Me: Hello my little Sebastians. (If you're a girl I don't care, your name now is Sebastian)
BRS: …My name is Black Rock Shooter.
Me: I wasn't talking to you; I was talking to the readers.
BRS: Shouldn't you be doing some other story?
Me: Yeah… But I deleted that fanfic because I hated it and had a lot of discouragements. But don't worry to those who read it I'll be doing a remake of it.
BRS: What happened to Cheshire?
Wherever Cheshire is…
Cheshire: *running away from rabid dogs* AAAAAAAAHHH!
Back to me
Me: He called me obnoxious. Anyway this isn't just one of the BRS; this is a bunch of BRS I know, kay kay!

~Rock's POV~

"Rock! It's time for breakfast!"

I got up feeling like crap. Why you ask? Because I had to move to San Francisco because of my mom's job. Her job is being a singer called Sing Love. Though despite the fact that she's a singer I eventually found out through a series of hilariously traumatizing events, that I would rather not tell, that she was an undercover secret agent by the code name White*Rock Shooter. Coincidentally her real name is White.

After I got dressed, tied my hair in uneven pigtails people love so much and ate my breakfast, I jumped on the cat. The cat still couldn't carry me. This doesn't make sense, since when I bought the cat, the salesman on the streets said that the cat was a super cat and that it could do anything. I've been doing this for ten years and the cat still couldn't carry me. I think I got cheated…

=In school=

Once I got into my new school, I kept thinking if my school, Black Academy, would be a normal school. I got my answer when I met Mr. Potatoes. He teaches us the Potato subject. Ironic since his first name is I Hate, making his full name I Hate Potatoes.

Our first lesson was who likes Tomatoes. It didn't make sense. Wasn't this supposed to be a Potato subject? Well apparently not.

During lunch I didn't feel like eating because my mom is the worst cook in the history of mankind. But when I eat with my mom I always fake a smile and say it tastes good.

"Aren't you gonna eat? You're not feeling well?" a short girl with tan skin, silver hair and orange eyes asked.

I didn't say anything. I never was the talkative type. So I ignored her and started to read a book. She told me her name, her name is Strength. I didn't care much though so I continued reading the book.

She sat next to me trying to engage a conversation with me. She complimented me on everything: my hair, my ability to stay calm, my eyes, my skin, my taste in books, etc. Compliments don't really affect me but she seemed to really like me. I was touched by that, so I decided to talk with her.

"Do you have a cat?" I asked.

"Yes, her name is Defense." She answered.

"Is she a super cat?" I asked.

She looked a bit surprised. "Why?" she asked.

"I was just asking." I said

"Well yes, she is a super cat." She answered. If you listened hard enough you could hear a hint of pride in her voice.

I feel a little jealous now. "What does she do?" I asked

"She flies." She said. "Wanna know how I found out?" She asked.

I nodded. Not because I thought it was amazing, but because if she told me, I might find out how to get my cat to carry me.

~Strength's POV~

Shejust suddenly asked me if I had a cat. I answered of course. I wanted to be friends with her. Then she asked me if it was a super cat. Wow! We must have a psychic connection or something because I do have a super cat! I answered modestly… Well it did have a bit of pride in it. I asked her if she wanted to know and she said yes.

"Well then," I said "it all started when I bought my cat…"

Flashback of idiocy which just so happens to be ten years ago:

I was at the roof of my apartment, holding a my new cat ,Defense. The salesman on the streets told me this cat is a super cat that can fly. So right now I'm here to see if that man is a liar. I positioned myself and was ready to drop my cat.

The Defense's POV in the flashback:

HOLY CRAP! HOLY CRAP! HOLY CRAP! This little human girl is about to drop me from a three story building! When I felt her hands let go of me, I immediately prayed to the cat god, Dark Neko Master,(Sound familiar?). To my astonishment and gratitude I landed on a trampoline and bounced back to the roof. But to my horror and regret I bounced back into the girl's arms again…

Back to Strength's POV but still in the flashback:

Oh my gosh! The Defense just flew back into my arms! She must really like me! Wait… What am I doing on the roof again? Oh yeah, I was seeing if Defense could fly… HOLY CRAP! SHE JUST FLEW BACK INTO MY ARMS! She is a super cat!

End of the flashback of idiocy:

~Rock's POV~

Though it was an interesting story, it didn't help me at all. How the heck am I supposed to get my cat to carry me now!? Well I could try making my cat drag me across the garden…


At that point the bell rang. Strength shook my hand and waved me goodbye. I headed to my class too.

~Strength's POV~

I sat down in class. Things were going normally in my history class, but I kept feeling like I was forgetting something. Something important… HOLY CRAP! I FORGOT TO ASK WHAT THAT GIRL'S NAME WAS!

Everyone was looking at me. "Ms. Strength, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop disturbing the class with your constant yelling." The teacher said. Everyone was laughing at me. Was I thinking out loud? Aw man… This is so embarrassing.

~Rock's POV~

The teacher arrived late by FIFTY MINUTES. Seriously! Until he arrived the whole class was in total chaos. There was graffiti on the walls, papers on the floor, nerds getting beat up and some boys did a rock-paper-scissors stripping game, but when the teacher arrived everything had just magically disappeared. I think I enrolled into a school of creepy wizards…

Class ended quickly. By the time I got home I immediately went to my room to rest. All of today's activities made me tired.

Me: Well that's it! Hope you liked it.
BRS:*Jumping on the cat*…
Me: You know… you can stop acting now.
BRS: What do you mean by acting?
Me: Riiiight… but seriously stop; you're hurting the poor thing.
BRS: But the salesman said it could fly.
Me: This might take a while…