Chapter 8--
(it is the next morning)(indigo is trying to wake Draz, who is sleeping in brian's cessna)
(indigo kicks him)
Indigo:wake up! you'd think if they'd clone someone, it'd be someone less USELESS!!
Draz:(not yet awake)nngh....zzza...'s a badguy!!!!(reaches for his gun in his sleep, pulls it up and starts firing wildly)
Indigo:you idiot!!!!(she jumps out of the cessna, and falls to the ground since it was strapped to a semi)you are so gonna pay, clone-boy...
(psycodog walks out of the semi)
Psycodog:what was all the shooting?
Indigo:mister 'I can't decide which set of memories to use' just tried to shoot me!
Psycodog:it's never a good idea to disturb a sleeping person, indigo. Are you ready to go?
(will and the others come out as well)
Will:if draz won't wake up, we'll leave him behind. is everyone else ready?
Brian:i'm prepped. nix wants to come too.
Amy:i'll...i'll go too.
Indigo:of course i'm ready.
Psycodog:then let us go.
(the party is walking back up the canyon)
Will:we should make it there by the end of the day this time..
Brian:there's been no black hats so far.
Indigo:all the better. (looks at will)hey, what're you doing with the sword?
Will:Simon entrustd me with the sword. I get to carry it.
Indigo:Fine, just hand it to me when we fight the thing.
Brian:You're acting like children!
(indigo glares at him)
Brian:Except you, miss indigo!
Amy:We're's inside that cave...
Psycodog:Then why isn't it coming after us?
Indigo:It's waiting for us..will, hand me the sword!
(will hands the sword to indigo)
Indigo:time to start!(she runs into the cave, followed by will, psycodog, then brian and amy)
(inside the cave is a 15-foot tall demonic-looking goat-horned creature with glowing red eyes in a shredded tabard. It stands motionless in the center of the cave)
(Brian and amy take careful aim, then unload)'s not even distracted..use the sword, guys!
Indigo:fine then, stand there and take it!!(she lunges at it, but a red-hot blast of arcane energy blasts her back to the wall. Indigo drops the sword, and psycodog picks it up)
Psycodog:demon, prepare to meet your end! You've killed enough!
Will:(stands there in shock)that's...simon...
Will:It's simon! that's why he's been sick, that's why only his sword can hurt him! that's why it's got the tabard on...
(psycodog runs up to the boise horror and slices toward it, but is knocked back)
Amy:He's blasting whoever has the sword!!
Indigo:oh, then if that's the case.(runs close to the horror)..toss it here, psycodog!
Psycodog:I think i see your plan...(he throws the sword toward indigo just as he is blasted back. Indigo grabs it and plunges it into the beast, twisting it before it knocks her away as well, with the sword in her hand)
Will:i've got to help...I promised simon!(he jumps behind it, and starts firing at it)over here, you son of a bitch!!
(the horror turns toward will, and grabs him)
psycodog:now's our chance!(he runs up behind it, and jumps into the air)indigo! now!!(indigo throws him the sword, and psycodog plunges it into the monster's head)(he jumps back as light starts pouring from the gash)(the creature explodes in a brilliant flash of light)(a pair of black fingerless gloves lands at brian's feet)
Brian:oh, no...will!!!!
Indigo:oh, my god...will...
Psycodog:Brother will!
(the party looks around the cave, but can only find tattered scraps of clothing, blood, and pieces of flesh)
(the party returns to boise, with all the remains they could gather)(the party is greeted by a number of templars, all congratulating them)
Jo:so it was simon? we're grateful that you could solve the mystery.
Brian:but will didn't make it...
Jo:his spirit will rest in heaven.
(brian falls silent)
Jo:here, these will help you remember him, and his cause.(she hands him will's gloves)
Amy:NO! don't let him have those!!
Amy:Just forget about will! you have me!!
Indigo:what's going on?
Brian:I can't just forget about him..
(nix comes running)
Nix:What are you doing??
Amy:(Grabs nix, lifts her up, and tosses her away)
Brian:amy! stop it! what are you doing?
Amy:I'm taking you! all for myself! all the others will die and you'll be all mine!!
Brian:what're you talking about?? are you insane?
Nix:(picks herself up, then shouts out)she let a demon take her over! you have to kill her!!
Amy:Be quiet! you're nothing more than a machine! how could YOU possibly make brian happy?
Brian:amy, stop this!!
Amy:no! not until they're all dead! You'll be mine!!(she lifts both hands into the air and transforms into a beautiful woman)(she lifts her hand and begins to charge an arcane ball of energy, but it fizzles as she is distracted by a hail of gunfire)(amy turns to see a templar shooting at her with an automatic rifle)
Brian:no, don't shoot her!
Amy:you idiots! I'm invincible now! You can't even touch me!!(she quickly recharges the blast and hurls it at the templar, who is blasted away. he falls lifelessly to the ground)
Brian:amy, you're hurting people! please stop!!
Amy:never! i told you i'd kill them all!
Brian:don't make me hurt you..
Amy:You can't hurt me! They'll all be gone soon! just accept that! you and I will be together forever!
Brian:amy, i can't let you hurt any more..(he pulls out a chaingun)
Amy:what do you plan on doing? i'll tell you what--nothing! you don't have a choice in this matter!
Brian:amy, you're not yourself..please forgive me...(he pulls the trigger and holds it down. the bullets fly through her, and blood pours through the holes)
Amy:(looks down at herself)what's this? how is this possible??
Brian:you know as well as i do that a horror always has one weakness...i was yours..
Amy:but brian...we could've been together...why don't you want me?
Brian:you're not can't be...i won't belive it..
Amy:brian...darling...(she falls to the ground, and a pool of blood forms underneath her)(the templar slowly rises to his feet)
Nix:Brian, you did it..
Jo:you've saved us made the right choice.
(brian takes the gloves and puts them on)
Brian:why? why did they have to die?
Psycodog:the reckoners wish to torture you. they see your potential as a hero, and want to break your will..
Brian:i...i can't let this happen again..i have to defeat them...but how?'ll be okay..