Chapter 3: The Devil's Tail.

Just as they reached Lassiter's car, a call came in.

"Detective Lassiter, there has been another drug overdose case. The victim has been taken to the hospital. Chief Vick would like you, Detective O'Hara and the psychic team to head over there and interview the witnesses, over."

"Read you loud and clear, Officer Stiles. Show us attending, over."

"I have now shown that you are attending, Detective Lassiter, over."

Lassiter turned to the others and let them know what was happening. Within a few moments, they were all in their respective vehicles and heading towards the hospital. They arrived ten minutes later and were walking to the waiting room where the victim's family and friends were waiting for news.

Opening the door, Lassiter was glad to see that the attending officer was McNab. His curiosity rose when he noticed McNab looking expectantly at Spencer and Spencer give McNab the thumbs up, followed by the biggest grin he had ever seen.

Spencer must have realised that Lassiter was looking at him, for just as quickly as the smile appeared; it disappeared, replaced by a frown and what looked like anger in Spencer's eyes. By the time he had turned back to McNab, the tall officer was talking to O'Hara. Frowning, Lassiter took a mental note to ask McNab what was going on between them.

"O'Hara, what do we have?"

"Well, from what McNab has said, the teenager, one Jason Todd, and friends had gone out to that new disco on Main Street."

"What? The one that is open twenty-four seven?" Gus asked.

"That's the one. It only sells alcohol during the legal hours and non-alcoholic drinks the rest of the time." Apparently this man came up to them and offered them some drugs to try. The friend claims they said no, but the man just gave some pills to them and walked away. He guesses that the temptation was just too big for Jason and he must have taken one."

"What did they do with the other drugs?"

"They're here," O'Hara said holding up an evidence bag, which held four little red tablets. "I just don't understand why people take drugs." As she said this her eyes fell onto Gus. "Oh, Gus, I don't mean the drugs you sell, I mean…"

"I know what you mean, Juliet, and I, too, don't understand why people take drugs." Gus looked hard at Shawn, who was eyeing the four red pills.

Shawn wasn't listening to anything they were saying. He had seen these pills before and he knew they killed. He had even cooked them before, so he already knew what went into them. What had caught his attention were the little white markings on each pill. It was a picture of a devil's tail which meant that they trouble for him and the Mad Dog biker gang.


"The Devil's Tail!"

"What was that, Spencer?" Lassiter snapped, tired of Spencer's tomfoolery.

Shawn realised that everyone was looking at him and he had to come up with something. Placing his hand to his temple in his psychic pose, he repeated what he had said.

"The Devil's Tail, I see an image. It, it looks like a spear head, but the staff curves like a snake. It is white in colour, but surrounded by red, blood red. Death, oh, my god, death follows it. Everywhere it goes, death follows. Nooo…" Shawn then collapse onto the floor clutching his head.

Gus rushed out the door to get a doctor. Juliet knelt down trying to calm Shawn as he rolled around the floor and Lassiter is suddenly bombarded by question from the boy's family, as to what was happening. In all of the chaos, no one noticed McNab and Shawn exchange looks, or McNab pick up the evidence bag, bend over to help O'Hara and place the bag into Shawn's pocket.

Once Shawn was sure the bag was well hidden in his pocket, he stopped his thrashing about and just laid still. The next thing he knew, there were doctors all around him and he was being put onto a gurney and rushed out of the room.

Once Spencer was gone and Lassiter had managed to calm the group of people, turned to Gus. "Guster, what the hell was that?"

"I don't know, Detective." Gus was a little freaked out. "I've never see that happen to Shawn before".

"Great, now we have to wait to find out what he knew."

"Well, at least we can send the pills off to be tested," Juliet said as she tried to find the bag with the pills in it.

Frowning, Juliet searched her pockets again. Realising that she didn't have the pills, she looked at Lassiter.

"Do you have the pills?"

"No, you had them."

"Well, they're not here now."

All four of them searched the floor for the bag, but of course they didn't find it. Lassiter looked over at the family of the teenager and wonder if maybe one of them might have picked it up.

"McNab, go outside and call this in and get a few other officers down here now. I want those drugs found."

"Yes, Detective," McNab said just before he headed out the door.

"Do you really think someone from the family took them?" Gus asked.

"I don't know, Guster, but I do know that it was only us and them in this room when the drugs went missing. So who do you think took them?"

"I, I don't know." And while they waited for back up to arrive, a doctor came in to inform the family that Jason didn't make it.

Meanwhile, outside the room McNab was making a few phone calls. The first one was to the station to get back up. The other was to Mad Dog.

"Yeah, that's right, Mad Dog. Someone is giving away 'The Devil's Tail' and by the looks of it, it has already claimed its first victim."


"No, I don't know what Shawn wants us to do just yet. He has the drugs and we're just going to have to wait for now. But just keep your head up. I'm sure Detective Lassiter will be back to see you again."


"You're welcome. I've got to go now, bye." And with that McNab hung up the phone and returned to the room to wait with the others for back up to arrive.

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