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Allen ran back to his room, threw the door closed, and collapsed on the bed. His chest was rising and falling and he was sure that his heart would burst open from beating too fast. Allen slowly sat up and tried to calm his racing pulse. He hadn't run that fast in a long time. Though, he wasn't exactly sure why he had run that quickly. You might call it instinct. Allen didn't.

The previous night, the white-haired exorcist had finally mentally steeled himself enough to deliver his next letter. He had gotten the note under the door successfully, only there was one problem: Kanda was still in his room at the time. As he had done before, Allen bolted down the corridor after he slid the tiny piece of paper under the door, but it was just too close. What if Kanda had caught him? What if he had seen some strands of Allen's white hair before he fully rounded the corner? What if he already knew it was Allen? Well… Allen highly doubted that last one. Kanda didn't seem to want to murder him… At least, not any more than usual…

Though that happened last night, the young teen had still been relatively jumpy throughout the entire day. That morning he had sat by himself at breakfast, fearing that Lavi could tell he was being cautious of, well, everything. He had entirely skipped over his semi-usual practice with sparring Kanda in the training level; he didn't even want to imagine the stupid things that would end up coming from his mouth. And just now he had run back to his room in order to avoid Lenalee and Lavi, who were apparently looking for him everywhere. What they had wanted to talk about, he had no idea.

He knew he was acting ridiculous, but that didn't stop him from avoiding eye contact with anyone and everyone. He had heard once that eyes were the window to the soul. He really hoped that that wasn't true, because if it was, then he would be in a lot of trouble with Kanda by now. He probably wouldn't even make it out alive.

It was hardly sunset now, but Allen figured that he would just lay down and rest his eyes, who knows, maybe sleep was just what he needed. He doubted it though…


Kanda Yuu had had enough.

He had let it slide by the first time, but the raven-haired exorcist never imagined the possibility that it would happen again. Those damn letters.

Just three days ago, he had oh-so-wonderfully slipped on the little piece of paper that had made its way under his door. If that wasn't enough, when he actually read the little bastard, he had found that it was full of girly, gushy lovey-dovey crap! But, because it's Kanda, and life just loves to mess with Kanda, he just had received another message.

He had been meditating, clearing his mind from the outside world, his blissful retreat; it was his meditation, when the soft sound of someone sighing could be barely distinguished through the silence of the room. It appeared to be coming from the other side of his door. Tuning his ears to concentrate on the oddly careful noises, he could then hear the quiet ruffling of paper, and light footsteps that seemed to be running away.

Debating whether or not to just ignore the pestering interest that had started to grow in his mind, curiosity eventually got the best of him, and the swordsman opened one of his eyes. When he saw the folded whit sheet of paper with yet another heart drawn lightly over the fold, he groaned. With a deep growl, he angrily stood up and picked up the second offender of his otherwise spotless floor.

Taking a seat at his simple desk, Kanda opened his second letter, preparing for the worst.

And it was worse. Though apparently not the worst, because the unknown 'Admirer' had claimed that he would be sending even more 'love notes'. Just. Great.

So now, the day after he received his second letter, he was really, REALLY, starting to lose it.

First of all, how, how, could someone love him. A small fraction of the reason for his arrogant of mean exterior was to get people like this away. Well, only a very small fraction… Nonetheless, this 'Secret Admirer' was starting to vex Kanda more and more. He didn't want, some random stranger to start from a girly little crush on him, and he didn't want to be wasting his precious meditation time thinking about it either!

On top of that, the fact that he wasn't going to be told who it was frustrated him even more. Just getting these letters was more than enough, but then the anonymous letter writer had decided that he wasn't going to tell him who he was! Kanda was pissed. He didn't want to know who this person was so that he could convey his feelings– which were nonexistent, by the way- to the person, but he wanted to know who the hell it was, because he wanted to make them go away.

It's not as if there were many girls at the order in the first place. Well, none that he actually knew. And accorder to the mysterious person, he knew them personally. Lenalee was the first girl that came to his mind, but there was no way that Lenalee would fall for him. Thank god. So, there Kanda was, sitting alone in his bland room, fists curled and pulling his hair in frustration, trying to have the vaguest idea of the moron that would fall in love with him.