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Chapter Five

Clary swore she stopped breathing for a few seconds. Sebastian. Sebastian freaking Verlac was standing only a metre away from her. The one guy she swore she would never see again. The one guy that broke Clary's heart into a million pieces and stomped on them was right in front of her.

"Sebastian," Clary choked out again.

Jace looked back and forth against the two, "So you guys know each other I take it?"

Clary blinked a few times, hoping this was just a dream. This can't be happening.

"Yeah, Clary and I, we used to, uh, date." Sebastian answered; he had his hand at the nape of his neck. Date? Clary thought. We used to share an apartment!

"Dated? Wow, well…" Jace trailed off. He could sense how awkward this was turning.

Clary looked down at her feet then back at the two boys.

"I-I need to get back to my dorm, I'll see you later?" She asked Jace shakily.

"Yeah, sure." He nodded. Jace reached for Clary's hand a planted a small kiss on her forehead, "I'll call you."

Clary nodded, biting her lip from anxiousness. She hurried up the stairs and rushed into her room.

"Whoa, a little harder and that door would have swung off its hinges," Isabelle snapped. She was sitting cross legged on her bed, painting her toenails a dark purple.

"Sorry," Clary began pacing across the floor. "Sebastian," She muttered to herself, "Sebastian."

Isabelle stopped painting her nails and looked up. "Is there something bothering you?" She asked.

"That would be an understatement," Clary mumbled sarcastically.

"Look," Isabelle said, getting up from her bed, "I'm new to this whole 'roommate thing' so I don't know how you want me to react,"

Clary released a sigh, "Okay," she started.

"Okay…" Isabelle pried.

"My boyfriend's roommate is my ex," Clary blurted out.

"I thought you said you didn't have a boyfriend?" Isabelle narrowed her heavily lined eyes.

"Well, I don't. He's the guy I'm kind of involved with but not entirely." Clary amended.

Isabelle analysed the situation for a second, "Right. So what are you going to do?"

"I don't know, Izzy!" Clary snapped, "Why do you think I'm freaking out so much!"

"Alright, calm down. It can't be as bad as you think it is. He's just an ex, right?" Izzy asked, slightly worried.

Clary stopped pacing to run her fingers in her copper curls.

"Well, we used to live together," She gritted her teeth.

"Wow, and here I was thinking I was the most experienced in the room…" Isabelle crossed her arms.


"Sorry, not the time to make jokes." She shook her head.

Clary began massaging her forehead. She knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to storm into Jace's room and tell him everything. But how would he react?

"Maybe your ex has forgotten everything?" Isabelle pointed out.

"You didn't see Sebastian, he remembered." Clary shifted from foot to foot.

"Wait- Sebastian? You don't- No you can't mean Sebastian Verlac?" Isabelle gasped.

"Oh God, you know him too. Great." Clary groaned.

"Well, not personally. He's going to be in my acting class," Isabelle replied, "I've seen some of his commercials, he's fantastic."

Clary thought back to when she lived with Sebastian in their small apartment. He was trying to make it big in New York. He accepted any projects offered, commercials, advertisements, anything.

"So Seb, what are you working on this week?" Clary had called from the kitchen.

"I got an offer for a chocolate bar commercial." Sebastian replied.

"That's great hun!" Clary said enthusiastically.

"Yeah, but it's not anything new." Sebastian was hunched over his laptop, searching for more job openings.

"It's still an opportunity that can't be missed." Clary pointed out as she strolled into the lounge room with two cups of steaming coffee.

"It's still not enough," Sebastian snapped, "You wouldn't understand, Clary."

Clary stood still for a moment before forcefully placing his cup on the small coffee table. Hot liquid leaking down the side.

"Sorry to disappoint you," She said sarcastically as she left the room.

"Clary…" Sebastian hollered, "Come back, I didn't mean it like that!"

"I know exactly how you meant it, Seb." Clary announced from their bedroom.

Sebastian knocked on the locked door. "Clary," He murmured, "Clary, let me in."

Clary remained silent on the other side of the door.

"Baby, I'm sorry. Let me in," Sebastian asked again.

The door creaked open, revealing a small path of light. Sebastian stepped inside and found Clary seated at the edge of their bed. He sat down beside her and ran his fingers through her hair.

Clary loved it when Sebastian did this. It always calmed her down.

"Sebastian…." Clary whispered, "Don't. I'm mad at you."

"Not for long," He whispered back as he began to kiss her temple, cheek then eventually her lips.

Clary snapped back to reality. That was the last thing she needed to be thinking of right now.

"Jeez, I still can't believe you dated, no lived with, Sebastian Verlac." Izzy muttered in disbelief.

"Trust me; it's not all it's worked up to be." Clary rolled her eyes.

"If you don't want him, I'll take him," Izzy smiled deviously.

"I thought you like Simon?" Clary asked.

"Liked," Izzy corrected her, "He didn't want to go out with me. Whatever, his loss."

"Simon? My Simon? Simon Lewis, right?" Clary checked.

"That would be him." Isabelle nodded. Clary couldn't believe that her nerdy friend, who was in the lamest band ever, who played dungeons and dragons in his spare time and had a craving for manga comics, didn't agree to go out with Isabelle. Isabelle.

"He's probably just nervous," Clary nodded, "You should call him back."

"His girlfriend told me not too." Izzy said.

"Girlfriend?" Clary choked, "Simon doesn't have a girlfriend!"

"She told me otherwise," Izzy shrugged.

Clary thought back to her and Maia's conversation over the phone.

"Oh God, I promise you he doesn't have a girlfriend. Just, call him back." Clary asked, hopeful.

"Fine, I will later." Izzy agreed.

Clary really needed to have a talk with Maia, but in the mean time she needed to figure everything out with Sebastian and Jace.


Jace closed the door behind himself. He pulled his leather jacket off and threw it on his bed.

Sebastian watched him out of the corner of his eyes as he pretended to busy himself with a book.

"So, you and Clary," Jace started, trying to hide the jealousy in of his voice.

"Uh, yeah man." Sebastian nodded awkwardly.

"For how long?" Jace asked.

"Look Jace, it doesn't matter. I'm pretty sure Clary and I are over anyway." Sebastian scratched the back of his head.

"I know, I was just curious," Jace shrugged.

Sebastian nodded once more, "How, um, how serious are you guys?"

"Oh, uh, not that serious, you know. Just a casual thing." Jace bit the inside of his left cheek.

"Right." Sebastian shifted from foot to foot.

"You guys, never…" Jace mumbled, "You know…"

"Oh, um," Sebastian looked down at his feet.

Jace nodded in agreement. He understood completely.

"We don't need to talk about this," Sebastian shook his head.

"Right." Jace said firmly.

The two sat there awkwardly for the next few minutes.

"I should probably see Clary, make sure she's okay." Jace got up.

"Yeah, totally." Sebastian agreed.

Jace left the room and started for the stairs.


"It was serious, wasn't it?" Izzy asked.

"I guess so, we did live together." Clary reminded her.

"Right, yeah." Izzy nodded, "So that means you guys would have…"

"Would have what?" Clary asked.

"Done the nasty," Isabelle whispered.

"Oh," Clary widened her eyes, "Um, a few times, that's all."

"Sure," Izzy winked.

"Isabelle…" Clary groaned.

"I'm just saying that if I had a guy as sexy as that living with me, I wouldn't be able to contain myself," Izzy shrugged.

"Clary?" Jace's muffled voice called from outside.

Clary jumped suddenly and motioned to Izzy to keep it low. She opened the door and let him inside.

"Hey, you alright?" He asked.

"Yeah, sorry for leaving like that." Clary apologized.

"No don't worry about it," Jace smiled. But Clary couldn't stop worrying about it. It being Sebastian.

Jace looked around and saw Izzy seated in the corner.

"Sorry- Did I interrupt something?" Jace asked.

"No don't mind me; I was just, uh, going to take pictures, in the hallway." Isabelle excused herself and gave a suggestive look at Clary.

"Your roommate seems nice," Jace laughed as she slipped out of the door.

"Yeah, she is," Clary agreed; wish I could say the same for yours though.

"So…do you want to talk about it?" Jace asked as he moved closer to her.

"Do you really want to hear me talk about my relationship with Sebastian?" Clary raised an eyebrow.

"Well, not really, but if it helps you get over it-"Jace started.

"Jace, don't worry. I'm over it. Way over it." Clary assured him.

"That's good to hear." He replied as he pulled her into a hug.

Clary could feel a smiling pulling against her lips as she inhaled the warm scent of Jace.

"Jace," Clary murmured against his chest.

"Mmm?" He replied.

"You need to meet my friends," She said suddenly.

"Wow, meeting your friends? This is a whole lot more serious than I thought," He joked.

"You'll like them, and I really want to get out of here," Clary gestured to her bed, "I'll call them." Clary nodded as she pulled away from him.

Jace felt the heat radiating from Clary leave his body almost instantly.

"Okay, why not?" He smiled.


Jace held the door to Taki's open for Clary and Isabelle.

They rushed inside and were greeted with the smiling faces of Maia, Jordan and Simon.

The six exchanged greetings and introductions. Which included a round of "Hellos" and "Nice-to-meet-you's"

"We ordered everyone burgers, hope that's alright," Jordan said as he slung an arm around Maia.

Everyone nodded and sat quietly for the arrival of their food.

"Well, this is profoundly awkward." Simon muttered under his breath. He was seated next to Izzy who couldn't help shooting him a scorned look once in a while.

"Your meals," A waitress smiled as she placed six plates of burgers on their table.

Kaelie didn't look to be working tonight which helped Clary relax a lot more.

At least one thing was going right. Simon was right this dinner was awkward.

Everyone began eating and focusing on anything but small talk. Clary couldn't help but notice Simon watching Jace constantly.

"So Jace, what did you do on your summer in the 10th grade?" Simon blurted out. Winning a few looks of confusion.

"Uh," Jace raised his eyebrows.

"Don't answer that, Simon was just kidding." Clary assured him, "Quite a joker, aren't we Si?"

Clary leant lower in her seat to kick Simon under the table but resulted in kicking Maia.

"Ow!" She cried out.

"Sorry, you know how I get them leg spasms," Clary apologized, hoping that Maia would understand what she was getting at.

"Right, those leg spasms you get," Maia nodded.

"You get leg spasms?" Izzy asked.

"Sometimes, when I feel stressed," Clary shot a look at Simon who swallowed his food quickly.

"Anyway, what are you studying at Juilliard for, Jace?" Jordan asked, hopeful to make conversation.

"Musical studies." Jace answered.

"Cool, what instrument do you play?" Jordan leant forward.

"Anything, mostly guitar," Jace shrugged.

"That's awesome. Me and Simon are part of this band, Millennium Lint-" Jordan started.

"Your band's name is Millennium Lint? What does that even mean?" Isabelle asked, slightly confused.

"Who knows," Jordan shrugged, "But I'm the lead singer and Simon's the bassist. We have a gig this weekend and we're in need of a lead guitarist. Interested?" Jordan's eyes blazed with excitement.

Clary perked up and turned to Jace. Her eyes were obviously telling him to accept the offer.

Clary probably wants me to spend some time with her friends. Jace thought.

Jace scratched the back of his neck; he looked around at everyone's anxious faces.

"Yeah, why not?" Jace agreed.

"Sweet," Jordan smiled. He pulled Simon and Jace into a discussion about the gig and rehearsals.

"Well that went well," Maia smiled.

"Thank God," Clary rolled her eyes.

"But what's she doing here?" Maia cocked her head in Isabelle's direction.

"Maia, she's my roommate, I want you guys to get along." Clary put her hands on her hips.

"Fine, ugh." Maia reluctantly agreed.

"Did you tell Isabelle that Simon has a girlfriend?" Clary asked her.

"I may have said something along those lines…" Maia trailed off, avoiding Clary's questioning glare.

"Maia! You said you would give her a shot!" Clary shook her head.

"I'm sorry but it was a spur of the moment. I saw Simon's phone ringing and I just took advantage of the situation," Maia explained.

"You're a bad person." Clary smiled wistfully.

"I know, it keeps me up at night." Maia winked, "Look, I'll talk to her now. Tell her everything."

"Good," Clary watched as her best friend moved across the booth to speak to her roommate.

Everyone was engaged in a conversation. Clary was content with sitting there, watching all her friend get to know each other.

As the evening rolled around, everyone agreed they needed to get back to their respectful homes. With a more eccentric clutter of goodbye's everyone left the small diner.

That night, Clary lay awake for many different reasons.




Clary wasn't aware what time her body decided to give into the sleepy state and fall into a quiet slumber.

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