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"Due to the decreased rate of Japanese population and the amount of couples reduced drastically, Tokyo Disneyland is offering every couple free entrances until the end of this year," a news reporter read her article as shown in the television box.

Hyuuga who was munching down his breakfast almost suffocated to death when he heard the news. He quickly drank a cup of water then ran to turn on his computer in order to check whether or not he heard correctly. The bright LCD screen, the sound of punching keyboard and mouse clicks were all over the house. 'Found it!'

"Good job everyone! This is all for today!" the coach's voice and clapping echoed in the school gym.

With automatic reaction, guys gathered and dragged themselves towards the changing room except for Hyuuga.

"Anything in mind?" Riko raised her left eyebrow.

"Are you free this weekend?" Hyuuga grabbed a piece of printed paper from his bag and handed it to her. "Disneyland is offering free entrances, but it's only for couples."

"So," she turned on her sarcastic voice mode, "you are asking me to be your girlfriend for a day because you don't have a girlfriend."

Hyuuga laughed dryly, "Well, if you are ok with it of course…" he scratched his head in a little embarrassment.

"In one condition!" Riko raised her index finger in front of Hyuuga's face, "buy me a kuma strap phone."

A teenage boy with black hair and glasses was leaning against the wall at the station waiting for his one-day-girlfriend to arrive. 'Guess I came too early…' He raised his head up and saw the bright cloudless sky with no signs of a single drop of rain. 'What a great day to come', but then all his eyes could see was pitch black.

"Don't you go acting cool alone in a place like this, just how old fashioned are you?" the hazel-brown haired girl took off the magazine from Hyuuga's face. She was wearing her normal kuma shirt, but this time with a mini-skirt. "Let's go."

Both of them walked together hand in hand to the Mickey Mouse statue entrance in order to make them look like a real actual couple, but neither of them was free from nervous feelings built. Unfortunately, the doorman saw their uncomfortable action.

"Please stop for checking," the deep voice stopped them in their tracks.


"Are both of you really in a relationship?" he stared at both of them in the eye.

"Yes!" to Hyuuga's surprise, Riko answered without hesitation which made his cheeks glow red for a bit, "We are."

"I don't know who you are or where you've come from, but by being a couple, both the guy and girl should at least be able to tell me about the other," the doorman said strictly.

"Oh, if that's all then here I go." Riko replied then inhaled a big amount of air into her lungs, "My boyfriend's name is Hyuuga Junpei who is currently in his 2nd year of high school and in the same class as I do. He loves basketball and not to mention his obsession in collecting figures and making dioramas. He is caring to other people who's close to him and is a great captain of the basketball club who sacrificed a lot of pain by breaking one figure in his collection if he misses a shot in order to be calm when pressured. Oh, and he's a pervert but is good at hiding it. And –"

"Next, Hyuuga-san was it? It's your turn now," the person in charge somehow had taken enough of Riko's reply and moved on to the next person without hearing the whole story.

'Pervert ha… Now let's see what I can say…' Hyuuga thought of things behind his glasses that made no one notice his devilish eyes that shown for a bare second then took a deep breath. "My girlfriend's name is Aida Riko and as she said, we're classmates in the same high school which she's even a very dedicated coach for our basketball club. She's extremely specialized in calculating a person's potential just by looking at their body because her father owns a sport gym and often hangs around there. She doesn't even blush when seeing a topless guy like what normal girls will do, and her cooking's deadly but I can eat anything she makes. "

"Ha," the doorman gave a little laugh and smiled, "you may pass. Welcome to Disneyland."

After they walked pass the gate, the coach and captain looked at each other raising their eyebrows.

"Deadly cooking?"


Both of them ended with smirks and laughs, but when they fully see the park, their eyes widened in awe. Neither of them had ever come to Disneyland or seen such a beautiful and magical place.

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