Tony Stark and Bruce Banner were both rubbing their eyes in tiredness as they stared at the computer screen watching the numbers and words blurred together. While they abided by Harry's 'rules' for the most part it didn't change the fact that they were going on three weeks of non-stop researching, quick meals and catnaps.

Bruce rubbed his eyes beneath his glasses, "Tony we need a break. My mind can't think."

Tony looked over at his science buddy with concern, "You okay Brucie?"

"Just tired."

Tony hesitated for moment he really wanted to finish this research but the weariness in Bruce's face made him want to cuddle Bruce. Tony hit the save button and stood up, pulling Bruce up who wobbled a bit.

"Yeah, lets go take a break for a bit. I wonder what the others are doing?" Tony asked wrapping his arm around Bruce as they made their way to the stairs.

"I don't know. Do you think they would mind if joined?" Bruce asked pressing his glasses up.

"I think Harry would insist," Tony joked hoping it was true.

Bruce chuckled, every time they showed for up for morning and evening meals, Harry would try to incorporate them into the conversation, while Tony would participate, Bruce was more than content to just the interactions between the members of this team.

As they emerged from the hallway, the duo stopped and stared. On the couch Steve was sitting with his feet propped up on the coffee table with Natasha's legs in his lap was his softly stroked and rubbed them. On an extra-large leather recliner that Tony didn't remember buying sat Harry with Clint relaxing against him with Harry tracing shapes and words on Clint's stomach. On the TV "Tombstone" was playing. It was during the scene where Doc Holiday says, "I'll be your Huckleberry".

Tony and Bruce looked at each other deciding that they would just go sleep rather than intrude. Too bad, Harry saw them.

"Where do you two think you are going?" Harry asked smirking at the deer-in-headlights look from the two scientists.

Bruce sputtered for a moment while Tony was quick to reply, "Just heading for a nightcap then bed."

"Wrong answer," Harry retorted holding his finger as in first strike.

"We were going get a snack then head to bed?" Bruce tried looking hopeful even though he was wanting to join in on the group bonding time.

Harry shook his head and held up another finger denoting second strike, noting that Tony was trying to look put off but the hope of being included clouded his eyes.

"We were going to get popcorn and sit down and finish the movie with you guys?" Bruce tried again after looking at his friend waiting for him to speak up again.

"Bingo! However there is already popcorn on the coffee table so grab it and find a spot," Harry directed ignoring the snickering from his husband and the other two.

"But Capsicle's feet are by it," Tony complained finally speaking up.

Harry arched his eyebrow, opening his mouth to speak when he was cut-off by Clint saying, "Grow up Stark. Besides they're probably cleaner than your hands right now."

Steve blushed slightly and Harry openly laughed while Natasha took pity on her crush, "At least he has good hygiene."

Steve smiled gratefully at Natasha and ran his finger down the arch of her foot causing it to relax fully once more.

Harry rolled his eyes, "Go wash up and pop fresh popcorn for you and Bruce. You have five minutes."

Tony looked at Harry for a minute before pointing at Harry, "I'm only doing this because it's a good plan."

"Whatever floats your boat," Harry focusing back on the screen watching from the corner of his eye where Bruce sat on the floor between the couch and the recliner.

Tony snorted before stalking away. The group laughed at how teenagerish Tony was acting. Harry understood slightly what Tony was doing. Having looked up Tony's background, Harry could see that Tony was fighting his authority but Harry was doing it in such a way that he was earning the respect of the other man and was feeling safe in reverting/revealing old habits that were forced away too early.

Harry placed a light kiss on his love's neck before focusing back on the movie.

When Tony returned with a huge bowl of popcorn, he saw where Bruce was sitting and almost scoffed. Why would he choose the floor verses a chair or something until Tony noticed that he was sitting between the couples. Bruce had planted himself in the middle of group, surrounding himself with his team mates. Smiling slightly Tony sat beside Bruce next to Harry and placed the bowl on his and Bruce's legs.

Harry noticed where the two had situated themselves smiling lightly at their subconscious attempt to be closer to the rest of them. Harry didn't know why they kept themselves apart from the group so much, he had a feeling it had to do with something with how the two viewed themselves.

Mentally shaking his head, Harry leaned forward nipped Clint's earlobe whispering into his ear, "You know watching all of these good looking 'marshals' makes think you would have been a sexy one."

Clint moaned slightly when Harry nipped his ear and whispered back, "Oh yeah?"

"MmmHmm, just think a pair of black boots and a black hat with a holster on your hip with nothing else on you except maybe some love bites," Harry buried his face into Clint's neck smirking when he felt Clint wiggle on his lap.

"You could ride me all night long," Harry breathed slipping his hand under Clint's shirt and ghosting it down his side while bucking up slightly.

"Would it be a wild one?" Clint asked huskily wishing that they weren't in the living room with four other people. Damn his husband.

"Mmmm you would have to tame me," Harry answered nipping at Clint's neck.

"Damn you Harry," Clint cursed fighting the fantasy his love was weaving.

"Harry knock it off before I spray you down with water, you're traumatizing Steve," Natasha's voice was like cold water washing over Harry. He had forgotten that they weren't alone.

Taking a deep breathe, Harry looked over at beet red Steve and smiled ruefully, "Sorry Steve, we'll be good."

"I wasn't being naughty, you were," Clint muttered shifting into a different position.

"Shush you," Harry retorted with a grin.

"I would appreciate it Harry," Steve said nodding his head and with a wink continued, "For a moment I thought you were impersonating Tony."

"Nah, Tony likes the ladies and science," Harry quipped watching Tony blush a little catching on to what Harry meant by science since he had sat down he had done nothing but scoot closer to Bruce. However, poor Bruce was exhausted and had passed out the moment Tony had sat next to him and was resting his head on Tony's shoulder.

"Shhh, Brucie is sleeping," was all Tony could come up with at the moment, but he could care less since he was finally in group where he felt like he could belong and be accepted.

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