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"Welcome back Kanda~! How did your mission g-", Komui cheerful lets-greet-Kanda-back-from-his-mission-with-smiles idea was interrupted as his face was soon introduced to Kanda's fist. The angry teen was tire, sore, and hated people even more than he usually did. The order better be wary for their own good.

The mission was a success of course, the innocence was captured and not even the finders got injured during the process. But, Kanda was tired and he hadn't eaten soba in a whole three days. All he wanted to do was go to the cafeteria, order his beloved noodles, and (though he'd never admit it) collapse onto his bed.

He dropped the draw-string cloth bag that contained the innocence onto the one spot on Komui's desk that wasn't covered in piles of letters and papers, and left without saying a single word to the bellowing European Branch Head. "I'll be expecting you're report on the mission by tomorrow~!" was all Kanda heard before he slammed the door of the office.

'Damn Komui and his cheerfulness. Maybe he'd shut up if I familiarized that thick skull of his to Mugen.'

As the exorcist was consumed with thoughts of more ways to harm innocent people, he was still arrogantly striding down the halls. Busy halls. People made sure to give the brooding exorcist a girth of space though, fearing that if they got to close, they'd be murdered by 'the mighty mugen.' Well, at the smart ones did at least.

One less fortunate young finder was happily walking by while humming a light tune, as he ran face first into Kanda's chest. "Ah! My apologies, Sir Exorcist! I wasn't paying attention and I-", the young man stopped his babblings as they seemed to do nothing to calm Kanda's icy cold glare that sent him stumbling back a bit.

A throaty growl escaped Kanda's mouth and he lounged for the fleeting finder. "What the hell was that for? Are you asking for me to slaughter you, because I'd be more than willing!" Kanda Brought the finders face up close and saw that the young man was just about paralyzed in fear.

He was about to show the finder his place if not for the sudden appearance of a gloved hand that grabbed his. "Let him go Kanda." Allen commanded, his grip tightening ever so slightly. His silver-blue eyes were unusually cold and defiant. For some strange reason, Kanda found himself entranced with the bold flame that burned in the back of Allen's eyes, so he relented and released the poor finder onto the floor where he quickly scurried off.

Kanda just stared at Allen, his face not showing any emotion, making it clear to Allen that he was thinking about something. Allen took the time to admire the way that the Japanese teen's eyes sparkled when he glared at Allen, the way his eyebrows knit together as he contemplated, or that his pale lips formed a tight line.

That's when Allen noticed that Kanda had been talking. "…huh?" Allen managed to ask Kanda through his thoughts.

"Baka moyashi, I said 'When are you going to get your damned hand off of me?" A growl finished his testament.

Allen's face was red in an instant as he realized that his hand was, in fact, still holding Kanda's.

He quickly retracted his arm back and avoided Kanda's harsh, yet curious gaze, fearing that he would only blush further.

After further inspection, the dark haired teen decided that he just didn't care. "Che." And with that lengthy response, Kanda was off, his black hair swaying behind him. All Allen could do was stare at the receding back of Yuu Kanda.


Having given up on the idea of eating his beloved soba noodles that day, Kanda settled on the idea that he would just go to his room and meditate. Well the idea had seemed nice then; peaceful even. But unfortunately, fate had other plans for him. Because when he entered his bland room, he had slipped on piece of paper. He knew he hadn't put that there.

Picking up the alien piece of paper, preparing to through the garbage away, he realized that it was actually a letter.

Tearing open the plain white envelope with a single heart on it, Kanda roughly pulled out a piece of paper that had many words crossed out and ink splatters everywhere. Obviously whoever wrote the letter was not in the right of mind at the time.

Dear Yuu Kanda,

I have been watching you for a while now. At first I thought I hated you, but now I realize that I never hated you. I was jealous of you. You were and are everything that I can never be. And I think I love you because of it. I love the way you walk with an air of confidence. I love how you don't care what anybody thinks about you, because you'll do whatever you want no matter what people say. I love the way that your words say one thing, but your actions say something else entirely. The way you practice every day. How you are so dedicated to your work. I love your long dark hair, and your deep blue eyes. I love everything about you. You do know me, but I will not be telling you who I am. I can't. I can't tell you because you hate me.

I love you, Yuu Kanda,

Your Secret Admirer.

Kanda was, for the first time ever, at a loss of words. Well, almost. He couldn't help but think a few things.

'Who the hell actually writes love letters? And it doesn't seem like such a secret admirer now that they've told me! Jeez this person's almost as stupid as the moyashi.'

He didn't exactly know why he thought of the 'moyashi' just then, but he waved it off as a side effect of his exhaustion. Yeah, that's it. So for reasons still unknown to him, Kanda placed the letter carefully in a box on his otherwise empty desk.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, he attempted to figure out who would be stupid enough to even fall in love with him.

This "Secret Admirer" had said that he had at once hated Kanda… Well, most people did, so that wasn't very helpful. They also said that Kanda knows them, and hates them… Okay so Kanda hates most people, but someone that he actually knows… 'Che, screw it'

Kanda stood up and sat on his bed where he eventually drifted off into an uncomfortable dreamless sleep.

Meanwhile someone, somewhere, was busy writing their next love letter to Yuu Kanda.

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