To the stars

Chapter 6: Trump Card

Trump cards, Seto was still pondering over the term while he watched Joey's face. He had the strange felling that Joey wasn't exactly talking about a ship or the asteroids any more. The sparkle in his eyes indicated strongly that he had the little hide and seek game, they where currently playing, on his mind and Seto wondered what kind of trump he might be having. Considering the confident look the blond had it probably was a rather good one. Whatever it was, Seto had to find a way around to get Atem back to Egypt if he ever wanted to see his little brother. Even if it might mean that his current relationship with the sexy smuggler might get a bit troublesome. Joey was probably not too keen to be tied to Seto's bed, even if he seemed to enjoy their time in Joey's bed.

"Joey?" Joey turned to look at a very upset looking Yugi who in return watched the bounty hunter who was currently filling in as the co-pilot. "Why is he co-piloting?"

"Oh about that." Joey mumbled with a slight blush, "He offered and I thought that way you two could have a bit more time to yourself. I know that I was preoccupied during the last few days and that you had to do a lot of overtime due to that."

"Sure that's the only reason." Yugi still looked upset and sounded like he didn't believe it at all and Joey knew that he had a point. Joey had been curious how it'd be to fly with Seto and he had enjoyed it way too much.

"Don't worry." Joey tried to calm his friend, "He might be a great pilot, but you're much better company."

"Yeah right." Yugi mumbled. He was just about to point out that they had both been sort of preoccupied and not done all that much with each other which proved that Joey must enjoy the bounty hunters company much more than he was willing to let on but Yami moved his arms around him and gave him a little kiss.

"Thanks Joey." Yami said after the kiss. "I'm actually happy that I had a bit more time with Yugi that way."

Yugi still looked a little upset but didn't complain further. Atem was begging him for days to stop working with Joey since being with a known smuggler might get him in trouble some day. "Seto?" Joey asked after watching Yugi's troubled face for a moment. "Could you stick around here for a moment, I need to discuss something with my co-pilot and his lover boy about our stay in Brooklyn and would like to do that in peace, please."

"Why can't you do that here?" Seto asked suspicious.

"I've got my reasons." Joey replied and added with a playful grin, "Just stay put and I swear I let Yugi watch out while we go into my room until we arrive in about two hours, you can choose how we pass the time there."

Seto watched him for a moment, "If you think that this is your trump then you better find a better one."

"Oh trust me," Joey replied chuckling, "I'm covered."

After that he simply left with Yami and Yugi. Joey listened for steps and was glad to not hear Seto follow right away but still, once they all were in Yugi's room he said, "Since I have an autopilot I guess that Seto is eavesdropping, so please be careful. Yami, I guess that you'll need some time to adjust, after all the travels." The way Joey looked at him it was clear that it was less the travel as the situation around it that he meant. "I think you should stay with my friend on Brooklyn, he is really smart and I'm sure you can learn a lot from him." Yami nodded to indicate that he understood. He already had wondered how to go about a fake history that he had no information about. This was probably the way he was to gain those informations. "Yugi, I think it's best if you stay there for a while too, like last time we dropped someone in a similar way. I guess Yami will like it better anyway."

"And what about you?" Yugi asked.

"I got by without a co-pilot before and I'll do again." Joey replied. "Our friend can help you to settle in there and maybe you find nice jobs there. If not, you can always come back once Yami had a bit of time to adjust."

"I guess you're right." Yugi agreed, "This is the best for now. But what will happen with Seto, you think you can get him off our backs?"

"Don't worry," Joey tried to look confident but right now he didn't feel that way. "I know that I can get him off your heals, I'm just not sure if it'll work the way I want it to."

"Why?" Yami wanted to know, "What are you planning with him?"

Joey opened the door without warning and in front was no other than Seto Kaiba. "Doesn't look like I can say that safely while he's on board."

"I just wanted to ask if you need long since we won't have much time to pass if you don't hurry." Seto immediately said to cover his eavesdropping.

"Yeah right." Joey rolled his eyes. "I bet that's the only reason you're in front of this door."

"I guess that's everything now anyway right?" Yugi asked, "I guess I go to the control room then, but only after you two get out of my room."

Yugi didn't need to say that twice. Joey hardly had the time to say okay because Seto already grabbed him at his wrist and pulled him towards Joey's room and once inside Joey felt Seto's lips on his own. "I guess that means you know how to pass the time with me." Joey mumbled while Seto stopped for air.

"Of course, I'm going to enjoy every minute just in case you get stubborn after I tie you to my bed for your own protection." Seto practically purred into Joey's ear.

Joey chuckled and asked. "What if you don't catch me do something illegal. Which you can't since I would never do that."

"Yeah, never." Seto smiled smugly and confident. "Let's just say, I have a got motivation to win."

"You still can't win." Joey replied and actually looked a little sad. "I would like to see you again some time though."

Seto could see the blush spread over Joey's face and mumbled, "A smuggler dating a bounty hunter. Do you really think that it's going to work?"

"Not really." Joey replied a little sad, "But I still like you, at least a tiny bit."

Seto looked into his eyes and mumbled "Then let me win."

"Even if I did what you think I did," Joey replied carefully, "I couldn't betray my friend."

"Then I just have to make sure that I win." Seto told him before he kissed the blond again. Joey enjoyed the time they had left and was sure that it would probably end soon, but that didn't mean he wouldn't try to stay with Seto. He had a plan but this plan was more like frying a steak at the ships engine than a smuggling plan. It probably wouldn't work.

Once they reached Brooklyn Yugi called Joey into the control room to land. Yugi was co-piloting again during the landing since it was still officially his position and Joey didn't want to disappoint him, but he hoped that one day he could fly with Seto again. It was much easier since he didn't need to tell him everything he had to do in detail. Once they had touched the ground Seto asked, "They aren't a bad team, don't you think so Atem?"

"I agree." Yami said. And in the same moment he had reacted to his old name Seto had pulled a gun and by the time the two words were finished Seto already pointed it on Yugi's head. "What are you doing?"

"He's doing his job." Joey answered Yami's outraged question. And much to Seto's demise, he was still as calm as he had been before. Maybe it was because he didn't fear to be caught, maybe he actually wanted to end up tied to a bed, he most certainly had enjoyed their time together. But Seto had a feeling that it wasn't the reason. He was still sure to win. "You just gave yourself away by reacting to Atem. Didn't I tell you that your name is Yami now?"

"Put that gun down." Yami commanded in the tone he was used to from his time as prince Atem.

"Why would I?" Seto asked, "Neither you nor Joey want to see this short-fry harmed, which means he's the best hostage in this situation. And let me point out that you're not exactly on Egypt so you've got nothing to say."

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Joey told Seto, who still worried that Joey could still sound and look this calm.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't do this." Seto said smugly, "I won."

"Firstly," Joey started to say slowly. "Because our dear Aknamkanon, you know the guy who's supposed to pay you, can't pay you."

"Why not?" Seto asked.

"Because he can't let you see your brother." Joey explained. "Your brother disappeared from the Kaiba tower a few years ago. Aknamkanon tried to keep it a secret which is why he didn't even try to find the boy. He simply pretended the kid to still be there to avoid bounty hunters from hearing about it. I only know because, well a friend of mine knows a friend who knows someone who heard about it from the person who took the boy."

Seto glared but then said, "Your information could be wrong and I still would gain a little puppy leashed to my bed."

"That's brings me to seconds," Joey said growling angrily. "I'm not a puppy and I sure as hell won't tell you where you can find your brother if you treat me like one and tie me to your bed. And my informations are never wrong."

"I will find him without your help too." Seto insisted, unwilling to give up on his puppy.

"Then let me point out the third reason." Now it was Joey's turn to look smug. "If you bust us, you bust the guy who is holding the fake papers too."

"Why would I care?" Seto asked but suddenly got out a second gun. He heard steps and was sure that who ever created the papers was about to enter the room. He held the gun towards the door and stared at the person who was revealed once the door opened. The person who had created the papers and entered the ship right after landing wasn't more than a kid. But it wasn't just any child. Seto looked right into the stormy grey eyes of his little brother.

"Big brother." Mokuba mumbled and then his eyes moved to the weapon in Seto's hand that was pointing right towards his own head. Seto dropped it right away and put it away along with the one he had been holding towards Yugi while Mokuba started to smile and then jumped into his brothers arms saying, "I missed you so much big brother."

While Mokuba was still hugging his brother Joey quickly took the fake papers from Mokuba's hand and held them out to Yami. "Here you go pal. And like I said, you can stay here for the time being with Mokuba, he'll teach you everything you need to know to keep your fake history believable. Yugi can stay too and help you get used to this life. He did the same for Mokuba."

"You got him out, didn't you?" Seto asked and looked at Joey.

"Yes I did," Joey replied, "And you know you were right before, I really should start to charge since as you pointed out, I never get any money otherwise. So how about my payment is that you tell Aknamkanon that Atem wasn't with me and that by now it would be impossible to find him any time soon since he sent you to the wrong direction. Because if you don't, Mokuba hangs in it too and on top you owe me."

Seto gave a sigh and then nodded. "Too bad, I would love having a little puppy."

"I'm not a puppy." Joey grumbled. "But that doesn't mean that you can't spend time with me. You just have to stop hunting me and my friends."

"And how am I supposed to make a living then?" Seto wanted to know.

"Since Yugi will be staying with Yami and Mokuba right here on Brooklyn," Joey reminded the bounty hunter, "I'll need a new co-pilot, or since you're just as skilled as a pilot, how about being my partner?"

"You're not suggesting that I, a bounty hunter, should partner up with a well known smuggler?" Seto sounded outraged and part of him was, but to his own surprise not as much as he thought he should be. Joey officially owned a transport business and Seto had been trained as a merchant by Gozaburo Kaiba, which meant that he knew a lot about this line of business. He could even change the transport business completely if he could get more profit that way. Seto was sure that Joey wouldn't care if he did as long as he could fly.

"No, I just want ya to run the transport company with me." Joey clarified, "And maybe turn blind and deaf whenever you see or hear something that might hint that something illegal is going on around you. Not that I would be involved in that."

Seto couldn't help but grin a little. "How about you let me handle the company and you stop the smuggling?"

"I'd be starving without the occasional extra cargo." Joey pointed out. "Not that it be an illegal one."

"Not if I organize your run down little business." Seto insisted rolling his eyes at Joey's attempts to appear innocent.

"I'll think about it." Joey replied and Yugi was sure that it meant even less as it had when Joey had promised the same thing to him. It wasn't the money that drove Joey to smuggle, it was the kick. And trying to hide it from a former bounty hunter partner would probably just make it all the more exciting to him. And even Yugi still didn't know all the hidden compartments in that ship.

"Good boy." Seto praised but even though he was visibly tempted to stay with Joey, he clearly wasn't convinced that it be a good idea. "And what will I do with my ship?"

"Leave Roland and your ship with Mokuba, I still got your sender on mine, that way they can find and visit us whenever they want to." Joey suggested and Mokuba cheered. He loved the possibility to see his brother whenever he wanted again. And having some people to live with was also an exciting change since he didn't have much company since Yugi had flown off with Joey. Not that it mattered too much since he had a few friends living close by, but it still would be a welcoming change to his daily routine.

"I guess I can deal with that." Seto finally said and gave Joey a long kiss which surprised his younger brother a little but Mokuba was also very happy for his big brother. "But if I catch you smuggling, I will punish you." Seto added after the kiss with a glint in his eyes that intrigued Joey.

"And how?" Joey wanted to know.

"I tell you some other time," Seto replied with excitement in his eyes, "When there aren't any minors around."

"I like the sound of that." Joey replied noticing the hunger in the brunettes eyes and somehow he couldn't shake the feeling that it had to do with being tied to a bed. Which to be honest Joey wouldn't mind too much as long as it wasn't a permanent situation.

Joey was still sure that his relationship with a bounty hunter wouldn't be easy and that they would have tones of fights in the future, but he hoped that the making up would be worth the fights. And by now Joey was sure that he had stupidly fallen in love with a bounty hunter and wanted to at least give this unlikely relationship a try and hoped that it somehow would work, even if Seto would get plenty of chances to catch Joey and punish him.

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