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'When can I get out of this ridiculous outfit?!' both Hyuuga and Aomine shouted in their head as they were dressed as Disney characters hiding in the back stage.

One hour ago…

"Attention! Attention all basketball geeks!" an announcement was turned on and the word 'basketball' took the group of four teenager's attention. "Tokyo Disneyland was lucky to have had Michael Jordan a former Pro Basketball player to come visit and signed us his name on a basketball ball. If any of you want to be the owner of this ball, simply come to the main event hall and register to enter our competition. If you're at home, you can check the rules in the website and simply send us your video within two hours. A little side note, you must be in pairs."

"Let's go!" without farther explanation, the four of them shouted in unison and ran in full speed towards their destination.

"I would like to/I want to sign up for the competition!" the black and blue head shouted together at the red registration counter making the staff startled.

"Please calm down and write out these forms," she handed out paper and pens to the two guys then looked behind them. "Are those two girls with you?" eyeing the brown and pink hair girls.

"Yes!" another staff invited Riko and Momoi to a separate hall.

"Ladies and gentlemen! The competition to be the owner for the signed ball will now begin!" the MC happily shouted. "The rules are simple! Just come up with a performance in a basketball with Disney theme in it. The best show will be our winner!"

He unfolded his small note, "May our first contestant come out!"

The lights in the hall were shut and the first participant came out. A few minutes later, the second, then third, and so on.

"Don't you know that the only one who can beat me, is me," Aomine threatened Hyuuga.

"Don't get ahead of yourself. This isn't a basketball match, I can still beat you," he hissed back to his rival.

"That was a nice show! Now onto our 19th contestant! Hyuuga Junpei!" the MC signaled Hyuuga to come out from the dark room.

An Aladdin wearing glasses walked into the stage to find a short brown hair Jasmine standing at the other side. 'Let's do this!' Hyuuga could only gulp back his fear and start the show.

"I can show you the world (of basketball)," he started singing picking up the ball on the floor and Riko was dumb folded by how he actually did as they planned. "Shining shimmering splendid… Tell me princess now when did you last let your heart decide (to coach and kill us)?" he carefully walked towards her and passed the ball to his Jasmine, and then she quickly passed it back. "I can open your eyes (to amazing matches)… Take you wonder by wonder… Over sideways and under on a magic carpet (orange ball) ride," he ran up to carry her in a bridal-style. "A whole new world," and quickly used one hand to shoot into the hoop that gracefully went in. (1) The hall roared cheering for Hyuuga.

"Another round of applause for the great performance!" the MC shouted out. Hearing that the show ended, Hyuuga who was still carrying Riko dashed to the backstage. 'I can't believe that I actually did it!' with the thought in mind, he typically lied down dead on the floor.

"Last but not least, our 20th contestant! Aomine Daiki!" the MC said finally. A blue haired Beast walked to the stage and found his pink haired friend dressed up as Belle. He could care less so he started the show.

"Tale (of basketball) as old as time," his voice cracked but he still made a bow to his Belle. "True (and fun) as it can be… Barely even friends, then somebody bends (to take the ball) unexpectedly," he kicked up the laying ball into his hand. "Just a little change… Small to say the least," he started dribbling left and right. "Both a little scared, neither one prepared (to have a match)," he ran towards Belle. "Beauty and the Beat," and hugged her with a ball between them. (2) Another roar filled the hall.

Aomine, red in the face, quickly ran back into the darkness with Momoi.

"Another great show! Looks like the judges will have a difficult time! We'll announce the winner in half an hour!" the MC ended.

The girls were now staring at their partner in disbelief at what just happened on the stage.

"You guys…" Riko and Momoi sighed but still in amazement.

"Please… Don't tell anyone about this," Hyuuga begged the girls and Aomine backed up with a furious nod.

Momoi was about to reply but then a voice from the stage distracted the group, "Alrighty! Time for the announcement of the winner!" drum rolls filled the hall. "The winner is an online contestant, Kuroko Tetsuya!"

"WHAT!?" the group shouted in disbelief and watched the screen. Kuroko was wearing Seirin's number 11 shirt and his normal dead face, but he was holding Tetsuya#2 that was dressed as a red dragon.

"Look at me," he started singing, "I will never pass for a perfect guard, or a perfect shooter", his face still gave no expression. "Can it be, I'm not meant to play this sport," he looked at the dog. "Now I see that if I were truly to be myself, I would break my friend's heart," he lifted #2 up and waved it in the air, well he actually already did broke two of his friends' hearts. "Who is that boy I see, staring straight back at me. Why is my refection someone I don't know? Somehow I cannot hide (misdirect) who I am, though I've tried, when will my reflection show who I am inside," he ended with a forehead bump with #2. Then, the screen turned black. (3)

"Tetsu… I can't believe him," Aomine growled while Momoi was watching with sparkles in her eyes.

"Don't worry, we have more awards to distribute!" the MC suddenly exclaimed. "The special VIP night pass that isn't included in the promotion and couldn't be found anywhere else will be handed out to Hyuuga Junpei and Aomine Daiki to stay with their girlfriends today!"

The group's jaws dropped.

"At least we got something," Riko comforted Hyuuga who was sitting at the corner of the room hugging his legs in embarrassment.

"I don't need that stupid pass," Aomine cried out.

But in the end all of them stayed around until dark and parted ways into their own room provided by the staffs. Hyuuga got an Indian style palace room that matched with the costume they were still wearing while Aomine's was western style.

"Look, they're starting," Riko called Hyuuga to look outside the window. The view was perfect, colorful lights and fireworks shown up in the night sky.

'Maybe,' Hyuuga leaned his chin on his palm against the window, 'it's good that I've participated in the contest after all,' he thought in awe at the view both of them were seeing and at his princess for a day.


"Captain, Aomine-kun," Kuroko called out his friends, "I've never thought both of you could be very desperate." He pointed towards the TV screen that were showing Hyuuga and Aomine singing on stage. The Seirin team members were trying to death not to laugh.

"Where… Did you get that?" Aomine asked threatening the sky-blue haired boy.

"Momoi-san asked one of the judges to record the show," was Kuroko's simple reply.

"SATSUKI!/MOMOI!" both Aomine and Hyuuga shouted in unison.

Meanwhile, Riko was looking at the picture she took with Hyuuga in the Indian palace.


EDIT (forgot to add the names of the songs used):

(1) A Whole New Word from Disney's movie Aladdin.

(2) Beauty and the Beast from Disney's movie Beauty and the Beast.

(3) Reflection from Disney's movie Mulan.

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