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Mel looked ready to murder someone.

"Would anyone care to explain to me how this happened?"

"Well Daddy," came the feeble reply from Cher as she lifted her head from the wastebasket. "A little stork comes to visit..."

"Spare me that crap Cher," snapped Mel.

"We had sex?" she offered weakly instead.

"In my house?" he roared.

"Well, where else were we going to go?" protested Cher, finding some inner strength as she shifted upright once again. "It's not like we could rent a motel or..."

Josh winced, sensing that she should stop speaking.

This facial expression turned the wrath of his girlfriend's father to him. "Well Josh," he demanded. "When will the wedding be?"

"Well sir-," He began to reply, but was abruptly interrupted by Cher.

"Daddy!" she protested. "You don't have to get married in this day and age to have a baby."

"What is wrong with this generation?" blustered Mel as he threw his hands up in the air and stalked away.

Cher deflated, all energy gone, now just a picture of simple exhaustion. "A baby," she muttered. "I'm having a baby."

Josh tugged her into his arms. "No," he corrected. "We're having a baby."