Disclaimer: I own nothing, and only borrowed the characters for a little while.

Elizabeth panted as her back slid up and down the wall.

Her skirt shucked up around her hips and her legs wrapped around her lover's body, she groaned as Russell hit a particularly sensitive spot. Threading her hands through his hair, she tugged on his strands as he sucked at her neck.

They both froze when the warning bell sounded.

Russell was breathing heavily as he lifted his head and looked into the equally aroused face of his partner. In five minutes the gym would be full of students.

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow, the dare apparent. "How fast can you go?"

Russell's eyes darkened as he kissed her harshly. "Hang on babe."

Four minutes and fifty nine seconds later, Elizabeth pulled her skirt down past her knees, tugged her collar up and passed the incoming fifth graders with an idiotic grin on her face.

"Enjoy your class kids."

I don't think it's much of a stretch of the imagination to foresee this happening!