"You did not," Bruce laughed in disbelief as he swallowed his waffle drenched in syrup and strawberries.

"Oh yes he did," Natasha snickered spearing her own waffle with powder sugar.

"In my defense, I was rather young!" Harry defended his self, jabbing his bacon into the syrup left behind on his plate.

"Wow, I did some stupid things in my youth but wow," Tony was amazed as he sipped his black coffee with a dash of cream. Damn Harry bringing his uncouth ways into his life.

Clint snorted, his husband does have a track record but it made him more loveable. Clint snuck the last piece of bacon from Harry's plate and was about to glared to death for even daring to touch the sacred bacon, but he was saved by the bell. Literally as Harry's phone vibrated and played Hells Bells.

Everyone watched as Harry frown and answered his phone.

"This had better be good Fury," Harry growled into his phone. He didn't like to be interrupted during family time and when it was breakfast with bacon.

No one could understand Fury said as he spoke too low but it had Harry snap, "I'll be there shortly."

Harry stood from his chair, pressed a kiss to his hubby's lips then disappeared leaving the Avengers staring at his spot.

"Does he do that often?" Tony asked puzzled.

Natasha rolled her eyes, "More than we like to admit, but he always returns."

"He can take care of himself," Clint shrugged, "besides Harry's gonna unleash some serious mojo."

Clint and Natasha shared a grinned anytime it involved Fury it was bound to be a great show, a moment later the duo rushed to the living room calling out, "JARVIS can you play live feed from Fury's office?"

"Right away, Mr. Barton."

Bruce and Tony shared a glance before both turning to Steve who sighed before standing, "Might as well go see what has them excited."

The trio quickly made their way to where the super assassins/spies were perched on the couch watching the TV screen where Harry was seemingly pissed off if the tensed muscles were anything to go by, however the rage induced yelling was the cincher though.

"You mother fucking asshole! I told you to quit messing with my family and team! I fucking told you!" Harry roared advancing towards Fury. Righteous fury burning in his eyes, he was seriously getting fed up with all of the secret keeping. He hated it during The Second Wizarding War and he hates now.

"And I stand by what I did! They needed the extra push!" Fury replied trying to keep calm but his eye was ticking.

"The fuck they did! He better have not woken up thinking that we abandon him," Harry threatened jabbing his finger into Fury's chest before storming away from the office in search of Phil, a man who was like his brother.

As the Avengers watched the man who was keeping them together and sane, ass chew Fury, put together the clues that Agent Phil Coulson, a man who was had been there for each and everyone one of them in his own way, was alive and they had been lied to. They knew Fury held secrets, his secrets had secrets, hell he was The Spy but to keep Coulson away? Especially for so long was unpardonable.

The screen switched to show the inside of a room that belong to one Agent Phil Coulson who was tying his shoes albeit slowly.

"That son of a" Natasha started but was cut off when Tony slapped a hand over her mouth. She glared at Tony until they heard a door slamming open.

The TV zoomed in on the door where an enraged Harry stood panting.

"Hello Harry, Fury told you finally?" Phil greeted straightening with a wince, his wound wasn't healed all the way. He knew after he woke up what Fury had done when his first sight was his Captain America cards were blood stain and a small note that held a single word, "Necessary." Phil bided his time until his best friend come brother bailed him out.

Harry stormed over to Phil who slowly stood and braced. The Avengers were wondering why he would brace when Harry reared his fist back and clocked Phil on the cheek. The Avengers were shocked, from the way Harry talked about Phil, they wouldn't have guess Harry would hit him, but Phil and the two assassins understood. They knew Harry had a hard time losing those he loved and Harry had been angry at Phil for letting Loki get one up on him. Phil reached up to rub his cheek when Harry pulled Phil into a tight hug and buried his face into Phil's neck.

Phil stood awkward for a moment before he hugged Harry back just as tightly burying his own face into Harry's shoulder. Tony and Bruce looked away feeling like they were intruding, Steve couldn't help but feel relieved that Phil wasn't dead and he had a second chance to make it up to the Agent. Natasha and Clint didn't know what to feel. They wanted to be angry and hurt but they were happy.

When Harry pulled away, Phil looked up.

"You are moving to Stark Tower immediately. You are cleared of duty for two months. Don't argue," Harry commanded staring at his best friend, "Thank you for watching out for them."

"I owed you plus you're like family," Phil explained pulling away to grab his jacket, "I wasn't planning on fighting you either. I'm pissed that Fury ruined my Captain America cards."

Harry let out a bark of a laugh and sauntered out the door with Phil following. Before he left the view of the camera Harry flipped the bird making the Avengers laugh, all of them thinking, 'That's their Harry.'

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