Title: Walker Never Comes Quietly

Author: BipolarMolar

Inspired by a tweet by someone, who, while watching the episode of Hollyoaks where Walker is hauled in by Detective Small for questioning, tweeted (and I'm paraphrasing here) : "You'd better clap handcuffs on him. Walker never comes quietly (!)" So, here you are: 5 Times Walker Was Too Loud And One Time He Was Just Right. Or rather, 5 Times Brendan found Inventive Ways To Gag Walker And One Time He didn't Have To. This will be 6 chapters in total- I'm already half-way through. Enjoy and don't forget to review, you wonderful people!.

1. In Brendan's Office

Walker never came quietly. In a gunfight, he'd come still shooting. In a barroom brawl, he'd be spitting blood, grinning through a split lip but would still manage to get one last good swipe in at his opponent before the others broke them up. Whether he was joking, taunting or knocking back beers, Walker always had something to say. And Walker never came quietly.

It took a while for Brendan to realise this after all, it had always been his assumption that Walker was straight. But that night when Walker kissed him, his lips moving so softly on Brendan's own mouth, Brendan had wondered if he was dreaming. He'd kissed back, his moans obscenely loud as he plundered the man's mouth, his tongue thrusting into Walker's mouth, in an attempt to fill him, feel him. At the time, he hadn't realised Walker's noise problem, probably (Brendan reluctantly acknowledged with some chagrin) because he, himself, had been moaning so loudly, he hadn't even heard Walker. The throbbing beat of the music in the bar had muffled their moans as Brendan had turned his attentions to Walker's throat. It wasn't easy, accessing that smooth, pale skin with Walker's awful coat getting in the way, so Brendan hastily unzipped it, pushing it down his shoulders. After that, the rest of their clothes had followed. It was easy to unfasten Walker's jeans with one hand while groping his arse with the other. Brendan had yanked the denim down, dropping to his knees to nuzzle his face against Walker's crotch, still covered by the boxer shorts he wore. Brendan had been surprised that this elicited a loud gasp of pleasure from the other man, his hips bucking enthusiastically to bring his groin closer to Brendan's mouth, but he had cast it off as a one-off. It became clear though, as Walker's t-shirt was pulled over his head, as Brendan's shirt lost buttons and he kicked off his brogues while ripping off Walker's boxer shorts, that the man just wouldn't shut up.

He appreciated the enthusiasm, he did, it made him smirk,(pressing kisses on Walker's jaw as he did so) to see how much power he had over the man, how one well-placed kiss or hand could bring him to his knees, but Brendan was a bit concerned that someone might hear. If someone, Joel or Cheryl, were to walk into his office right now, they'd see Walker, without a stitch of clothing on, lying on his back on Brendan's desk. And Brendan, equally bare, pushing one lube-slicked finger inside Walker's entrance.

"Brendan! Oh, please, that feels so…good…Bren…"

"Shhh…" Brendan shushed him, feeling the stretch of Walker's muscle around his digit. But Walker didn't seem to heed this, writhing under Brendan's hand and moaning loudly. "Please, Brendan, I need- give me more…"

Brendan complied, in the hope that it may make the man quieten down. Satisfied that Walker was open, he began to use his digits to finger the man in earnest, watching Walker's handsome face become flushed and sweaty. "Oh! Uh!" He was groaning now, slamming his head back onto the desk repeatedly but not seeming to notice, as he ground himself down on Brendan's fingers. Brendan felt his mouth go slack, greedily drinking in the sight of his fingers being swallowed by Walker's hole, wanting to replace them with his cock.

"Walker," Brendan said quietly, cupping Walker's face with his free hand. Walker stared up at him dazedly, a silly smile on his kiss-swollen lips. "Yeah?"

"I want to-"

"Brendan," A Scottish brogue could be heard through the door. Joel. "Can I have a word?"

"Uh…" Brendan looked around hurriedly, pulling his shirt on and throwing the rest of his and Walker's clothes under the desk. There wasn't time for him to get dressed, even less time for Walker to pull on his clothes(the man still seemed caught up in the sensation of being penetrated and so wasn't much use currently) but he figured if he could put on his shirt and sit himself at the desk, it might look like he was dressed.

"Hang on!" Brendan called, buttoning his shirt hurriedly. He cursed as he saw it was missing a couple of buttons; Walker hadn't exercised much patience with him. But at least his chest was covered. "Ah!" He grabbed a handful of Walker's thick hair, using it to push him under the desk just as Joel walked into the room.

"Baby fox," Brendan smirked, watching the boy with narrowed eyes. If he could play this right, act like he wasn't naked from the waist-down and hard as a rock, with a very gorgeous, very available man at his feet, then nobody would have to know of his and Mr Walker's sordid little arrangement.

"Brendan, some men are here to see you."

"What men?" Brendan snapped, to hide the fact that Walker was leaning up, resting his head on Brendan's thigh to hear, and his hair was tickling Brendan's skin.

"I dunno, something about a deal-"

"Tell them to come back later." Brendan discreetly glanced down, and his and Walker's eyes met. Seeing him kneeling, his mouth so close to Brendan's weeping cock, the Irishman felt a stab of impatience to finish this conversation and finish it quickly.

"Well, I- I did, I told them you might be busy but they said you'd want a cut of this-"

"Jesus Christ!" Brendan suddenly bellowed, as hot warmth enveloped his cock. He squinted down again to see Walker sucking at him, with eyes closed and the most ecstatic expression on his face. Feeling Brendan's incredulous gaze on him, Walker opened his wide eyes, staring back. He gave the head a strong lick.

Joel was staring at Brendan open-mouthed. There was a scrabbling panic in Brendan's mind before he realised that Joel's shock was at having his colleague scream Jesus Christ. Brendan needed to stop Walker from doing that, that thing again, but he couldn't very well reach down and grasp hold of Walker – it would look very suspicious from Joel's angle. He needed to distract the boy, so (crossing his finger with one hand) he pointed with the other, to behind the Scottish youth. "Jesus Christ! Over there!" To his amazement, it worked, Joel turned to see his Lord and Saviour, and Brendan tangled Walker's hair in his fingers, stopping any movement.

Joel turned around, with a scowl on his face. "Very funny," he snapped. Brendan couldn't help the smirk that rose on his lips- he didn't know what was funnier, that he currently had Walker under the table and Joel didn't even know, that he told Joel he'd just seen a religious figure, or that Joel had actually had to check.

"Sorry," Brendan drawled, stroking Walker's hair in a leisurely way under the desk. "I thought I saw Him but it must have been…your shadow."

Joel made a sound of disgust. "We've wasted enough time, what do you want to do about these men?" Brendan considered it. If they were as important as Joel seemed to think (although sometimes he reckoned Joel needed a map to find his own dick) Brendan would have to deal with these men himself. He said as much to Joel. "I suppose I'd better come with –argh!" Walker had smartly nipped at Brendan's thigh, not hard enough to draw blood, but just enough pressure of his sharp teeth that Brendan jolted, a pinprick of pain on his leg. Now, Walker was running his tongue soothingly along the tender soreness, pressing warm kisses on it with those ridiculously wide lips of his. Brendan realised he was holding Walker's head too hard so let go.

"Joel, you can't, I don't know, distract them? Stall them?"

"No." Joel said bluntly.

Brendan slammed a fist onto the desk in frustration, and then swore as Walker took him deep into his mouth, no preparation, no warning. Brendan supposed it was punishment for whacking the desk but that was the point where common sense stopped. He concentrated on trying not to give himself away, not moaning as Walker silently kissed the length of his prick from root to base. Not toss his head back as Walker tongued his balls. And certainly not grab hold of Walker's head, forcing him down to take more, until Brendan was fucking his face as his protégé stood, blathering on. No, that wouldn't do at all. Unwillingly, his eyes drooped, his body aroused even if his mind was unsure. Brendan knew he was going to come and so he had to think fast. "Joel, it's time you took a more HANDS-on role in the bar!" Walker quickly tucked his hands back under the desk before Joel noticed. "I think you should go and I'll c-come after." Walker stopped for a second, obviously listening. Clearly, he had understood the message: Stop until Joel goes. I don't want to come in front of him. Brendan breathed a sigh of relief.

"You…trust me? To do the deal?" Joel said, a look of wild hope on his young face. Brendan mentally "facepalmed", feeling like he was in a very bad adaption of The Lion king.

"Yes," he gasped, as one of Walker's hands roamed up to stroke his thigh. Then his cock. Oh god.

"I don't know what to say..." Joel stammered. Walker was ruthlessly pumping Brendan's shaft now, and the Irishman realised with horror that he was close to coming. Joel was babbling, looking equal parts pleased and near-tearful but Simon Walker had had enough. He rose, a magnificent sight of six-foot something British strength, his hair mussed from Brendan's fingers and pre-come lining the sides of his mouth. "Fuck off, Joel, we're busy." He snapped to the startled teen, and that was when Brendan came, a filthy moan on his lips as he shot thick white come into Walker's palm. Without missing a beat, Walker withdrew his sticky hand, flicking it at Joel. Joel just managed to dart out the door with only a few globules of Brendan's seed on his clothes and hair, as the rest splattered onto the door which he hurriedly pulled behind him.