(Day 0)

A helicopter flew around a large, deserted island with no other land in sight. This island, like the others, was covered in bush and beach, although there were some very visible clearings in several places. After doing a few fly-bys of the island, the shot switched to an old dock on the island, where a blonde haired man wearing a red shirt and vest was seen walking down it.

"Welcome to the fifth season of Survivor: Central Hub. I'm your host, SSBFreak." The host greeted. "Over the next thirty-nine days, there will be a competition on this remote island, between twenty people who have made this journey before, and yet did not win the coveted prize at the end. These people, representing different franchises, will be competing against each other for the much-coveted second chance to win the million dollar prize and be given the title of Sole Survivor."

SSBFreak continued walking. "Over the course of the competition, there will be team-based challenges, where the losing team will be voting out one of their own. This will continue until there is only one person left, who will then be named the victor. All twenty of these contestants are no strangers to this game, and none of them want to fall first, but in the end, they must ALL be ousted at some point." SSBFreak said. "There have been four past seasons, and in this special All Stars season, we have brought back five players from each season. We'll be going in reverse order of seasons when introducing these players, so let's begin with season 4's representatives…"

Coming down the dock first was a familiar older man with a relaxed smile. People that remembered him would notice that he was wearing a green cap to cover his balding head and had shaven his trademark beard off. He wore a pair of shorts and a bright shirt.



"Welcome back, Gary. Looking forward to another season?" SSBFreak asked.

Gary nodded. "Indeed. I had a good time and I hope to do well here." He noted. "Looks like I'm the first one here."

"Yeah. We're going in reverse order by season, so the others from your season are literally right behind you." SSBFreak said.

"It'll be good to see them again." Gary noted as he walked past the host.

"I hope they don't disappoint." SSBFreak said with a smirk.

Gary stood on the end of the dock as the next person came down the dock, revealing himself to be a tall man with a green jacket, black shirt and glasses. He had brown hair, and Gary noticed that he hadn't changed at all.



"Looks like you're wearing the same outfit as last time, Tempo." SSBFreak noted.

Tempo shrugged. "I made it to seventh place." He noted. "Maybe they're lucky."

"Anything you hope to do differently this time?"

"I hope that my knowledge of past seasons will help me." Tempo nodded. "I think I've anticipated some of the people coming back, so I just need to find out if I can read them like I can read their gameplay."

"What if we bring back some people you may not have anticipated?" SSBFreak asked with a smirk.

Tempo coughed. "That would probably catch me off guard." He admitted as he walked past the host to stand by Gary.

Coming down the dock next was a familiar white monkey. However, he was wearing a red shirt, red vest and black pants, much like the host himself. Gary and Tempo frowned, instantly recognizing him.



SSBFreak looked over Kendall for a few seconds. "Kendall…Why are you dressed like me?" He asked.

"Just taking a few pages from your wardrobe book." Kendall said with a smirk. "Besides, I'd think you'd take it as a compliment."

"Uh…Sure. Compliment." SSBFreak said flatly. "So how do you feel with this second chance?"

"So long as Samantha didn't get brought back, I'm fine." Kendall admitted. "Focusing so much attention on her lowered my guard."

"Well, you just go over there for now. With the OTHER people who remember you." SSBFreak said.

Kendall walked over and saw Gary and Tempo. He saw their sour looks and sighed in frustration. "Great." He said.

Coming down the dock next was a small player, showing herself to be a black and white panda with sparkling eyes, wearing a yellow shirt and blue shorts. She seemed to be in a positive mood.



"Oh! Hi, there!" Chloe greeted, her mouth moving completely out-of-sync with her words (being a Hello Kitty parody will do that). "I'm back, people!"

"Indeed you are, Chloe. I have to say you were a first choice as a pre-merge boot from your season to bring back." SSBFreak said. "I hope you don't disappoint us out here."

"Oh, no way! I'm using this to my advantage!" Chloe nodded eagerly. "With my level of cuteness, I'm sure to win over some veteran players!"

"Well, I guess only time will tell if you can do it." SSBFreak said. "Why don't you go over there and wait for everyone else?"

Chloe nodded and walked over, suddenly spotted an alliance partner from the previous season. "Ohmygosh! Tempo!" She said as she ran over and greeted Tempo. "It's been a while! I wasn't expecting to see you here!"

Tempo couldn't help but chuckle. "Yeah. It's been a bit."

The fifth person coming down the dock was another small player, but this was a human girl. She had green hair, and was wearing a teal shirt that read "I Love Survivor", with a picture of a heart instead of the word love. The others were surprised to see her so excited, especially since she was supposed to be an anti-social goth…



"Welcome back, Erica." SSBFreak said. "I hope that you'll have a good time out here."

"Oh, I KNOW I'll have a good time!" Erica said happily. "I'm really looking forward to meeting some of my favourite players from previous seasons! Who's coming back?"

"That's going to be a surprise for now." SSBFreak said. "I have to say that I'm surprised at this change of overall personality, though."

"I'm about to play Survivor with some of the people I was rooting for in past seasons! I could actually JOIN them!" Erica said. "I can't wait to see them!"

"Well, you're the last from your season, so everyone from here on out will be someone you watched play." SSBFreak said.

Erica nodded. "I'll go wait over there." She said as she briskly went over to join the others from her season, who (even Gary) looked a little weirded out at her strange new personality…

Coming down the dock next was a familiar blue-haired man. His unusual hairstyle had been changed slightly and he was now wearing what looked like a polyester suit, but he otherwise looked similar to how he did before.



"Hey, Inferno. It's been a while." SSBFreak said. "How's life been treating you?"

"The Deadly Descents Tour was a heck of a thing, that's for sure." Inferno laughed. "I'm still laughing at Moby trying to outrun an avalanche!"

"You're one of our most-popular players. You think you can get a repeat performance this year?" SSBFreak asked.

Inferno gave a thumbs up. "That's the plan, bro." He said as he walked by.

Tempo gave a nod as Inferno approached. "This is off to a good start." He mused to himself. "I had a feeling he'd get cast."

Coming next was a familiar humanoid girl with an unusual helmet and heart-shaped headphones. People saw that she was wearing a tank-top and a dress that went down close to her feet. Like always, she looked cheerful.



"Hey, Edwina. Glad to see that you're still as cheerful as ever." SSBFreak said. "I hope that you're ready for another season of Survivor."

"You're asking the Survivor superfan if she's ready for another season?" Edwina asked with a light laugh. "Come on, you know me."

"Yeah. I guess it was a dumb question." SSBFreak admitted. "Just go over there for now and I'll bring in the others."

"No problem."

"Ohmygosh! Edwina!" Erica said eagerly as she greeted the approaching girl. "Wow! I can't believe you're one of the returning players! This is awesome!"

"Oh, you watched me?" Edwina asked with a smile.

"Of course! I loved your season! Tell me, are you and Renaldo at least still friends after what happened?"

Edwina rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. "Funny you should mention Renaldo…"

The next person was a familiar limbless, faceless being, walking with invisible legs. The newcomer looked similar to how he looked before except that he no longer wore his headband and he was wearing a dark jacket instead of a vest.



"Just a reminder, Renaldo. We don't want a repeat of what you did last time you were on." SSBFreak warned. "Granted, it brought drama, but it also brought complaints."

"Hey, I said I was sorry!" Renaldo said. "Besides, I stabbed MYSELF!"

"Just make sure that there isn't another incident, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Renaldo said as he walked by. "Oh. Hi, Edwina."

"Hopefully, we'll be on the same tribe again." Edwina said. "Just…No stabbing yourself this time."

"You're never going to let me live that down, are you?"

Edwina giggled. "Nope!"

Coming down the dock next was a dark-skinned woman with short, jet-black hair. Although she was wearing what looked like a sweater with one arm ripped off, most people recognized her fully-robotic right arm and cybernetic side of her face.



"Yori, all I can say is that I hope you're got something up your sleeve." SSBFreak said. "You have some new ideas to your gameplay?"

"A few. Just give me some time and I assure you that you'll see them all." Yori said with a smirk. "However, I'd say that my team would be crucial. Which one am I on?"

"I'm not saying until everyone's here." SSBFreak explained. "Just go over there and wait for now, okay?"

"Fine with me."

Inferno lifted his shades up slightly as Yori approached. "Well…I gotta say that I like the shorter hair." He admitted. "But it's not going to help you if you don't play differently."

"We'll see about that, blue-boy." Yori said with a smirk.

The next contestant was another woman, only this one with brown hair done into a ponytail. The highlight of her wardrobe was a blue shirt with a gold v running down the front and going over the shoulders.



"Ready for another chance at the million, Grace?" SSBFreak asked.

"Of course. Chances like this don't come up all the time." Grace nodded. "And I hope to improve on what I did last time."

"So long as you've improved your communication skills, I think you'll be fine."

Grace narrowed her eyes. "Don't remind me about that. I've been working on it." She pointed out.

"Just checking. Why don't you go over there for a moment?"

Chloe was quick to greet Grace as she came over. "Hiya! I'm Chloe!" She greeted. "Wow! You're hair looks so pretty!"

"Heh. Thanks, kid." Grace chuckled.

Tempo appeared to be in thought. "Hmm…I wasn't expecting her to be brought back." He noted.

"Something you'd like to share with us?" Kendall asked with a smirk.

"Not with you, anyway."

The first representative of season 2 came down the dock next. People saw that it was a young woman with short brown hair. She was wearing a sleeveless shirt and baggy pants and everyone noticed that, unlike her last time, she wasn't wearing a beret.



"Well, Charlotte. Glad to see that you could make it." SSBFreak said.

"I wouldn't miss this chance for the world, comrade." Charlotte said in a German accent. "I'm wondering who all is returning from my season, though. I hope it's people I can work with."

"Well, you're the first from your season to arrive, so we'll find out shortly." SSBFreak said. "Why don't you go over there and get acquainted with the people from seasons 3 and 4?"

"Might as well, I suppose." Charlotte shrugged as she walked over to the others.

Gary saw Charlotte coming over and held out his hand. "Hey, there. The name's Gary." He said pleasantly.

Gears turned in Charlotte's head, trying to decide on if Gary was genuinely friendly or pretending to be nice. The German woman shook Gary's hand. "Hello, comrade." She said, not feeling a very firm grip in Gary's handshake.

Next to come down the dock was a green reptile-like creature with a red spike hairstyle and a vest. People saw that, compared to his previous look, the reptile was taller and had much-more muscles than he did before…



"Wow, Krash. Looks like you're been working out since we saw you last." SSBFreak noted, now seeing that the Kremling was almost as tall as he was.

Krash chuckled. "Yeah. Been hitting the gym to keep myself trained." He replied. "Gotta be at the top of the line for when I get chosen as a soldier."

"Well, maybe this second round of Survivor will improve your training, then."

"I sure hope so."

Krash walked over and greeted Charlotte, his alliance partner from season 2. Yori and Kendall watched him and smirked, knowing that the Kremling could potentially be someone they could control…

Next to come down the dock was a tall, thin girl with long, blonde hair, wearing a white shirt and black sweater-vest. People saw that she had a few scars on her face and looked calm, but people could tell that she normally felt otherwise.



"I hear that you've become a full-fledged paranormal investigator, Anita." SSBFreak noted. "How's that working out for you?"

"Okay for the most part, but…" Anita trailed off as she traced one of her scars. "I've…Had a few…Close calls."

"Uh…Yeah. I'll bet." SSBFreak said, realizing that Anita didn't want to go any further.

"Um…I'll just go over there and wait, okay?" Anita said as she walked past the host.

"Oh, wow! This is amazing! I actually get to meet you!" Erica said. "I'm so glad you managed to face your fears and get a career, though!"

Gary scratched his head as Erica conversed with Anita. "I don't remember her being this talkative." He mused.

The next person coming down the dock was another reptilian creature, wearing a pair of shades and a multi-coloured Hawaiian shirt. In contrast to Krash, a Kremling, this reptile looked more like a turtle…



"Welcome back, Jack. You ready for another run?" SSBFreak asked.

"Of course. Marty's been telling me to watch what I do this time so I'd have a better shot at the million." Jack said. "I'd think that I'd prepped myself up enough for this."

"Hopefully you'll be able to keep up. Remember that there are much-fresher players here than you."

"Shouldn't be too much of a problem." The koopa said with a smirk. "Just need to change up my game a bit."

"Aren't you that villain guy that just made himself look like a tool?" Kendall asked with a smirk.

"You're a fine one to talk." Chloe rolled her eyes.

The final season 2 representative came down the dock, revealed to be a pink creature with a long, pointed nose and big ears. She had jet black hair and was wearing dark clothes, which was a far cry from the bright colours that she wore back in season 2…



"You think that your game's going to change now that everyone knows that you are not a nice person, Molly?" SSBFreak asked with a smirk.

"No. It just means that I can stop holding back." Molly replied with a smirk. "I've got some ideas, but I need to see who I'm with before I can implement them."

"Well, we've just got one more season to introduce, so why don't you just go over there for now?"

"With pleasure." The minjo said as she walked over to the others.

Yori was quick to step forward. "Looks like you'll be needing my help." She said.

Molly lifted an eyebrow. "Who are you?" She asked.

The first representative of the first season came walking down the dock, revealing himself to be a tall, lanky rabbit with a bent ear. He wore a pair of pants, a vest and had a charm necklace around his neck.



"Greetings, Reginald. It's been quite a long time." SSBFreak said. "I hope the time away from the game hasn't made you rusty."

"Oh, I'm not the one you should be worrying about." Reginald assured with a smirk. "I intend to take the money this time."

"Sounds like you're determined enough, but how about your tendencies?" SSBFreak asked.

Reginald stared flatly. "Let's just say that I'm working on it." He said as he walked past.

Chloe approached Reginald. "Oh, hi! Can I call you 'Reggie'?" She asked.

Reginald's eye started twitching a few times before he started shaking in anger, as if trying to hold pent-up frustration in. Finally, after several seconds, Reginald exhaled. "No." He said as he continued on.

The next contestant was a tall, burly man with dark hair. Everyone say that he was wearing a dark coat with long sleeves, which was opened up to show a light shirt underneath. The green bandana that usually adorned his hair was long gone.



"I hope you'll make the most of this second chance, Barney. I know for a fact people may see you as a threat." SSBFreak said.

"Maybe so, but you cast other strong people. I should have no problem fitting in and blending into the background." Barney said. "Besides, I was getting a little bored, so I figured this would be too good to pass up."

"That's good to hear." SSBFreak nodded. "I've just got a few more people to reintroduce, so you go over there for a moment."

"Of course."

Barney walked over to the others as Edwina greeted him. "Oh! I remember you! You were, like, the strongest person ever on your season!" She said. "Man! I hope we're on the same team!"

Barney sighed. "So much for blending into the background." He said.

Suddenly hearing a Tarzan yell, everyone looked up to see the next contestant swinging in on a vine. They recognized the long, jet black hair of the woman, but saw that she had a green bow in her hair and was wearing a purple tank top. The familiar lunatic landed feet-first onto the dock with a loud crash.



"Woohoo! Did you see that?! That was awesome!" Sandy cheered. "Can I do that again?!"

"Maybe later, Sandy. We're on a bit of a time limit." SSBFreak said. "Anyway, you were one of our most-popular players, so do you think you can live up to your fans' expectations?"

"I sure hope so." Sandy said before walking over to the camera and pressing her face into it. "Hello, out there in TV Land!"

"Before I send you over to the others, I want to make sure; the guards DID confiscate your weaponry, right?"

"I guess you'll find out about that, won't you?" Sandy taunted as she scampered over to the others. SSBFreak slapped himself on the forehead.

Sandy instantly saw a familiar rabbid in the crowd of contestants and greeted him accordingly. "Hiya, Reggie!" She said.

"Reginald! Seriously, when are you going to pronounce my name right?!"

The penultimate returnee walked down the dock, ignoring the cracked wood from where Sandy landed. He had short, red-brown hair with a hint of gray and had a thin mustache. He was dressed semi-formally with a dress shirt and pants, but people that remembered him saw that he was without his trademark shades.



"I'm surprised that you invited me back." Elias admitted.

"You were one of the big players in season one. You were pretty much a given." SSBFreak shrugged. "But I hope that you haven't gotten stale, Elias. Five years is a long time."

"Indeed, but I assure you that starring in movies has only increased my experience." Elias insisted. "I just need to have the right chemistry with people."

"Well, we've just got one more person to bring out, so why don't you go over there?"

Elias walked over to the others and saw Barney staring at him suspiciously. "What?" He asked.

"Make sure you don't align with an undesirable goat this time, okay?" Barney said. "Word to the wise."

Elias scratched his head.

The last person to be introduced caught everyone by surprise at how radical the change was. Walking down the dock was a tall young woman with glasses and short, black hair. She wore a cherry red shirt and a dark skirt, and looked nothing like the petite young girl that played before.



"Greetings, Mel." SSBFreak said, slightly surprised at how much the tech geek had grown. "You've certainly matured a lot, haven't you?" He asked.

"It's been five years. I can't stay a teenager forever, you know." Mel said with a smirk. "So when do we start? I've been looking forward to this for a while."

"Looks like you've gained some confidence as well." SSBFreak said. "You're the last one. Just go over there and reintroduce yourself for a second."

"Oh, wow! You're Mel?!" Erica asked as the new Mel came over. "I'm a huge fan! I never thought you'd have changed so much in these years!"

"Oh, you're one of the players from the newest season, aren't you?" Mel asked. "Sorry, but I'm not familiar with you guys since I haven't seen your season yet."

"Yeah. Our season is currently being aired." Gary shrugged.

"Is that so?" Kendall mused with a smirk.

"Well, I think that's everyone. It's time to get things started." SSBFreak said as he walked over. "Congratulations on making it onto this show for a second time everyone. Before we begin, I need to split you all into teams, so if you'll follow me, we can begin."

The twenty players followed SSBFreak off the beach and onto the grass, where they saw two tribe mats sitting on the ground. They also saw that one of them was a bright pink and the other was a deep purple.

"Wait. Pink and purple are the tribe colours?!" Jack asked. "What's the heck's up with that?!"

"Just our way of screwing with you guys since you're all used to it by now." SSBFreak shrugged. "Okay, you will be split into two teams of ten before we begin and the teams have been chosen ahead of time. On the pink team are..."

The cast stayed silent for a moment.

"…Chloe…Molly…Reginald…Sandy…Gary…Tempo…Mel…Yori…Krash…And Elias." SSBFreak said as the ten players went over to the pink mat and stepped on. "You ten players will make up the Arkos Tribe."

"Ugh…Of course I get the pink tribe." Elias muttered.

"I've got no problem with it." Gary shrugged, pointing out the pink shirt he was wearing.

"You wouldn't." Tempo piped up.

"That leaves the remaining ten players to step onto the purple tribe…" SSBFreak explained. "…Grace…Jack…Charlotte…Erica…Edwina…Barney…Renaldo…Inferno…Kendall…And Anita. From here on out, you ten will be the Xon Tribe."

"Is that pronounced X-On or Zon?" Grace asked.


"Okay. Just checking."

"Here are some maps to get you guys to your tribes. In addition, I'll give you a little tip. There is a Hidden Immunity Idol hidden at each of your camps. Just thought I'd let you know." SSBFreak said as he handed Reginald and Inferno the maps to the tribes. "I'll contact you via treemail in a few days with your first challenge info. Good luck to you all, because even after surviving this show once, you're going to need it."

The two tribes then dispersed, walking into the jungle and vanishing from sight, effectively starting the competition. Once they were gone, SSBFreak turned to the camera.

"39 Days…20 All Star players…And one Sole Survivor!"