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Login 00: Prologue

She was running through a dark forest gnarled trees, her footsteps cracking as she ran over dead leaves. She was not sure who or what she was running from- she only knew that it was dangerous, that she had to run from it. The pursuer roared, signalling the entitie's increase in speed. She responded by running faster, her fear driving her. She ran faster and faster until the dark trees lining her path became a blur. Yet the monster continued its relentless pursuit, its footsteps getting louder and louder. She panted as she turned to face the monster. This was the last thing she saw as it pounced on her with snarling fangs bared...

She woke up with a start, nearly ramming her head against the car's ceiling.
"Are you ok Ayumi-chan? You look like you had a nightmare."
"I'm fine mom."
"Well if thats what you say."
Ayumi's mother returned her focus to driving as Ayumi herself made several gestures in the air. Through her eyes were several menus and options. She noticed a notification that she had new mail. She opened her inbox which was flooded with mostly farewell messages from the kendou club and her classmates. She smiled as she replayed one such farewell message from her junior high kendou club.

All that did not matter as she was already on her way to her new home with her mother, a business woman recently divorced. All Ayumi knew was that her father cheated on her mother for another woman. In fact that is all she cared to know since the divorce proceedings fell through and her mother legally became single.

Since then, her mother decided that it would be best if they had a new start in a different city. This led to Ayumi being transferred out once her 1st year of junior high ended.
Ayumi closed her mailbox and opened a news app hoping for something interesting to read. She skimmed through the articles, there was one about a high school student getting into an accident and a review for a new Neurolinker model.

"Ayumi, you know once we get to our new house we'll probably have to eat out for awhile until the kitchen is tidy."
"Then it will also be awhile before everything is moved over so you might have to bear with it for a few days."
"Then you'll have to go to school during that time too..."
"Ayumi-chan, I'm sorry."
"Mom...there's no need to be sorry." The sudden apology caught Ayumi off-guard. She wanted to say more but her mother intercepted that.

"No I have to be sorry. After all I was the one who decided to make you move without considering your feelings. Even though I'm the one who wants a new start, it shouldn't mean that you should start over too."
"Mom, its fine. You don't have to worry about that, as long as you are happy now its ok."
"Ayumi, maybe you're right and I'm just over-thinking this..." she paused for a moment as she smiled, "Ayumi, once we reach the house and unpack the car how about dinner at a family restaurant? I heard there is one somewhere near the train station."
Ayumi smiled broadly at the idea. She loved family restaurants because they reminded her of happier times. Back when they were still a family.
"I'll take that as a yes then Ayumi."
Both mother and daughter were all smiles as they continued down the road.

The wind howled as two Avatars faced each other on opposite ends of an avenue.
On one end was a large green brutish figure with two large hammers for forearms. The other end of the avenue was occupied by an Avatar that had the appearance of a red princess. This 'princess' even appeared to dress like one, with a multitude of 'ribbons' arranged in neat columns.
Both were observed by several Avatars of various colours. Several had pulled up the profiles of the two combatants, Jade Hammer and Ruby Princess both of whom were level 4.
"Scared of me little princess?" Jade Hammer sneered as he laughed.
"Scared? Why should I be scared of a lout with no neck?"
"Why you..." he roared as he charged her, hammers flailing. Despite the stampeding mass of destruction approaching her, she calmly stood her ground.
"Equip enhanced armament Imperial Dreadnought Raiment [AEGIS]!"
Immediatly, portals opened behind her. Large components flew out and aligned themselves to her back and shoulders. The components had elongated hexagonal plates mounted on them which expanded out once they attached themselves to her back and shoulders. Electricity arced over the plates as a blue dome rippled around Ruby Princess. A hammer made contact with the field, immediatly meeting resistance. His attempts to penetrate the barrier were rewarded with an explosion of energy sending him flying. At the same time his health bar grinded off a third of itself.
"Don't even think of touching me with that mouldy hammer!"
"Mouldy?! I'm not mouldy! I'M JADE!"
"Doesn't matter to me. You still look mouldy."
Jade Hammer went from irritated to annoyed with that statement. "Damn you...I'll pound you for that!"
He charged while anyone can imagine a cocky smirk on Ruby Princess' face. "Just try. Setup change! AEGIS to HURRICANE!"
With the command, the barrier dissapated and the hexagonal shields were replaced with two large boxes with a large number of micro missile launchers. This was accompanied by three groups of six rockets. All of them flew towards the bewildered Jade Hammer

As missiles rained down and explosions rocked the battlefield, the crowd cheered. Amid the boistrous cheers, two figures were discussing amongst themselves.
One had the appearance of a white robotic Shaolin monk, his head was a clear blue dome that formed a visor with two columns of three lights where his forehead was supposed to be and a pair of eyes.
His companion had a large build and is clad in black armor and a sharp helmet was a blade in the center. His right arm was equipped with a lance that was folded back while his left arm had more armor.

"This makes this Jade Hammer's tenth consecutive loss. I'm willing to guess that he probably only has enough burst points left for a few more matches." the black knight sighed as he faced the white monk.
"Well it is sad, but Jade Hammer has been having problems dealing with ranged abilities. It was just bad luck that he's matched up against the worst case scenario."
"Thats really harsh Ebon-dono."
"Well Master-san, thats called facing reality but I'm more concerned about the situation in Tokyo."
The monk continued facing the arena, "You mean about Nega Nebulous and their silver champion?"
"Flying silver champion." The knight said it matter-of-factly as Jade Hammer was bombarded by more missiles.
"I suppose the princess' terrible aim is the only thing keeping him alive. Anyway it seems that more Burst Linkers have tried to invade the Monastery again."
"You held them off?"
"Of course. It seems that we have to figure out what they are after and secure it."
"Then I'll entrust that task to you but you will need help."
The match ended with Ruby Princess being the obvious victor
"I can handle it myself. Burst Out!"
As the monk watched the knight go, he sighed, "Ebon Knight might be too stubborn to accept help on his own. Perhaps I should help him with that."

The monk logged out into a family restaurant. In the real world Himoru Negishi was not a monk, merely a first year high-schooler. He had light brown messy hair with equally brown eyes and was of average height. When he Accelerated it felt like thirty minutes had passed although in reality it was only 1.8 seconds. Thus to everyone else he has only just spaced out for a second and not watching a prolonged duel.
As he resumed chatting with three others, he immediatly had a sensation. He looked at the booth in front of his and saw a radiant aura. He smiled as decided that he had found who he was looking for- a second year junior high school student eating dinner with a woman he assumes to be her mother.
Negishi smiled to himself and began to plan a way to bring her into the Accelerated World.