Rygdea stood holding a notepad in his hand. Mindlessly stroking his stubbly chin as his eyes darted over the notes. He could hear Cid's voice just a step or two behind him, talking in the phone with Jhil Nabaat, but Rygdea didn't hear what they where saying, being too wrapped up in his reading.

He could still hear the tone in their voices. Those two really did not get along, and the unfriendly tension that always built up could have been cut with a knife.

Suddenly Rygdea was brought back by a light pat on his shoulder, not letting his eyes leave the notepad Rygdea turned his head ever so slightly, seemingly saying "you almost have some of my attention"

"I have to go Rygdea" Cid said, smiling softly as the captain actually fully tore himself away from the notepad for a second to smile back at him. "Right, see ya lather Raines" Nodding their heads to one another Cid turned to leave.

Rygdea stood for a second, flipping thought the papers on the pad before slowly walking forward. Looking up to catch the time he felt his hair bump into his back a bit heavier then it usually did. Frowning a little puzzled Rygdea reached back and grabbed his usually tip-tied hair. Bringing it over his shoulder he was even more puzzled to suddenly find a long, tight braid there.

"What tha-"

Recapping for a second he distinctly remember feeling his hair being fumbled with while looking over the pad. Drumming his fingers over the braid he broke into a chuckle. Raines must have braided it while talking to Nabaat for some reason.

Shaking his head Rygdea smiled warmly as he tossed the braid over his shoulder and continued down his way.