Epilogue—"But Love Remains"

(Extract from a letter written to Mr. and Mrs. Owen Ford, Berlin, Germany, by Mrs. Dr. Gilbert Blythe (nee Anne Shirley), Ingleside, Glen St. Mary, P.E.I., Canada)

August 28, 1933

…Walter and Una's wedding was today here at Ingleside—a very quiet wedding, with only family members (and Susan, of course!) in attendance.  Carl gave his sister away, and Jerry performed the ceremony.  Una wore her mother's wedding dress with a pin Walter had given her as her only ornament.  I remember Miss Cornelia saying she was "not pretty, but sweet," but today she was more than pretty.  She reminded me of the way you looked at your wedding, Leslie—the beauty of a woman who's waited for a long time for love to come.

Walter seems to finally have come to terms with those years that he was separated from us.  There's still a distance between him and the rest of the family in many ways, but now it's more a distance due to the time that we've been apart than for any other reason.  Both Gilbert and I are pleased that he and Una decided to marry—I think she's the best thing that ever could have happened to him…

…I hope you'll be able to return home soon once Owen finishes doing his research for his next book.  I don't like what I read about Germany's new Chancellor at all—complete dictatorial power is never good for an individual to have.  I find myself thinking back to the years before the War, and how things that seemed trivial then became monumental thereafter.  I know that the League of Nations has things under control now, but with this shadowy future before us, who knows what will happen in the next ten years?

But then I look at Walter and Una, at Rilla and Ken and all the others, at the grandchildren, at my dear Gilbert.  Governments rise, governments fall.  There are times of war, times of peace, and times when you hardly know which is which.  But love remains a constant throughout, through good times and bad.  And so, as I heard my son whisper to his new wife this afternoon, we "keep faith".