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Naruto weakly walked through the streets of the Magnolia Town, his head was aching that the small sounds and bright sunlight caused him even more pain. He cursed Kurama for allowing the alcohol take effect during his time with the blonde girl. Naruto had awoken next to Lucy, both were completely naked. He didn't even wait for the blonde girl to wake up, Naruto had quickly grabbed his clothes before bolting out of there and now here he was struggling to walk straight and avoid the sunlight's painful glare.

"Dammit Fox, make it go away!" Naruto cried out to his inner thoughts. However Kurama, the nine tailed fox, just grinned and taunted the blond.

"You are too careless Naruto" with the fox not being sealed anymore, Naruto and Kurama had developed a bond. They were much like friends except they would often tease each other and pull pranks on one another.

"I don't care... Heal me..." Naruto on the outside was dying, he seemed as if he had eaten some bad ramen and was going to hurl any second now. He cursed being human because at this very moment he felt like complete shit. Naruto wondered if the fox was purposely making is hangover worse.

"Why should I? This is hardly any threat to your life so it doesn't affect me" Kurama lazily laid on the floor as his tails swung back and forth. Naruto gritted his teeth at the giant stubborn fox, "I can't finish my mission if I can't think right!"

On the outside world Naruto had somehow been wandering the streets aimlessly without any caution to where he was going. It was when he had crashed into someone that snapped the blond back into reality.

"Ow! Dammit!" he cursed to himself as he held his weary head, "I'm sorry about that Miss..."

Even in his hungover state, Naruto couldn't help but be captivated by the young woman in front of him. She had long red hair and dark colored eyes, she wore armor on her torso and a blue skirt. "She's beautiful..." Naruto said out loud as his jaw hung low and the female heard him.

"Wh-What?" she blushed and questioned only to make the blond flinch and hold his head. Naruto's headache wasn't gone and somehow things were just getting worse for the blond. What had he devoured that caused such a painful hangover? A giant mug of alcohol? Before he could say anything else the blond's eyes rolled back before fainting and falling into the arms of the red headed woman. Her face was flustered as her eyes stared at the blond, what was she to do?

When the blond had fallen unconscious literally in her arms, Erza had no choice but to take care of the blond. Mostly because she wanted to know why he had called her beautiful, who did that anyways? It bothered her that this cute guy just complemented and then knocked out. "Wait did I just think he was cute?" Erza shook her head, she shouldn't be thinking about this kind of stuff even if he did look cute with those whiskers. What she needed to do was find a place to take him, Erza didn't know where he lived or if he even lived around here in the first place. She wondered if bringing him to the guild hall would be wise but then passed on that thought when she remembered how nosy the guild members got.

"Maybe Lucy's house..." she was about to head towards her destination before she felt a stir on her back as she carried the blond. "My head..." the blond mumbled as he woke up, he was oblivious to his surroundings or the red head carrying him. "Huh?"

Erza's face was staring blankly at the blond as he stared back at her, she didn't know why but Erza's face started to heat up. She blinked and then he blinked, they stood like that for about ten seconds before Naruto screamed and jumped off the woman's back.

"Forgive me! I didn't know what I was doing!" Naruto bowed his head as he begged for forgiveness, it was a natural instinct he developed around woman that looked like they'd break his bones, or in Erza's case looked like his mother.

"It's... Okay" Erza worded it a bit slow as she was still confused as to what was going on. "I was just making sure you were okay so I was carrying you to a friend's house" she found it strangely cute that his cheeks were designed with whisker-like scars while she loved the glow in his bright blue eyes.

"Oh... Thanks!" Naruto said out loud before grinning, it seemed the fox had finally gone through and healed his painful hangover. "Naruto Uzumaki" he said with his hand extending toward her for a shake. Erza stared at his pleasant gesture, she was a bit frozen at the spot before she shook it off.

"Erza Scarlet" Erza couldn't point out why her heart was beating rapidly, she was still trying to figure out this blond character, "If you are still feeling ill, I do know some helpful mages that can treat you" Naruto shook his head and declined her offer before his never disappearing grin grew wider.

"Are you a mage too?" Erza couldn't help but stare blankly at him again, he was so exuberant and enthusiastic. "Yes, I am..." she said carefully, even though he seemed friendly Erza had to take caution.

"Awesome!" the blond cried out and then Erza asked, "Then you do not wish to see a doctor?"

Naruto shook his head and then said, "I just had a pretty crazy night yesterday but I'm all better now" Erza nodded before she turned to take her leave.

"Wa-Wait!" Naruto called out to her, "You don't wanna hang out or something?"

"Off with other women now? Have you forgotten about-" Naruto mentally ignored the fox as he waited for an answer from the red headed woman. Erza raise a brow at this, it wasn't really expected but the blond wanted to spend more time with her. Erza didn't have any plans and she didn't need to be anywhere and all her armor and weapons had been polished up just like she wanted. Erza guessed she could hang out with Naruto, she didn't know why but Erza wanted to be with someone she didn't know, she wanted to be away from her friends.

"I'm kinda passing by the town and it's nice to meet some new people so I was hoping to make a couple of friends here" Naruto scratched his head and gave a sheepish smile. Yesterday had gone horribly bad that he didn't even remember anything before drinking and meeting Lucy.

"I see. Then I will take your offer, Naruto" Erza spared a smile briefly before returning to her usual expression.

The pair had walked quietly alongside each other, Naruto found the silence very irritating. He'd try to start up a conversation but the armored girl would only give him one worded answers. There was something about this girl that was catching the blond's attention, Naruto seemed to noticed that their was definitely something bothering her. As they continued to walk on the open road of an unknown part of the town, Naruto and Erza came to the end of the streets and entered grassy scenic area. Naruto was amazed by the beautiful blue sky and the wide open ocean, he hardly ever saw an open space where the sky and ocean blended nicely together.

"I come here often, however this is the first time I've brought someone with me" Erza, who had been quiet up until now, looked on with a sad smile, "I haven't even told any of my friends about this place and here I am bringing a stranger here"

"Heh well I guess this can be our special place..." Erza raised an eyebrow at the blond. It took a while before Naruto realized what he had just said, "What I mean is that, we can met up here whenever we want to hang around!" Erza smiled before turning to the view, she liked this guy. He was easy to get along with and extremely friendly, somehow Erza could see herself being good friends with this Naruto. She then frowned when she remembered him, Erza was still conflicted with her once upon a time friend Jellal.

"By the way are you some type of Samurai or something?" Erza was brought out of her thoughts when she felt Naruto poking her armor.

"N-No, my specialty is different kinds of sword styles" Erza nearly stuttered but the girl couldn't help it when the blond was fairly closer to her face.

"Oh, that's really awesome!" Naruto was amazed how many different kinds of people he was meeting and Erza was no exception, "Hey would you like to spar?"

"Idiot! You're not suppose to be picking any fights with anyone yet!" Kurama shouted in the inner thoughts of Naruto. The blond mentally scolded himself, the fox was right.

"Huh? I did not know you were a mage as well?" Erza titled her head as she questioned the blond. Naruto shook his head before correcting himself.

"I meant if you could possibly show me some of your abilities...?" Naruto sweated as he smiled sheepishly, he was to keep a low profile and he was doing a poor job so far. Erza thought about his request, she didn't see any harm in it. With a small smile, the red head girl nodded. She took a few steps back before summoning her armor. Erza using her Requip magic was able to summon one of her strongest forms, the Heaven's Wheel armor.

Naruto starred with nothing but awe, she had four wings on her back with two on each side, on each arm she had gauntlets and she wielded two huge swords. Erza wore a long dress on the bottom while her top showed her naval and she sported an armored bra that held her breast but revealed a lot of cleavage.

"That is so cool!" the blond praised the girl making her smile.

"Thank you, I have many more forms but I think this is enough" Requiping took a lot of magic and Erza wasn't really feeling herself today.

"You must be really powerful... I'd hate to be anyone who has to up against you" Naruto grinned and tried to imagine himself actually fighting Erza, it'd be a pretty interesting fight. When Erza released her armored form and requipped her usual form, Naruto noticed that same look had returned.

"I have to get stronger... So long as I'm strong enough to protect my comrades... Then maybe..." Erza trailed off, she didn't want to reminded what would happened if she couldn't protect those close to her. She had already seen an old friend fall right before her eyes.

"I see" Naruto started with a nod, "But I think you shouldn't distance yourself from them." the confused look on Erza's face told Naruto that she wasn't getting what he meant. "I can see it in your eyes, it may be hard to spot but it's definitely there." Naruto pointed at her chest, "You're alone..."

Erza's eyes got fierce, she glared at the blond as her hands tighten into fist. How dare he say something like that! Erza was upset that he could say something like that, she had just met this guy! She was so enraged that the red head wanted to punch Nauto's lights out. However there was something holding her back, no matter what she told herself, Erza knew that Naruto wasn't wrong.

When Naruto saw Erza's expression soften, he was glad she didn't take his words offensively but now he had a girl who was hurting. What was it with him and the opposite sex? Whatever it was, Naruto would always make sure to fix it in the end.

Erza was too deep in thought, she wondered if she had always been so cold to everyone in her guild recently. She only did it because she didn't want to get hurt, that's why she wore her armor because she had always felt safe. She tensed up when she suddenly felt someone grab her hand. Her eyes blankly gazed at the hand grasping hers before she slowly trailed to who it belonged to. Her dark eyes met sapphire.

"It always helps when you have someone to hold you" Naruto smiled warmly while giving Erza a squeeze.

Erza looked at the blond with awe, she didn't know why but her eyes were nearly in tears. She wondered how some stranger that was dying in the middle of the street and had just met was making her feel like this all of a sudden. Closing her eyes, Erza gave a small smile of her own, "Thank you"

Lucy woke up to the sunlight's painful glare, she groaned as she turned to her side. Her head was killing her, what did she do last night? The blonde whined as her window was open, allowing all the noise outside to enter her room. Lucy grabbed her pillow and hid her head under it. She groaned once more, the noise wouldn't go away and her head was banging hard.

"Oh make it go away!" She cried out from under her pillow. Before she knew it, Lucy's window closed magically. She smiled to herself, clueless about the pink haired maid standing over her bed.

"Master... I wish to be punished again" Lucy with bags under her eyes peeled one eye out when she recognized the voice. Lucy slowly rose from her bed, her hair covering her face and messy from the back, she didn't even realize she was completely naked with only the sheets covering her body.

Lucy blinked twice before squinting her eyes at the pink haired girl. Lucy stared at her celestial summon, she wore her usual maid's outfit and had her eyes set on Lucy but what was different about her were her relaxed eyes. She seemed content and relaxed which was rather odd.

"Vir-Virgo?" Lucy questioned as she pulled her legs out of the bed and sat at the edge. "What happened yesterday?"

"You were heavily influenced by alcohol, along with Naruto-sama" Virgo said with out hesitation. "Naruto-sama?" Lucy questioned, the name did sound familiar but she could remember were exactly she heard it. Virgo nodded and continued, "Correct, last night Naruto-sama and you were having intimate contact"

"What!" Lucy yelled as she hid in her bed sheets and only to stick her face out.

"Fear not my lady, for you only lasted ten minutes before you fell asleep" Virgo stood properly and spoke without breaking her composure. Lucy sighed in relief, she was glad she hadn't gave herself to some guy she had just met and didn't even remember till now. She frowned a bit, if she ever saw him again she'd slap the crap out of him for tricking her by getting her drunk, who would do such a thing?!

"Wait" Lucy said, "Why are you calling him like that?" Virgo stared directly at Lucy's eyes before replying, "While my lady was out, I took your part..." And in an uncharacteristic manner of the pink haired maid, she began to sport a small blush as her eyes were still holding that content state.

"Dattebayo." Virgo said with no expression, Lucy's eyes widen in surprise and then it started to all come back to her. The festival, the bar, the frightening old woman and finally Naruto! "What!?" She was not only shocked that Virgo had slept with the blond but was angry that he had forgotten about her. Lucy gritted her teeth in anger, she would definitely get her payback. Lucy winced, she had over done it, her head was throbbing now. How was she suffering from these effects if Lucy hadn't even touch the alcoholic beverage. That jolt of pain brought back a memory that Lucy only hoped was a dream.

"I'm going to destroy Fairy Tail" Her eyes widen when she realized his words.

"Oh no! Virgo slept with the bad guy!"

An: Erza is a little bit depressed after the events with the Tower of Heaven so that explains why she is like this at the moment. As for Naruto, well so far it's a mystery as to what his motives really are. If you liked the story please let me know what you liked about it in a review, if you can do it in detail.