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-Narita International Airport--

SWAT, Police and rescue teams including the media were running around the whole airport..

The airports operation seemed to be postponed..

as some news casters were reporting about the current happening..

hey..! what's really happening?

"On it's way from Hongkong to Tokyo, First Airline Flight 816.. was hijacked before landing in Narita Airport.." news casters were reporting everything that's happening while covering the image of the hijacked plane..

People from Japan was watching the news too.. It was indeed a breath-taking rescue operation for the hijackers seemed to be equipped with guns..

Rescue Officers were conducting a plan on how to make everyone inside safe.. little that they know there's a certain someone who would make the job easier..

Meanwhile inside the said plane..

The hijackers were complaining on how long the police were moving to give them what they demanded..

All the passengers were scared especially the two girls occupying the second to the last seats..

"Our vacation abroad.. we're doomed" Takano-sensei the English teacher from Akadou Academy complained..

"It was a bad idea" Ayukawa sensei replied..

"At any rate" as both of them were about to cry.. they were interrupted when they turned to their co-teacher who was having her so-called beauty rest like there's nothing happening around..

Yamaguchi Kumiko also called Yankumi a math teacher in the Akadou Academy.. was having a good time sleeping and resting, for she knows clearly that after a long vacation she had to face lots of works again.. and when I say "lots of work".. there's really a lot!

"How can she stay asleep..?" the school nurse asked.. then Takano nodded..

After hearing her co-teachers voice.. she was somehow awaken from her deep slumber...

'Maybe we arrived already..' she thought as she removes her eye cover..only to see her co-teachers gaping at her with disbelief on their eyes and with "were in trouble" looks painted on their faces..

"I slept so well.." she said as she looks around and yawns.. her co-teachers were telling her to be quiet but that doesn't affect her at all..

"Are we landing soon?" she said as she she stretches her hands before yawning and gave away something "Nyaaa~".. but was interrupted when a mouth of a machine gun was closely pointed on her face.. Which surprised the math teacher..

Her eyes widened as she looked on the gun and whoever the punk who was holding it..

"Quiet!" the hijacker exclaimed..

Yankumi clueless on what's happening nodded and give away and "Yes"..

When she finally put everything into pieces.. "Hijack? When did this happen?" she mumbled to herself..

Her temper seems to strikes it's limit and made her frown when the hijackers shouted with disrespect at an old woman who was just asking for something to drink..and called her "hag and geezer"

Yankumi couldn't help her self "Unforgivable" she mumbled before she stands up and gave a speech to the guys which appears something like "facing the sun" with challenge on her voice.. which makes the guys became impatiently at her as they pointed their gun at her..

After awhile..

Loud gunshots were heard all around the airport.. The rescue teams.. the media moved towards the plane.. desperately hoping that everyone would be safe..

When three hijackers.. went outside.. they pointed their guns at the people around before they seemed to lose their strengths and beg for apology..

All those who are watching live even those who are watching via tv or listening to their radios were surprised.. they have no idea what really happened.. when suddenly another person came outside..

the rescue teams pointed their guns at Yankumi who was standing on the back of the three hijackers.. at first she looked like she's on a full battle mode.. but when she realized all the people gaping cluelessly at her.. she acted in her full-goofy manner.. "Huh" she muttered..

She raised her two hands besides her like doing a "I'm giving up" pose..

Everyone who watched the whole scenery gapes at her.. those people who personally know her came closed to their television only to see or verify that it was indeed her..

The men of Oedo family were also ready to bolt out and back her up.. but were calmed when the Boss told them that it was already over..

Yankumi start on protesting that she wasn't the criminal and start introducing herself in a weird manner like adding something "I'm single" with a goofy grin on her face which makes everyone at the moment find her suspicious and weird at the same time..

As the police finally caught the criminal the next thing Yankumi knew is that she's already seated on her family car and was being drive back home..

When she reached the Oedo house.. lots of questions from her family were thrown to her.. including about some topics about her taking over the family business she told everything they wanted to know but started on not paying attention when she realized that she left all her souvenirs which makes the guys depressed..

The following day..

'Shoot it's already time for another school year' she told herself.. As she prepares herself for school..

After her grandfather gave her his blessing she walked on her way to school..

Yankumi was a high school teacher teaching on an all-boys-school Akadou Academy..She's been a teacher for seven years.. she started her teaching profession in an -all-boys not to mention all-boys-delinquent high school, Shirokin Academy's class 3D but she somehow managed to gain their trust and made them graduate with pride..then after her Shirokin guys graduated,, her teaching profession were followed or rather continues in another all-boys-school Kurogin Academy.. what stays the same is that they were still delinquents like the Shirokin guys
And nothing seems to change here at Akadou although she managed to make her first 3D class in the said academy to graduate she was handling another batch of handfuls once again.. guess it's already her fate to be a guide for those kids lost on their way..oh well who knows..

She paused near the Shirokin fountain when she saw Kuma,one of her former students in Shirokin going on her way..she beamed at him as he greeted her in return..

"I saw you on the news yesterday" he informed..there's a bit of convened in his voice.. which Yankumi picks up..

She shook her head and smile at him "No big deal.. I wasn't afraid of them" she said..trying to make Kuma not to worry anymore..

And he did.. he chuckled then gave her a compliment "You were cool.." he said in an amusement on his voice..

Knowing Yankumi she was easily fluttered by his compliments, she mumbled something like "No compliments.. it's embarrassing" before she walks away and gave a tap on his shoulder.. who seemed like a punch for any normal person that causes his bike to move and bump into a tree and him to fell on the ground which Yankumi didn't even notice as she continues to walk with a goofy smile on her face...

After a while of walking she arrived in the faculty office.. all her co-teachers were reading the news..

They were really confuse on how or why on earth did the hijackers surrendered themselves.. Just when Takano-sensei was about to explain what Yankumi did.. She immediately picks it up and tried to cover up and make up some stories..

But it didn't skip the vice-principal.. no the principal.. Sawatari Goro.. he called her and start lecturing her about nobody should know about her background.. he was still about to scold her once again but was interrupted when Takano-sensei spoke..

"I heard that our new director will come today.." she said..

"Eh? new director?" Yankumi asked curiously..

The other faculty staffs nodded..

"I heard our directress already retired and had given her position to one of her grandson.." one of his co-teacher explained..

"Oh.. she was a good school director" she said.. before she walked into her desk and start arranging her things..

"She keep on supporting my students too.. although they are all a handful.. sometimes.." she said.. then the vice principal went beside her..

"What sometimes? Always" he said with a mocking tome which makes Yankumi glared at him..

"You know.." Takano spoke once again which interrupted Yankumi and the vice principal's glaring contest as they gaped at her..

"They said the our new director was a very intelligent young man.. all I know is that he's an ikemen and he's a very successful person with a very good educational attainment" she spoke with a dreamy voice..

"Young man?" Sawatari asked..

Ayukawa nodded.. "They said he was just 26 years old.." she explained.. as their jaws dropped to the ground...

the door of the faculty opened.. revealing a guy with short hair.. with long blonde highlights on the end.. and was wearing a black suit..

All of them stared at the young man who just entered the picture..

He has a very good composure..

He half-bowed calmly.. "I'm the new director.. please to meet all of you" he said in a calm voice.. the nurse and the english teacher looked at the guy dreamily..

'He's much handsome than Natsume-sensei..' the both think as they looked at the very handsome guy..

However Yankumi was having the opposite reactions as the two.. when she clearly examine the guy.. her eyes widened as she recalls that face she hadn't seen for almost seven years.. when realization hit her..

"Sawada..Sawada Shin!" she exclaimed with wide eyes and amused & surprised voice..

The new director who appears to be Shin Sawada one of her former student back in Shirokin turn his head and looked at her with surprised..

"Yankumi?" he asked with a surprised voice.. Yankumi smiled at him..

"Ehhh do you know each other?" Ayukawa asked in behalf of the whole faculty..

"He was one of my former students back in SHirokin" she exclaimed with amusement in her voice..

"Ehhh?" the whole faculty room chorused..

'It's been seven years' she thought while looking at the guys who reminds her of the time when she was still teaching in their class back in Shirokin..

Shin stared at her. not knowing what to do.. sure.. he was expecting to see Yankumi as soon as he came back.. but he wasn't expecting it to be today..
He somehow feel something.. some strange feeling he had for the whole seven years.. he wasn't just so sure.. on how to cope with it..

then he remembered something... something he said seven years ago 'make that four of us huh? what's with that?' he smirked at the thought

"My name is Shin Sawada.. and I'll be your new director.." he said..

'Yankumi' he thought as he mentally smiled..

He was suddenly interrupted when another familiar face stand up and called him..

"Sawada? that Sawada Shin back there?" Sawatari spoke..

He looked at him for awhile.. trying to recall the familiar face.. when he remember who the monkey looking guy is.. he smirked again..

"Vice Principal Monkey Man?" he asked.. 'Oh crap.. now what?' he spoke to himself..

"It's Sawatari.. Principal Sawatari" the principal tried to explain in a calm manner although disbelief can be sense on his voice..

Shin decided to mess with him a bit.. after all it's been seven years..

"It's Sawada.. Director Sawada.." he emphasized the word "Director",,

After enjoying on watching the Principal's reaction.. he faced the faculty staffs..

"I expect great work and cooperation from you guys.." he said only a few words but somehow sent everybody the idea that he was expecting them to do good on their works..

All of the staffs nodded including Yankumi who was smiling all the time at him..

Shin was sure running away won't do.. he just have to be comfortable with her.. although he wasn't so sure if he wants her to treat him as one of her "precious students" again..

When the bell rang the other faculty staffs including Yankumi and the principal bowed as they go on their way to start class. however..

"Ms. Yamaguchi.. can I talk to you for awhile?" it was more an offer than a request..

"Eh?" she said.. 'Slow as usual' he mentally grinned at himself before he motioned his head momentarily telling her to come on his office..

"Director.. why don't you just come with me to my class?" she asked with a happy tone..

Shin grinned.. 'nothing changes.. not a little bit..' he said to himself..

"Are you ordering the director?" he asked with a raised brow but with also a grin on his face..

Yankumi grinned back at him.. "Nope I'm requesting Shin not Director Sawada.. to come along with me to my class." she replied..

Shin flicks her forehead before he smiled at her.. "Well if it is Ojou-sama's order.. who am I to decline" he said with a mocking voice..

She looks around worried.. before she half gave a stern look at him.. "Oi you know clearly that I might get fired if that leaks out" she protested with a pout..

Shin smirked.. "Don't let that.. I won't let that happened..after all I already wasted seven years" he said before he walks towards the door..but turned around when he felt that Yankumi wasn't following him.. he looked at her.. she looks like she has no idea on what he just said..

and BINGO!

"What's that suppose to mean?" she asked in a confuse matter..

Shin smirked.. he predicted that..

he decided to let her think on what his words meant on her own..

"Oi Sawada.. what do you mean by that...?" she runs to him and hold on to his hands with a playful smile on her face..

'Crap.. not this close..' he thought..

"Shin" he decide trying to remove away his thoughts,,

"Eh?" she ask..

"Call me Shin.." he said..

"Shin? I'm suppose to call you Director Sawada.." she replied..

Shin rolled his eyes..

"That's just for formality.. you can call me Shin.." he demanded..

She looked and points to the ceiling while moving her hands and constructing some thoughts..

Shin shook his head.. looking at her.. she looks like a kid trying to figure out the answer to a math solution..

"If I could call you Shin.. why not Sawada?" she asked in a mocking tone..

'That's it..' sometimes Yankumi's stupidity can make his patience snap.. He frowned..

"What part of calling me "Shin" instead of Sawada or Director Sawada can you not understand?" he protested..

"Really Yankumi.. you're stupidity rocks..!" he said with an impatient voice..

Yankumi smiled at him.. it was nice to see the ever-serious Sawada Shin lose his composure..

"I'm just kidding.. okay Shin..." she smiled before she walked out of the room..

Shin somehow stiffed at how good hearing her say his name..

Yankumi poked her head on the door.. "Oi SHin.. come on I'm already late for homeroom.." she said...

Shin smirked.. before he went out and followed her..

'This would definitely be a good start' he thought..