To keep some of you filled, here is one my stories that was based from the polls. It is a short Naruto x Fairy Tail story, it is a small Harem too. Also I want to warn some of you here, this story takes place after the Tower Arc so don't ask why this or that character isn't here. I dropped the manga so I'm not up to date. I'm not a big fan of bashing as of late but this one might have some blue haired bashing, no not Juvia.

I do not own Naruto or Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia, a young blonde woman, a member of Fairy Tail and a Celestial Mage wandered the streets that were filled with crowds of people. The young blonde smiled, the town was having a local festival and after not having any missions with her team Lucy had decided to enjoy her time taking in the sights. Lucy had tried convincing her team to accompany her but they all had been busy. Gray had told her that it wasn't his style and that he needed to go somewhere but Lucy knew he was just putting up an excuse. Erza had to polish her armor, while the red head was actually interested in going she had told her that her armor and weapons were long overdue for a polish. Finally Natsu was the only one Lucy could count on to join her but to her surprise, the dragonslayer had been ill due to eating something strange. The blonde girl sighed, she had also invited other members of Fairy Tail but they were all unavailable.

Lucy would just have to enjoy the night by herself after all she didn't dress up for nothing. She wore a deep ocean blue colored yukata, she had trouble putting it on as she had tried very hard to hide her big breast but no matter what they just stood out. Luckily, Lucy was able to hide any cleavage but it still got the attention of many men. Lucy's hair was loosely wrapped in a bun, her hair was a bit messy, she had been in a hurry and her hair style paid the price for rushing. She smiled when she saw a newly opened bar filled with many cheerful folk having a good time. Lucy decided to try out the place just in case for future visits.

"Everyone here acts just like back at the guild" she said to herself, then she replayed all the times everyone started fighting after a short time of peace. Lucy sweat dropped and entered the bar, she hoped this wouldn't be the same case. When she stepped foot inside, Lucy could tell everybody was having a good time. "Just like Fairy Tail" she said as she smiled to herself. Lucy looked around the place and examined bar, on one side of the bar there were burly looking men talking about old stories. They drank mugs of alcohol and shared laughs with each other. Next to their table were a couple of younger looking group of people who were having some sort of contest to see who could drink the most liquor.

Lucy smiled and imagined Cana would have no problem fitting in. The blonde then turned to the other side and saw people playing in the pool table. She sweat dropped, they were literally playing on top of the table, two guys were goofing around as they danced and made fool of themselves. One even had removed all his clothing. "Just like Gray..." she frowned, it seemed she had entered another dimension where people acted exactly like her guild mates. Sighing to herself, Lucy decided that she should just leave and enjoy the rest of the night.

"Hey, you aren't leaving till ya had a drink, girly" The voice startled Lucy, she looked back at the woman over the bar counter. The blonde was intimidated by this woman. She had black curly hair and menacing dark brown eyes. Though somewhat short, apparently Lucy's size, she seemed very strong for an old woman. She seemed very scary with that scary grin of her face.

"Who-Who yo-you calling girly?" Lucy said back but failed to not stammer. Why did people always have to pick on her. The woman's smirk then turned to a glare, a very terrifying glared. "You kids these day have no manners!" the woman crossed her arms, "Come! Sit!" Lucy did not want to infuriate the woman any further so she followed and sat in front of the bar tender. "Here!" the woman said as she placed a large mug in front of Lucy. "Drink up! It's on the house"

"But I don't drink"

"I said... It's. On. The house." Lucy gulped and sweated bullets at the menacing woman behind the counter. On the inside Lucy was crying at her pathetic helpless situation. Why was she always the victim? "Hahaha... Obaa-san, go easy on her. She's just here to have fun"

Lucy looked to her side and saw a young man that seemed older by a few years. He had blond spiky hair and these glowing sapphire blue eyes that lit up. He smiled at the woman behind the counter who just sighed at him before looking back at Lucy. The bartender woman eyed her carefully before leaving to attend other guest. When she did leave, Lucy sighed and slumped in her seat before turning to her savior. "Thank you" she said but the blond man failed to react as he was minding his own business now.

"I'm sorry you say something?" the blond said as he looked up from his book he was reading. Lucy almost fell off her seat, it wasn't that loud and he was only two seats away from hers. She sweat dropped and smiled sheepishly at the blond.

"I said I'm thankful for getting her off my back"

When the blond smiled, Lucy couldn't help but notice the three lines on each cheek. They had a similar resemblance to whiskers. The blond male scratched his head and smiled the blonde girl, "No problem!" he said before pointing at the drink in front of Lucy, "But I do suggest you finish that drink, dattebayo"

Lucy raised an eyebrow, "Dattebayo?"

"If you don't she'll get even scarier that she was before" Lucy shuddered at the thought of the woman getting even more scarier than she was before, she did not want that to happen. Looking at the mug, she knew she could not drink this entire thing. The blond next to her sighed, he stood up from his seat and sat next to hers. He smiled when grabbed the mug by the handle before he said, "Well if you can't drink it, then I'll drink it for ya, dattebayo" There was that word again, was it his catch phrase or something? Lucy was blushing at the blond's offer, she just stared as he drank the whole thing in one go. When he finished the alcoholic beverage he gave a sour look.

"Bleh" he said

Shaking out of her daze, Lucy noticed this. "If you didn't like it then you shouldn't of drank it" The blond just shook his head and waved his hand at her. "It's fine" he placed his book on the counter before smiling and extending his hand to Lucy. "Naruto Uzumaki, nice to meet ya" Lucy stared at his hand like it was jewelry or a rare key, she then carefully shook his hand before smiling as well.

"Lucy Heartfilia"

The blonde girl noticed the small strange book the blond was reading, it didn't seem like she had ever read this one. "What book is that?" she pointed and asked. Naruto followed her gaze and realized she was talking about his precious book, one that he liked to read over and over again when he wanted to meditate or relief stress. "Oh this is a book my... Uhh Master wrote. It's kinda special to me since it's the only one in the world" Naruto grinned and blushed nervously, indeed the was special but it was also not for Lucy's eyes.

"Oh it must be really special if it's one of a kind, especially since your Master gave it to you!" Lucy's eyes started to get all glossy and dreamy. She leaned towards the blond in a small flirty way and batted her eyelashes at him. "Can I..." she pouted ever so slightly at Naruto, "Read it? Just a peak?"

"No way" Lucy fell from her seat before quickly standing up and glared at him, well to Naruto it didn't seem much of a glare.

"Why not?!" she argued, now she was getting interested in the book even more. Naruto couldn't help but stare at the blond girl in her yukata. She was really cute. "I'm sorry but this is a book for adults" he said with small smile, "You know... Pornography?" Lucy blushed furiously at his statement but did not allow her embarrassment to get the best of her, "I-I don't care, I'll still read it" Naruto shook his head, "No-Nope" he almost slurred and Lucy noticed. He was starting to get drunk. She mentally grinned as she had a plan to get that book.

After several minutes later, Lucy had bought Naruto over four of those large glass mugs in order to get him completely wasted so she could get a chance to read his book. Thankfully the blond had not noticed as they had talked and got to know each other better. Lucy had been intrigued by the blond's stories, it had almost seemed like he was from another world. When she had told him about herself she couldn't believe who much he was into her story, she giggled at his face when he found out she was a mage.

"Hey! Hey! You think you can do some magic?"

Lucy smiled at his child like behavior, "I'll only do it if you let me read that book?" Naruto looked back at his book with one eye half lid. He then looked back at Lucy and shook his head making the girl sigh. "I guess it was worth a try" she then looked around the bar and found it to be the wrong place to do magic, "I'm sorry I can't do it in front of civilians" after all she was one of the good Fairies.

Naruto pouted, "Aww, I really wanted to see some magic"

"You never seen magic before?" she asked and wondered where he was really from.

"No" Naruto shook his head. "Hey you know stuff about magic right?!" Naruto's eyes lid up, his drunken state being suddenly vanish for the moment. Lucy nodded slowly to see where he was going with this question. "Then teach me!" Lucy's eyes nearly popped out of their eye sockets, no one had ever asked her to mentor them in magic. She was still learning herself how would she ever teach someone who had no knowledge of magic?

"I-I don't think I can- I mean there's other great teachers out there, why not ask them?"

"Cause your the first one I've met that I actually like!" Lucy blushed at his words and the blond male had not noticed this. "Besides I only need to know the basics and how to fight it, dattebayo" Lucy raised a curious eyebrow, why would he want to fight magic? Well of course it was smart to know how to counter but only if you were in an actual fight. Lucy thought that Naruto wanted to learn magic so he could make his life easier and have fun.

"Why do you want to know that? I mean fight against magic that is?" Naruto scratched the back of his head before giving lucy a sheepish grin and replying to her. "It's a secret" he whispered with one finger on his lips in a shushing manner. "C'mon tell me!" Lucy whined and pouted like a child, she didn't usually act like this in front of strangers but flirting with him wasn't working. Little did she know that her little childish expression was enough for the blond male. Naruto's head swayed back and forth clearly the alcohol had already taken affect. If he were sober Naruto would question this as alcohol doesn't affect him but that was only because of the Nine tails and if Kurama wanted to he could let the alcohol's side effects take affect or even induce it.

"Hahaha don't tell anyone but..." Naruto looked around the bar to see if anyone was watching, he then motioned Lucy to lean her ear closer. Naruto grinned before whispering in her ear. "I'm going to destroy Fairy Tail" Lucy's heart nearly stopped at that moment, had she heard correct? He had said that he wanted to destroy Fairy Tail! Her home, her family and friends, that's what he wanted to do. Lucy didn't know what to say. She just stared at him wide eyed, he had said it like nothing and with a smile.

"Wh-What?!" she said in a low whisper enough for Naruto to catch it.

"I said that I'm going to destroy Fairy tail" He repeated this time normally.

Lucy couldn't believe it, this guy who she actually thought was really cute, was going to go against her guild and destroy it. Staring at him she felt like he could attack her at any given moment, Lucy hid her right hand which had her mark of that of a Fairy Tail member from the blond's sights. Lucy's heart was racing, was he an assassin? He had talk about his life about how he took jobs for doing as some sort of mercenary. Maybe someone had payed him to kill her off first? So many thoughts were running through her her head she didn't know what to do.

"Eh? Lucy? You there?" Naruto said as he flick his fingers in front of her face. "Is there something wrong with your hand?" he could tell that something was up as she was hiding her hand from him. Was she in pain he thought to himself but his mind wasn't thinking straight so he didn't think more of it. Just using his head was starting to hurt his head even more. "Ugh" he said as he held his head in pain, "Hey, can yo-you take me to m-my room?" the blond asked as he hiccuped. Lucy stared at him wildly, she didn't know what to do. Should she help him? After what he had told her? When she felt extra weight on her chest, Lucy noticed that Naruto had fallen asleep on her chest using her breast as pillows. She couldn't help but to blush as people were staring including the bartender who was giving her a thumbs up. Lucy cursed her luck, wasn't she suppose to be Lucky? After all that was how her name was chosen.

So after contemplating Lucy couldn't leave the drunk blond, she had dragged him back to her room where she would hold him prisoner till she knew what to do. However she didn't really have him locked in as he really was just sleeping on her bed. Well maybe she didn't have him as her prisoner but she did finally get her hands on his perverted book. Lucy couldn't help but to giggle to herself as she was about to read not only a book full of porn but also a one of kind, it almost felt like she was doing something bad. With one glance at the sleeping blond, Lucy sat in her desk before pulling out the book.

"The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi...? This doesn't sound like an erotic novel" Lucy said to herself as she had read the cover of the book but then again one shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Lucy flipped the cover opened blushed furiously, not because of the words of the story but because there were suddenly two hands groping her breast from behind. "Hey Lucy!" the familiar voice from the unconscious blond slurred, "Let's have some fun ya?"

Lucy tried to hold back moaning as the blond was playing with her chest, he wasn't exactly new to this because he knew what buttons to press to get her to feel good. When he leaned from behind Lucy could feel his breath on the back of her neck. "Hey that's my book..." Lucy would of usually been embarrassed that she had been found out but the blond behind her kept playing with her breast and pinching her harden nipples. She couldn't help but to enjoy this new yet pleasant sensation.

"You didn't read it did you?" Naruto turned to the blonde and saw that she was totally out of it, her eyes were rolling back and her breaths had turned heavy ones. This made Naruto smile, "You like it?" Naruto asked her as he kept applying his technique on her. Lucy just replied with a small nod, her Yukata was starting to come undone but she didn't care she wanted to know what he was doing to her? Was this magic? It couldn't be because he didn't know how to use magic. Maybe he lied and this was all part of his plan? But damn the strange sensation so damn good. Oh screw it, she didn't care at the moment she just wanted more of this feeling, so without thinking about it Lucy pushed the blond back to her bed before staring at him with nothing but lust. Naruto stared at her in disbelief, when ever he was drunk Naruto would get a little frisky and do a little trick to get his woman turn on so he thought that he would do the same to this girl who he had just met not to long ago. Lucy quickly dropped her yukata revealing her perfect nude figure to the blond in bed, she then jumped on top of the blond and straddled him. She grinned before crashing her lips on his, her tongue forced inside him, she couldn't help but moaned loudly inside.

"More! More! More!" were the loud demanding moans from the good "Fairy" Lucy Heartfilia coming out from her apartment. She didn't know what she was getting into but at the moment she didn't even bother, something was making her act carelessly. Little did she know that a small touch from the blond had caused her to feel the same affects from all the alcohol Naruto had drank earlier, this was a special doing of a fur ball deep within the blond male.

"You'll thank me for this later, Naruto..." the usual grin on the Nine tailed fox grew even bigger, "Or not. Bwahahaha!"

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