Authors notes: Well since I'm getting back into writing fanfics, I decided to do another proper one, to go along side my drabble/shorts series.

My last one proved to be quite popular, though this one will be more insane, I had a stupid idea, but it had to be done. I'm so sorry Yukimura.

Summary: Masamune and Yukimura are having yet another duel, but they inadvertently destroy the seal that imprisons a trickster demon. Now chaos truly reigns as they have to fix the mess they started. And things are only going to get more complicated as time progresses.

Pairing: Date/Sana

Rating: T - for Masamune's language, blood, violence and sexual references.

Setting - AU anime setting

Prologue - Azure v Crimson (here we go again)


The lightshow was pretty, especially at night, but Sasuke could not just enjoy the fireworks, he had to keep an eye on his master, or rather the group of rowdy spectators, to ensure they did not join in. However they seemed happy to watch, at least the Date army knew not to interrupt these duels, but they sometimes got a little carried away. Then again, if Sasuke failed, Kakatura Kojuurou would step in, and if he failed, whoever it was, was probably not part of either the Date or Takeda armies.

At the centre of the light show, two men fought as hard as they could, neither able to gain the upper hand, both perfectly matched. The rush of adrenaline; the sweat the sounds of clashing steel; this was what they lived for, this was perfection.

A stray attack scattered the onlookers, shattering rock and churning up the ground, those close by could swear they heard an insane giggle, but with the noise from the fight, they could not be sure.

"Free at last." The Demon, hid in a tree close by, watching the fight with a wicked gleam in his eye. "I guess I'll have to thank those two at some point, but it's been so long since I've had a little fun." It resembled a small child, except its eyes had no pupils and were glowing purple.

"Hmm, how to cause the most mayhem, those too look like fun, let's take a look. . . hmm, yes, just perfect." It began to mutter an incantation, then it melted into the shadows to watch the mayhem unfold.

Masamune grinned, slashing all six claws at Yukimura, but something felt wrong, they should have hit, but they did not. Yukimura was not blocking, he was, he was gone! A flash of violet light and he was gone!


"Masamune-sama, what was that?"

"Danna? Danna where are you?"

Confusion was setting in, and Yukimura struggled to sit up, but his body felt strange, and why was the grass so tall, heck, why was everything so big?

"Hey, I'm over here!" He tried to walk, but found his legs kept getting tangled, he'd dropped his spears somewhere, but could not see them over the grass.


He got the hang of walking again and headed over to Masamune, who was closer.

"Masamune-dono, I'm here." he tugged on his clothes, trying to get his attention.

Masamune looked down, and froze, the coin necklace was there, so was the headband, but there was a serious problem.


"Yes why are you looking at me like that Masamune-dono."

"Umm, this isn't good."

"What is it Masamune-sama?"

"Look familiar?"

Yukimura frowned as he was pointed at.

"Hey what's going on? Why are you all acting weird?"


"Sasuke, what's happening?"

The three men stared at him for a moment before Sasuke pulled out a small mirror.

"You might want to take a look at yourself Danna."

Yukimura looked at the mirror and froze.

"I'm. . . I'm. . . ARGH!" he screamed and started running round in circles trying to make sense of the situation.

"Well it's certainly the right reaction." Masamune sniggered, picking the panicking Yukimura up.

"Wha? Masamune-dono please put me down!"

"Geez calm down."


"What's he saying?" Masamune asked Sasuke.

"I don't know, I don't speak kitten."