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Clary watched as the leaves flew off the ground. She saw how they jumped and danced as if they had something to celebrate. She let her pencil sweep across her sketch book. Tracing the lines of the golden leaves carefully. She felt the wind brush her face, making her hair whip across her cheek. It obscured her vision for a moment before she finally chose to tie her copper curls into a loose knot. She watched as the trees swayed in the distance.


That's the last thing Clary had said to her boyfriend-of-the-time before she slammed the door to their small apartment behind her. She had made it to the small coffee shop they used to always go to. It was a minutes' walk away from their apartment, the main reason they decided to rent it in the first place. She had turned around, hoping to find her boyfriend's dark tousled hair blowing around in the breeze or his perfect smile playing at the corners of his mouth. But there was nothing. Not a single sign to show that he even cared enough to chase after her. Pathetic. The word echoed around in her head. Pathetic of her to even want him to follow her! She pushed the awful memory of their breakup aside and felt her pencil still gliding across the page. She stared down at the picture. What was meant to be a cluster of golden leaves soaring into the sky turned into the face of Sebastian.
Her ex-boyfriend.

"Ugh," Clary groaned, ripping the page from her sketch book and crumpling it up between her fingers.
"Get your shit together, Clary." She mumbled the words to herself. She had dumped Sebastian over a month ago, why was it so hard to forget him? A whole month! Sebastian had most likely moved on. Scratch that, he had definitely moved on. Clary sucked in a deep breath before deciding she needed to get some caffeine in her system. And soon. She tucked her sketch book and pencils into her black messenger bag before retreating from the park bench she had previously occupied.

"Hey," A voice called from behind her. She quickly turned in hopes of finding Sebastian with his well-written apology. But no, instead a boy with golden hair and striking eyes to match was standing before her.

"Oh, sorry. I thought you were- um, somebody else," The boy muttered. He looked about 19, 20, around Clary's age. She had never seen him amongst the crowd in the halls of St. Xavier's, her old high school she had graduated from. On second thought, Clary had never seen this boy anywhere around Manhattan. Surely she would have remembered that.

"No big deal, you must have me confused with another dashing red head." Where did that come from? Cammie screamed mentally. She watched as the boy slowly looked up. He had small smirk plastered across his face. Clary could almost feel the butterflies beating inside her stomach.

"Don't think so, pretty sure I'd never get you mixed up with somebody else." He smiled, that was it, Clary couldn't just feel the butterflies in her stomach, she could feel them fluttering around into her throat.

"I'm Jace." The boy nodded. He extended his hand out before Clary shook it in confirmation.


"Is that short for Clarissa?" Jace asked, his eyes lighting up.

"Yeah, kind of old fashioned but I guess that's what you get when your parents are into that stuff."

"Ha, tell me about it. Both my mum and dad are historians; they came to New York for the 'vast knowledge seeping inside the walls of the buildings'." Jace smiled.

"Wow, that's awesome. You just decided to come along for the ride?" Clary tried her best to hide her deep interest in this boy.

"That and I just got accepted into Juilliard. Plus I have some friends around here, so you know; I won't be a complete loner." Jace gave a small laugh. Clary couldn't help but bit her bottom lip. Even his laugh had that throaty, rugged, sexiness to it.

"Juilliard? Are you serious? I go there!" Clary couldn't help but give a little jump. She didn't know what exactly was making her act this way, but she was guessing it was dressed in a pair of sneakers and a leather jacket.

"That's so cool. Well what do you know, I've been here for almost 3 days and I've already made a friend." Jace mocked, "I mean an actual native."

Clary playfully punched Jace's shoulder, "You said you have friends from around here."

"I do, but I met most of them back home. There all here for the colleges too I guess." Jace added, "And the whole 'city that never sleeps' thing."

Clary couldn't stop the smile spreading across her face. She had known the guy for 2 minutes and she was already melting under his gaze.

"So do you live on campus?" Jace asked.

"Uhh, I guess I will be now." Clary mumbled, clearly thinking of Sebastian and their used-to-be shared apartment.

"I think I will be too. I love my parents and all, but living under the same roof with them again, no thanks." Jace laughed.

Clary nodded in agreement. She was planning on moving in with her mother, Jocelyn and her new husband, Luke, since the whole apartment thing with Sebastian didn't work out, but Clary had something to prove. She had already gotten accepted in Juilliard which was huge, but she also wanted to be independent. Starting with her living arrangements.

"So, I guess I'll see you at school?" Jace raised his eyebrows at Clary.

"Definitely." Clary nodded.

Jace flashed an award winning smile in Clary's direction and jogged off towards the park gates.

Clary could almost feel the wind rushing out of her lungs. She clutched her messenger back tightly and strode away. She felt the heat rise up to her cheeks and for once in a long time, she felt that tingling sensation all over.

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