It's a bit humorous but could be realistic.

The two Julies were in bed, thinking of a plan to cure their sex-starved brains.

"How are we ever gonna have sex in prison?" said Julie J. "I can't wait to get out of here, I'll have sex all night."

"I've got an idea!" shouted Julie S.

"What is it?" asked Julie J.

"Come to my bed," called Julie S. "You'll see."

Julie J climbed down from her bed and went to Julie S's bed. "What is it then?"

"This!" announced Julie S, flashing her fanny at Julie J.

"Ewww!" said Julie J. "What's that for?"

"Come on, you might like it."

So that night, the two Julies started some new experiences.

The next morning, Di looked at both of them. "What's up with you two? You look so smiley."

"We had fun last night," said Julie J.

Yvonne said to the Julies, "You look like someone has whettened both of your sexual appetites."

"Oh they have." said Julie S.

So they told Yvonne their plan.

"How simple," said Julie S, "right under our nose. It only works if you share a cell."

"Try it," Julie J told Yvonne.

That night, Yvonne approached Barbara. "Barbara, let's try something new."

Barbara put on her glasses, and looked at Yvonne's naked body.

"Yvonne! What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"It's a solution to how we could stop our sex-deprived bodies. Let's do it tonight."

Barbara pressed the emergency bell. "She's a sex maniac!" Barbara told Sylvia.

They dragged Yvonne's naked body out.

"It's not my fault! It's the 2 Julies bitches!" said Yvonne.

Sylvia walked into the Julies' cell where they were passionately kissing.

"Yuk!" said Sylvia, as she took them, naked, to the Muppet Wing.

What did you think? After I wrote/read this, I could never see the Julies in the same way again. Especially in series 5 when they talk about boobs and stuff