This is5 the Sequel to "Kung3 Fu Panda: Light12 and Shadow" and I hope that it was anticipated. The story is as well connected to "Tai Lung the Journey" like to "Birth of a Shadow". I will try to remind of some facts of these works as well, but not everything. So when you want to know the whole story, you will need to read the other stories before. Hope still that you will like it.

Between its prequel and this sequel9 few months have passed.

"Kung Fu Panda" (c) DreamWorks Animation

I own nothing except16 for the written word.

Characters you don't19 know are from me. The Idea is also from me.

The quotation is a5 quotation of Terry Pratchett

"No matter how fast Light travels

Kung Fu Panda

The Long Night

Part I: YIN


I hate this land.

Marching to the north is always a hating matter.

Looking east: water and ice.

Looking west: water and ice.

Looking south: frozen mountains and snowy trees.

Looking north: An endless plain full of ice and snow.

If I could look even.

These damn special glasses don't work even a bit against this damn blizzard.

I hate to come here.

I hate the ice desert.

I hate snow.

I hate ice.

I hate every part of the world, where it is cold!

Damn my poor tail.

And my poor twins. They can get a cold.

I look backwards.

Still my lovely snow wolves are behind me carrying my goods.

Loyal and enduring guys, but…

"Faster you scum! I want to have it warm again!"

All of them moan.

Cause of this I would begin to smile usually, but I can't allow this waste of energy.

We go further. Or better said we fight further. This blizzard gets stronger and stronger every moment we stay in him.

"Sir, how far is it still?" one of the wolves asks me.

I look back at him.

I don't get the wished reaction. Note to myself: Don't use the evil eyes, when you are wearing glasses like this.

"Not far anymore." I reply finally.

Then like on a cue the ground begins to shake.

I can stay on my feet, but this can't be said of the carrier, who had the courage to ask me out.

I jump backwards and then a snow wall lifts it up from the ground, while the wolf flies at me. I step to the side in time.

The snow is falling down to the ground, while I can detect the reason for its uprising. In front of me is standing a polar bear. A big one. I could sum my height trice to get his height and my wide twice to get his. He has mighty paws and jaws like from a monster. He wears armor around his chest and probably his back.

He growls at me and I can see a scar, which crosses his left eye and gets down along his long neck.

"Bai Fen.", he growls at me again, but this time with words, "You bug are finally here. You are late!"

"Sorry Temujin, but I had to do something. And now growl in a different direction, before I give you another scar on your ugly face."

He growls at me again and this time shows his teeth.

"You dare to threat me? You puny midget? Should I laugh?"

"You should know better than any other person, that size isn't anything, Temujin." I reply and point out with my twins, which are in their sheath, at my left eye.

He growls at me again and then snorts.

"Fine. Are these your boys?"

I look back at them. All of them seem to be scared or frightened. Some of them couldn't even stand on their feet anymore.

"Yeah. Pathetic I know, but it is hard to find anyone for a trip to the ice desert."

"I see. Follow me. He awaits you."

He turns around and I follow him, after I shouted at my "boys" to follow us.

"So he awaits me? Is he the only one?"

"No your Riders are also back again."

"Good. I hate to wait."

He looks back at me. I can't see his face well in this blizzard, but I can guess, he gives me an angry face, before he turns back forward again.

Finally we reach a cave. Inside it is much calmer than outside.

I take the glasses down, while we get company. Smaller versions of Temujin, but still bigger than I and the wolves, come from the inside, also growling.

They go to the wolves and order them to give the goods away, which my carriers do after a shocked hesitation. Then the bears go back the road they came.

"Will you or your ´boys`?" I ask him.

"Me. I need some training."

"Good. See you in the base." I say and enter the dark cave deeper.

The cave is leading downwards rather fast, although the pitch is still big enough to walk on it. I ignore the screams from the entrance and reach finally a bigger cave, where torches are lightened.

The room is obviously artificial and big enough for a storehouse of different outlandishness. I see also a group of polar bears around a campfire eating fishes, who don't even look at me. I chuckle.

"Finally you are here, White." a girly voice from the side talks to me. I look to this direction, when she passes my face. It is Shari, the butterfly. Her wings form a rather beautiful picture out of different shades of red, like it is usual for her species, the common Palmfly. But her red colors are much more intensive than usual. Her face is like always painted although it looks nice also without it. She wears a Japanese kimono in pink and black, although she has nothing in common with Japan.

"Shari, stop flying around. Where are the others?" I ask her annoyed.

"In the Relic's Room, White."

"Good, come."

Then I cross the room undressing. I know that my normal clothes are more than enough in these rooms closer to the earth core.

I cross some corridors and crossroads, before I step into the Relic Room. It is lightened only a little bit, but still much warmer than every other location I know in this ice desert. In the middle of it are many different gadgets, which function I still don't get, although I know it will help me achieve my goal. Also there are the bags with my goods.

Most of the room is in the dark, and I feel like something is coming closer to me.

I turn around and get attacked by the huge mouth of a snake. To be precise a Green Tree Boa. It's color is a rather bright variant of green and seems almost like it was more a transparent skin.

The many jaws of the Boa stop in front of my face and I can smell the stinking of its throat. He closes his jaws and smiles evilly.

"Welcome back…" he wants to start to talk, when I grab his throat hard. One of my twins, which I have drawn out of its sheath to let it wait for his neck to come only a step closer, I take away now.

"Yin Siqu, tell me who is the White Rider?" I ask him threatening.

"….You…" he can squeeze out although he doesn't get air.

"So why are you attacking me?"


"Testing me?" I chuckle and stop it immediately, "When I catch you doing this again, I will tear out every of your dozens teeth as slowly and painful as it is possible. Understood?"

"…..Understood…." he replies and I let him go. He wriggles away in the dark corners of the room.

I look like another person leaves the dark. It is a Black Eagle and his name is Kar. He has black feathers, an orange-red bill, dark bottomless holes as eyes and a white area on his back in the shape of a V. He is a little taller than me and with his wings spread he would be bigger than me.

"As silent as always, what Kar?" I ask him.

He eyes me only. No other reaction expected. I smile.

I put the drawn twin back into its sheath and ask the Riders in front of me:

"So where is he?"

"Like always in his chamber." Shiqu tells me.

"And he looks like always." Shari adds.

"I see." I say and turn around. At the end of the room is a closed iron door, almost a gate.

I stop in front of it.

I sigh.

Another reason, why I hate to come here.

Finally I enter the room.

On the other side of the room is burning a campfire. It is the only light in the whole room. The smoke of the campfire is disappearing through a hole in the roof. Don't know how far it needs to go up to disappear into the blizzard, which is blowing outside.

The room is almost empty. Only a table and two chairs of wood, which are made by masters of this craftsmanship, are standing in the room. On the table is a board with baskets full with black or white stones. A Go-Game is prepared like always. On the chair closer to the campfire is sitting someone, but he is sitting in such an angle, that only shadows can be seen.

I get closer, when black Wings pass me. The owner of them lands on the table in front of the dark figure. It is a black Raven with black eyes and a third eye on his head.

It is him.

"Want to play a game, Bai Fen?" he asks me like always.

I smirk and go closer to the wall and start leaning against it.

"No thanks. I have more than enough from our last game."

"But this one is long ago and it was our only one."

"That is the reason."

I watch him narrowly. His face keeps neutral without a stir.

"Too bad. I enjoyed the last one."

"Another reason for me not to play against you ever again."

He lowers his head and shakes it without a change in the attitude of his face again.

"How went the plan?" he asks me after lifting it up again.

"You know it already."

"But I want to hear it from your perspective."

I sigh.

"No surprises."

"Be more precise."

"I have what you wanted, but only two."

"Two?...I see. What happened with the others?"

"One was buried by the collapsing dome and then sank down to the sea again. The other was destroyed."

The figure in the shadows seems to move, but the Raven keeps neutral.

"Destroyed? How?"

"The Dragon Warrior had destroyed it with a sword."

He turns back to the figure.

"Fascinating. Actually the power crystals are indestructible with normal tools. This sword had to be special."

I shrug my shoulders.

"Seems so."

"So at the end it became the Dragon's Place…" he adds after a short while.

I nod and ask: "Are two enough?"

"More than enough." he replies and turns back to me.

"So we are at our goal?" I state hope rising.

He waits with his answer. "No, not even close."

"What?!" I yell and get away from the wall.

The Raven keeps neutral, when he replies: "This shouldn't bother you. Something much more important is ready now."

I shake my head frustrated.

I want to scream my anger at him, but realize in time, that it would be useless.

I sigh and begin leaning against the wall again.

"And what may this be?"

The Raven's face changes for the first time. I think it should look like a grin, but it looks more like a grimace.

It looks terrible.

I step away from the wall and closer to the gate.

"The Game of course. It can begin finally."

it finds the Darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it."