She lies on the floor, gazing up into the darkness as if it holds the answer to all her problems. A dry chuckle fills the room, followed by a raspy voice, "you don't need to answer all my problems, just one will do."

She lazily drags her arm up and brings a bottle to her lips. Bringing it back down again, the vodka splashes against the side of the bottle. She thinks it's vodka anyway, she's not sure anymore. She's not sure of anything anymore.

"Thought not."

She turns her head, cheek now lying against the floor. Her gaze falls to an open door on the opposite side of the room. A slight glow reaches just past the doorway, the moonlight shining through the bedroom window. A bag sits against the wall, hidden in the darkness, it's not hers though.

She knows she should go back to sleep. She knows she has work in...

The unoccupied hand reaches out into the darkness, it fumbles for a few moments before it finds its target. Bringing the object closer to her face, she presses a key, the phone lighting up the surrounding area.

The light causes her to squint and tilt the screen away from her face. It takes a minute before her eyes adjust and she's able to read the time. 3:48 AM.

She has work in less than 4 hours.

"Did you even get any sleep last night?"

Max's voice snaps her back to reality. "What?!" Eddi croaks, twisting her head to greet him. He gave her a look that she couldn't quite decipher under her current state of mind.

Max moved to lean against the desk, turning the chair Eddi was collapsed in, to face him.

"I woke up and you weren't there."

Eddi looks up at him and Max studies her face.

"Yeah I, uh, I just... I don't know. I..." Eddi falls silent and Max doesn't prompt her.

Max can feel someone watching them, and turning his head slightly, he recognizes the figure in the corner of his eye. Luc Hemingway. Next to him, Sacha stands, gaze equally probing. Turning his head back to Eddi he knows she hasn't noticed.

"Let's go somewhere quiet to talk" he mutters, placing a hand around her forearm and motioning for her to stand. Eddi frowns at him and it takes a moment before he realizes why. "Oh... yeah, I meant like... not here."

A glance around the room shows a quiet ward. Much unlike yesterday.

Eddi silently accepts his proposal, and Max begins to lead her away. They pass Michael, who tries and fails to look disinterested in them. He can still feel their eyes on them. He can still feel those eyes on him. He turns his head, and meets Luc's glare, returning it with one of his own. They turn the corner, finally away from their stares. So why do I feel so on edge.

"Did you have a convention of homeless people admitted?"

Sacha turns, surprised, as Chrissie's voice breaks the silence. Luc continues to stare across the room. "I'm sorry, what?" Sacha asks her, confused. She gives him a look, and waits a moment before answering, "what reeks of booze?" Her question goes unanswered as Michael walks up to them, and Luc finally turns back to his companions, his face apprehensive.

"Luc, I heard you were back, here to stay I hope!" Michael states, pulling Luc into a hug. The hopefulness in his voice makes Luc think that there was a lot more going on than Eddi's apparent depression. A small silence follows.

"Right" Chrissie says, "I just wanted to remind you that I'm taking Daniel to my father's tonight, I'll see you later."

Chrissie departs and Luc hesitantly asks the question he's dreading an answer to; "there's something else isn't there?"

Eddi and Max sit on a bench in the locker room.

She sits, legs crossed, facing the lockers. He sits straddling the bench, facing towards her. "Here" he says softly, taking her hand. She opens her eyes and looks to him, before looking at her hand.

"No Max. This is a terrible idea. God!" she exclaims, her hand clenching around the sleeve of pills. She clenches her jaw, "where did you even get these?!" "Like I told you, they're prescription!" he says, voice retaining its soft tone.

"Look, you don't have to believe me about where I got them, but believe me when I say they'll make you feel better. Now I'm going to go back to the ward, I don't want them back, do what you will with them. It's your choice."

She watches as he leaves the room, and it's like she suddenly feels trapped. She can feel her heart begin to beat faster, her mind start racing. She doesn't know what to do. Unclenching her hand she fiddles with the sleeve, then slowly pops two out. Eddi hesitates, but finally throws them into her mouth and swallows them. Again. How did I get here?

Max takes a deep breath, slouched against the door. Please don't turn out to be stupid decision.

Let me know what you think, should I continue it or not? This is supposed to be a continuation of A Crack In The Ice (season 14 - episode 49), and so will only be canon up until that episode. Any following episodes are irrelevant to this.