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Elizabeth Halsey could scarce believe her eyes.

Throwing the newspaper aside, she went in search of someone to share this shocking information with.

She found him sitting in the study, engrossed in his work, and marched right in.

"Do you have any idea how much it costs to raise a kid these days?"

"Mm?" replied Russell absentmindedly, a ready hand already around the irate woman's waist, half his attention on the paperwork before him.

"A million bucks," continued Elizabeth. "And that's only until they're 18." Poking at her distended belly, she was determined. "You're going to have to earn your keep bub."

Russell grinned as he tugged his girl into his lap, reports forgotten. "Not sure it's legal to send a six month old off to work babe."

Elizabeth shrugged. "Just watch me."

Forget teaching, how would Elizabeth handle parenting?