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Tony Stark was lounging in his leather chair tapping away on his StarkPad. He was fiddling around with Shield's Security Cameras. It had been by one of the best way to keep in touch with what was going on in the world as Fury had 'grounded' the Avengers to Stark's Tower for recuperation and team building. Hah. Capsicle had been reading history books and working out. Banner has been locked away working on his gamma research and the two assassins have been relaxing and watching the news. He personally has worked on a new suit and messing with Shield's inferior security system. Tony had a feeling maybe messing with Fury's ritual coffee and donut may have contributed to Fury's decision about having them at Stark Tower.

"If you are just now tuning in, Russia's Crime Lords were killed yesterday as well as several other…"

Tony rolled his eyes as he tapped into Fury's office camera. That's all that had been on lately. Two weeks after saving the world and the Avengers were replaced by the unnatural killing of Russia's Crime Lords. While Tony would have liked to have changed the channel and watch something more amusing, the two assassins were cuddled up on the other couch watching intently whispering to each other. Tony was only able to catch a few words like, "coming back home" and "new handler?". It was rather irritating truthfully as Tony was out of the loop and anytime he had question Barton, the blond would just look away while his ever faithful guard dog glared him into submission.

Focusing back to the pad in his hands, Tony's eyes widen when he saw a man barge into Fury's office and began yelling. Well, Tony could only assume that he was yelling as he had the pad on mute.

"Jarvis, play live feed," Tony called out ignoring the mutinous looks as the footage from his pad played on the flatscreen.

"You fucking son of a bitch!" the unknown man yelled at an unamused Fury, "You assured me that by going into the hellhole that my sister and husband would be safe!"

"Harry!" the spider assassin yelled, eyes lighting up while birdie smiled and his posture relaxed a little more.

"It was no guarantee that they would be safe as they are assassins," Fury pointed out leaning back against his chair.

"Yeah ASSASSINS! Bloody hell they are the best in their field. However, you wanker! We had a deal. IF they were to be brought into an Avenger's Mission then I was supposed to be notified and brought back from any missions!" the man, who was apparently Harry ranted eyes burning.

Tony had to admit that the man was earning brownie points yelling at Fury however he wanted to know how the hell the fact that Barton and this man were married without Tony finding it in their files.

"The mission you were on was a top priority. Don't forget that you answer to me, not the other way around Black."

"Bad move Fury," Barton whispered causing Tony to glance at the hawk.

Tony returned his attention back to the screen to see the furious man's face shut down and straighten his back to the point snapping. Tony had to admit that he was impressed.

"No Fury, it is you who has forgotten your place. It is imperative that you remember just exactly who is funding your little projects. I will pull my funding and watch as this flying hunk of crap fall from sky," the man stated frostily.

"You wouldn't dare as you wouldn't allow harm to your family," Fury retorted not taking the threat seriously.

"Seriously Fury is an idiot," Natasha stated shaking her head. Clint smiled slightly although longingly.

"I would never harm my family, which is why I hold their contracts and can official remove them from Shield should you not cooperate," Harry retorted displaying their contracts from pants pocket.

Tony had to admit this guy was rapidly earning his respect at being one step ahead of Fury and found it hilarious that the moment the guy brought out papers that Fury's posture became that of a defeated man.

"Very well, what do you have in mind?"

"I become Tasha's and Clint's handler permanently. Not this only while I'm not on a mission crap."

Tony glanced over the two assassins who seemed to be vibrating with happiness. With his gaze back on the screen Tony could see the gears working in Fury's mind and came to the conclusion that the Avengers would be having a new handler.

"If you take on Black Widow and HawkEye as their handler than you must take on the rest of the team as well," Fury reasoned.

"I don't care. In return this is my only assignment, and I am to accompany them during any meeting."


Harry turned to walk out of the office when Fury called out, "Hey don't you want to know where they are?"

Without turning back but discretely looking into the camera, Harry winked and said, "I already know."

Fury rolled his eyes and returned to his paperwork.

"Jarvis cut feed," Tony commanded as he sat there stunned. How could he have known? Was he a peeping tom? What the HELL?

"Oh Clint your hubby winked at you!" Natasha teased her brother-in-law.

Clint smiled but it faded as he thought about what had happened a few weeks earlier. Was Harry going to be upset? Would he think that Clint betrayed him.

Natasha noticed the lost and pained look on Clint's face and pulled him into close embrace offering warmth and reassurance.

"He won't think like that. You know he won't. He loves you so much. It'll be okay," Natasha cooed slightly rocking Clint.

That was the sight Steve walked into with a towel around his neck was Tony shock and disturbed face and Clint being comforted by Natasha.

"Stark what did you do?" Steve asked with a hint of annoyance.

"Me? Nothing," Tony answered automatically.

"Then why is Clint trembling?" Steve asked with his eyebrow raised.

"Huh?" Tony turned his attention to the two assassins and was caught off guard by the flow of emotions. Normally Natasha was cold and Clint either scowling or wearing a shit eating grin.

"Mr. Stark?" Jarvis intoned.


"There seems to be someone on the flight pad outside," Jarvis stated slightly bewildered.

"What?" Tony yelled, "Why didn't you notify me sooner?"

"He just appeared, sir."

"What do you mean just appeared?" Tony questioned sharply.

"Just what I said, sir."

"What he means is that he had no warning about my arrival as it is instantaneous," An amused voice called out.

Four pair of eyes were suddenly on the newcomer and the responses differed. Tony and Steve were on high alert while Natasha's was joyful and Clint was ecstatic but worried but stayed were they were standing.

"Really? No welcome home kiss or hug?" the man joked mournfully and turned to leave saying, "Guess I'll just have to go."

Then Clint was a blond blur smashing into the man, arms circling his neck and legs wrapping around the man's waist, burying his face into the crook of the man's neck.

"Well, hello to you too little love," Harry whispered placing stabilizing arms around Clint.

Tony was staring at the embracing men in a new light, taking in the taller male with military cut black hair as well as the dirty cargo pants and loose gray t-shirt. The man had a look about him that scream dangerous whether it was the faint scar lines to the tense muscle, not as in straining but as in caution or the large knife strapped to his outside leg. Either way the man was working his steady way up in the respect ladder.

"Yes well that's all well and good, perhaps you could remove your dirty shoes, hmm?" Tony inquired receiving an incredulous look from Captain and a murderous glare from Natasha who had made her way over to the hugging males.

However he wasn't prepared for the force that Harry as the man just smirked as he set Clint down keeping one arm around Clint's shoulder and casually kicked his shoes off saying, "My apologies Stark but it would help if you would keep your landing pad cleaner."

"And how do you propose I do that?" Tony asked leaving out the unasked question of who are you?

"Harry Black and with a broom," Harry responded laughing at Stark's put-out expression.

Clint rolled his eyes and slapped his husband's butt only to smirk when Harry jumped alittle and said, "Ooo someone's feeling kinky today. Have I been a bad boy?"

"Very. You have been gone for a long time," Clint replied grinning. He was happy to have his husband back but he was still very worried over Loki possessing him.

"My apologies luv, perhaps latter tonight you can give me my punishment?" Harry purred pulling the shorter blond to him allowing his British accent to thicken.

Clint shivered hearing Harry's bedroom voice once more.

"Alright brother where's my hello?" Natasha demanded breaking up the sexual tension that was building between the two.

"I didn't know you had a brother," Steve finally spoke snapping at of his wariness and stunned silence at the exchanges being made.

"Need to know only," Natasha joked as Harry pulled her into a side arm hug placing a kiss upon her brow.

"Speaking of need to know how did you get here so fast?" Tony questioned. It had been bugging as it was physically impossible. Even Thor couldn't get here that fast nor the suit.

"Magic," came the smart ass reply. Really the guy was climbing the ladder.

"More importantly why are you here?" Steve asked concerned for his team that an unknown to him found them.

"Well, Tasha is my sister and Clint is my husband. As for the rest of you? I'm your new babysitter," Harry replied grinning diabolically.