Welcome to Trigun Talk. I got the idea from my good friend, Nick's Derringe Girl. She told me I could take over her old story/start my own with a similar premise... So here we are! This is somewhat of a parody where our hosts and gueses will discuss everyday topics and engage in debates (probably fights). Let's see how it goes.. Feedback is welcome as I'd like to know what people think. I haven't seen anything like this in the Trigun category, recently.

# # #

A blue velvet curtain opens onto a white stage with two black armchairs on opposite sides of a leather couch. If you were seated in the audience, you would be able to see a blue-haired man in a white coat, black shirt and pants, with the shoulder of the coat accented with large spikes and a skull. He is seated on the right side.

"Hello and welcome. This is Trigun Talk, the best start to your morning," Legato drawls. "I'll be your host, Legato Bluesummers, as we go on marvelous journeys and explore the nuances of everyday life." Glancing at the man controlling the teleprompter, Legato unleashes a menacing glare and the man falls down dead. "That's better! Now," he folds his hands, "today's topic will be introductions." He makes a fist and coughs lightly into it. "I was supposed to have a co-host, but he is currently disposed, so let's talk about me!" Flashing a bright smile at the audience, Legato gives a little wave, which is quickly cut off by a loudspeaker.

"Hold up!" a voice calls. "This is your director speaking. There are supposed to be two hosts. Nicholas D Wolfwood is the other. He will be out shortly...Once we find him." The speaker clicks off.

"Whoops, well it seems there has been a mix up! I am clearly the only host. The man who tried to steal the chair that is clearly mine," he gestures to the one he is sitting in, "has been properly put in his place. Under the ground. Now then!"

Legato stands and starts to pace back and forth. "I lead an organization called the Gung-Ho Guns. I valiantly fight off the viscous outlaw, Vash the Stampede, for his brother, Millions Knives. I am eternally indebted to that man for his guidance and benefaction to my organization."

Legato has stopped pacing and looks up to see someone dressed in a black head-to-toe bodysuit holding more cur cards. "That won't save you," he merrily calls up to the man on the balcony at the back of the auditorium. The man drops the cards and scrabbles out of sight. "Brilliant. Anyways, for my private life-"

A man dressed in a black suit with white accents and fancy brown shoes steps out from the left side of the stage. He is smoking a mostly-done cigarette. "HELLO," he sneers. "They found me, you giant bitch." He turns to the audience, "Everyone, I am Nicholas D Wolfwood. You can call me Wolfwood." He smiles and saunters past Legato, whose one visible eye is slightly popping out of his head. When he is almost completely beyond the other man, he pulls back Legato's coat and shirt and drops his cigarette butt in.

Legato yelps and runs around until he manages to extract the now unlit cigarette. He glares at Wolfwood, but takes a seat anyways. Wolfwood is also sitting and now addresses the audience. "This couch is between us for obvious reasons." Legato is still glaring.

"This man," Legato begins, "Is a mercenary who used to work for me. I fired him for his incompetence."

"Fired," Wolfwood mimes quotation marks. "He tried to kill me!" Jumping from his seat, he hides behind it and draws a pistol. Legato stands and sticks his right hand out as if to do a "force choke".

The loudspeaker clicks on once again as the curtain starts to fall. "That's all for today! We need to fix-Err... Happily have a chat with our hosts...Yeahhh. So join u-" The director is cut off by gunshots and screaming. "-s again next time for Trigun Talk!" The speaker clicks off and the auditorium goes black.