Nice Job

"Frak!" Fargo cursed when the static electricity hit him. He was getting awfully tired of the tiny shocks going through his system. Very tired, indeed. Alas, there was naught to do but soldier on and keep working out the kinks. Until then, he'd have to deal with a little static. He'd been through worse.

He hissed when another pulse hit him. It was more out of shock than pain, but he earned a few bored glances. Yep, he'd been through worse. He had. "I'm okay, I'm okay," he assured them. They probably didn't care if he was okay or not and were just looking to him for entertainment purposes, but whatever. He'd take the attention.

"Right then," he muttered to himself, turning back to his work. He repeated the steps he'd taken on this project over in his mind. Then, under his breath, he talked his way to the answer. "Of course! How did I not see it before?!" He looked up and around the room, hoping someone would notice his breakthrough and congratulate him for a job well done.

Parrish smirked. "You're too dumb to have noticed it, I'd wager."

He rolled his eyes. "Ha." Not quite the reception he'd been hoping for. But then, that was Parrish for you: ready to step in with a snarky quip or insult at a moment's notice. He brushed off Parrish's comment and got to work.

A few minutes later, even Parrish was looking at him in amazement.

"Done," he said, climbing to his feet and puffing out his chest, proudly.

"Well done," Parrish said. Sarcastically. "I'll bet you've beaten the world record – for longest time taken to fix an air conditioning unit."

His smile faltered, but only for a moment. "Oh, give it up, Parrish. Let me have this one."

"…Nice job, Fargo."