Chapter 2: The meeting

Outside point of view

Two days before the moonlight howl. Wolves from all over the valley pack were looking for mates to go with. A certain blond was still looking.

Kate's point of view

I can't believe it! Although I've been asked many times I still haven't found that wolf with the pizazz. I sighed, who am I kidding. I started to walk aimlessly through the forest. As I walked I heard a sound of ice on the ground, but I put the sound out of my head. I found myself at a large river. I saw my three best friends, Rebecca, Janice, and Lexi.

"Hey. Have you girls found anyone?" All three of them shook their heads their heads no.

"Ah, well. We are sure to find someone."

"But before moonlight howl"

I sighed, "maybe not" we thought of what we were going to do while we sat on the front of the hill facing the river. After three hours we decided to go back to the den area. We started off when we heard the unmistakable sound of ice scraping against hard rock.

A voice, not bothering to try and be quiet yelled, "We forgot breaks!" A large U-shaped piece of ice sailed over heads from the other side of the hill and crashed into the water, taking with it four large wolves.

Humphrey's point of view

Me and my buddies were having a great day, until the crash. We pushed a U-shaped ice log to the edge of a small cliff.

"Ready?" I asked them.

"Ready." They replied. Salty with his dark grey fur with dark, almost black, blue spikes. Shaky with his gray with dark grey spikes. Mooch with his dark blue fur with grey spikes. Although I think I still look better with greyish-silver fur with pure silver spikes.

"On three…one…two…three!" We all pushed off and speed down the slope. We dodged everything that came our way perfectly, on the account that we knew this mountain better than our paws. But this time it went wrong. Normally we would stop at the small incline and that would be it, but our speed was a little too much. We went over.

"Holy crap" yelled Salty. As we fell we tried to find a ledge to grab onto. No such luck. We manage to stay on when we hit the ground and speeded off again. The sound of ice scraping across the ground filled our ears. We looked and saw…

…trees! I could see that the other guys were also surprised.

"Won't we have a story to tell the people back home." I said. "WOAH!" yelled Shaky.

We dodge a tree then a rock. "This is cool and all, but how do we stop?"

"You mean to tell me…." Said Salty


We all screamed. We went over a hill and into a large river. SPLASH! We went deep and a whiteout of bubbles filled the water around me. I fought to the surface and saw the others doing the same. When we broke free I looked around. I saw four spike less wolves. Wait, spike less. I yelped.

"Are you ok?" asked the golden fur one. I admit even without the spikes she was cute. The other three were one grey with two browns. None of my friends have moved either. Although if that is because of fear or of the cuteness of the girls, I don't know.

"Ya," I manage to answer, " I'm fine." I twist to make sure I am alright. Nothing seems broken. I notice the grey one smiling at the brown ones.
"Kate lets go swimming too." Said one of the brown ones.

"alright" said the golden one. Huh, so her name is Kate. What a pretty name. Mooch smiled at me and I knew that is his 'I know what is going on' smile. I tried to keep the blush down. I failed and Mooch's smile just got bigger and bigger. Just then the females jumped into the water. As they swam closer and closer I got more and more nervous. What if the see my spikes.