emerge from the tree. Another monster. Natsuki's eyes widen, shocked by what prevail in front of her.

It's not a dream! Now I'm awake! It can't be possible a dream after all!. Then…

This time, she knew what she had to do. Inhale deeply, she decided bravely. there's no turning back after all. Extending her hand to her side…

"Materialize!". A magic blue circle emerge below her feet. This time she took her time to analyze the circle.

An armor materialize on her. She look down at her guarded hand. Amaze by it. The armor are very solid and shining with power.

"Sword!". She grip her sword. Although the size of the solid silver sword are huge but it didn't feel heavy. The monster began to attack leaping toward Natsuki with its claw and Natsuki evade each attack. She jump as if her she fly in the sky. It felt light despite the heavy looking armor. Jumping while evade the monster attack she extending left hand toward it and chant the word that first came to her mind.


Round of spiking ices shot from her hand. Glancing again at her right hand, eyes widening amazed. She neither felt cold by the ice nor there are any evidence that an ice had emerged from her hand. This all feel alien to her yet it all feel natural as if her mind and body knew all along what she had to do. The spike of ice stab the monster managed cast a wound to it. Standing bravely in front the monster, Natsuki lift her sword, leap forward and slash her final blow. The monster cut in half before it disappeared like a fireflies into the sky. Natsuki look up toward the sky above. Still trying to process all the event occurred to her. Trying to make it a sense.

A sound of twig being step, alarmed Natsuki and she turn around immediately in her guarding stand. Hand clutching hard on her sword. Her eyes narrowing dangerously. Another monster!?

But then, a human figure walk into light from the dark side of the tree. A smile adorning her face. Her eyes twinkle with mirth.

"I knew it…."

Next Chapter: The Schwartz

"Ara-ara. What do we have here?" Shizuru eyed Natsuki from head to toe. Her point finger put on her cheek in a thinking pose."Well, because once again, you have cause a fight, and this time it's in the canteen,I don't have a choice but to have you detention for this whole week." The said president smile at Natsuki but she know something evil are behind that smile. Natsuki gulp. God, Please kill me now.