Dinner was a tense affair. The stiffness surrounding the table was nearly palpable. The only saving grace was that the food was still as delicious as ever; as if it was saying sabotaging food was sacrilegious.

"This is delicious," Loki praised as ate another polite mouthful of pasta salad.

It was met with silence just as his complement of the chicken main dish.

Silence reigned on as everyone finished their portions. None of them wanting to interact with their former enemy.

"Steve, Tony," Harry began as scooted back from the table, "will you-"

"Yeah, we will do the dishes Har-bear," Tony affirmed teasing the other man trying dispel some of the awkwardness.

Harry nodded his thanks and offered his hand to his watchful Hawk. Accepting the hand, Clint stood up grabbing his drink and followed his husband out of the dining room.

"Well is a lively group," Loki commented and rolled his eyes at a pouty Thor who still had the silencing charm on him.

"What can I say, you can freeze a room," Tony sneered/smirked as he began to collect the plates from the Avengers near him. Steve quietly gathered the remaining food to take to the kitchen so they had left overs for midnight snacks.

Loki bristled underneath his mask, wanting to show Tony just how he can 'freeze a room'. Unfortunately the 'All Father' thought it prudent to bind his powers as he learns his lesson.

"Mr. Laufeyson and Mr. Odinson, you have been kindly giving rooms on this floor, courtesy of Mr. Stark. Do not leave that area or the main living area as you were shown early. The offer of hospitality is our show of willing to keep the peace between our worlds," Phil informed the Asgardian pair before he, too, left the area in search of some needed rest.

Natasha had slipped away but not before she slightly touched Steve's hand communicating that she was leaving when he came back for more dishes.

Bruce had disappeared when Tony left with the first round of plates, making his escape to his room. Dinner had been stressful while waiting for some form of an altercation to start.

Once the table cleared and dishwasher had been loaded and started, the only ones left at the table were a stony Loki and a still mute Thor.

"Well this was just enjoyable," Loki deadpanned before slinking off to the rooms they were given, leaving a sullen Thor at the table.

Harry was flexing his fingers as if the skin felt too tight around his hands. He felt his magic itching for a release; it was making him fidgety. He was sitting on a perch, Tony had jokingly install for the couple in the archery range that was designed with Hawkeye in mind. Joke was on Tony since Harry actually enjoyed it and often used it while he watched his husband practice his archery.

Watching Clint focused on shooting arrow after arrow at a dummy, Harry had conjured up, helped to release some of his tension but it was not enough. He needed to do something. Something with his magic that was currently building up with a threat but not threat so close to his family.

"Sooo," Tony drawled out walking in the room alerting the couple, "is it story time yet?"

Snorting, Harry replied, "No, but soon. Right now, reliving my and our history would add too much stress to my barely there composure."

"How about just the down and dirty of what the Master of Death is then?" Tony threw out.

Raising a brow at his recently acknowledged brother, Harry sardonically answered, "I can't die and neither can Clint."

Swallowing Tony thought about the benefits and consequences of that particular trick. All the time in world to do projects and going into fights/battles not worrying about dying, seeing the changes that come about, the advancements of technology, watching love ones grow old and die, seeing wars and the destruction, being captured and tortured with no release or escape of death as a safety net.

"Yeah, okay," Tony noted tamping down his curiosity on that subject, "sooo…"

Slanting his eyes towards Tony who was fidgeting a bit, Harry sighed, " Yes?"

"When you are up for it, I would like to test your magic against my suits. I would rather not be caught off guard in battle," Tony rushed out then grinning a bit maniacally.

Shrugging, since he was just thinking about need an outlet for his magic, Harry replied, " Sure why not."


"But not in your lab," Harry stated ignoring the indignant 'hey', "since my magic does have an effect on technology to a degree and I don't want to compromise the building's security, especially right now."

Tony could read between the lines, as he saw where Harry's protective gaze was directed towards Clint, 'not with Loki nearby'.

"Sure, we could jet over to my Malibu home today if you are up to it," Tony agreed easily enough eager to test out his suits and improve them.

"Whats up love and tin-man?" Clint greeted moseying over to them and slipping between Harry's legs as Harry's hands lightly rested on his waist.

"Tony wants me to make his gadgets go haywire," Harry smirked pecking his Hawk's lips.

"Way to sound dirty," Tony muttered grinning slightly, "Katniss, I want your hubby to test his magic against my suits. See if they explode or not."



Face palming, Tony wiped his hand down his face he watched the love-birds snicker with each other, happy to see them relaxing.

"I'll meet you there in a hour," Tony stated ignoring duo as he left to go inform Brucie that he was leaving.

"Would you like to join my hawk?" Harry breathed his question as he pressed soft kisses along his husband's jaw.

"Of course," Clint hummed relaxing into his love's touch, "Wouldn't want to miss you thrashing one of his suits."

Leering at the Hawk in his arms, Harry nipped at Clint's ear, grinning at the low moan that escaped while his hands slid down to grope the firm behind, "Wouldn't want to deprive you of that, especially considering your reactions to me thrashing things."

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