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"It seems that my inability to sort out my fucked up life gives me a unique ability to sort out the lives of others," mused Elizabeth.

Lynn laughed, tipsy on her second glass of wine. "It's certainly not a role I would have pictured you in."

Elizabeth raised her glass. "You and me both." Taking a gulp, she slammed the glass down on the table. "And now Ms Davies, it is your turn to shine."

Lynn looked around anxiously. "Are you sure?"

Elizabeth slid from her bar stool and planted her fists on her hips. "Lynn Margaret Davies. Get your sorry ass out of that chair and ask a man to dance, or so help me God."

Lynn instantly obeyed and was halfway across the floor before she realised.

Elizabeth watched her retreating figure with a sense of pride, and when Lynn turned back, fear in her eyes, she was ready with a thumbs up of encouragement.

Arms wrapped around her waist not long after, a voice at her ear. "Impressive as always babe."

She laughed as she turned in her boyfriend's embrace, easily loping her arms around his neck. "Why, did you just give me a compliment?"

Russell paused a moment, his arms comfortable around his moment. "No," he finally offered in response.

Elizabeth couldn't stop the grin spreading on her face. Willingly allowing herself to be drawn to his lips, she paused when he looked beyond her.

"I wouldn't give up your day job though Miss Halsey."

"What?" Turning, she saw why, for Lynn Davies was doing the Time Warp with a hippy man who had twenty years on her.

They were a mess of limbs flailing about and Elizabeth couldn't suppress the giggles that escaped.

Russell was equally amused. "She gets an A for effort."